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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – A Tale of Love that Goes Beyond the Physical

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: DD Marx
In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies, miracles, and ways to go within to discover your true Self, welcomes DD Marx, author of Beyond Believing. As the title suggests, when we take ourselves out of our comfort zone and pre-disposed beliefs we can truly begin to know that experience love and eternal life are not only possible but a reality.
DD will share a romantic story that shows there’s no such thing as Coincidence. DD regards this book as her “love letter to friendship” written in memory of her best friend Dan. In Sheryl’s first book Life Is No Coincidence-The Life and Afterlife Connection Sheryl shares how coincidences and synchronicity changed her long held beliefs about both life and death and how a greater awareness allows for truth and a conquering of limitations and for then enjoying life to its fullest.
DD looks back on her childhood to remember any incident person or place that was meaningful to her and might have been a clue to the values, work and relationships that are important to her now. She tells us that “It is said that she came into this world with the gift of gab.” Your parents quickly identified a pattern forming when at each teacher conference they heard the words…She’s a little too social. Excessive friendliness and joy in experiencing life is not always an educational goal for teachers or perhaps many introverted adults… Still today DD prides herself on maintaining friends from every walk of life in every corner of the country. This is the fuel that fills her tank.
Sheryl says when she was in High School she tried to write some poems and liked to write but never thought she would actually write a book. Now, after writing and publishing two books and working on a third, she realized that from the beginning she had a story hidden in her inner or subconscious being that would be expressed someday. Sheryl believes we actually come into this life with a plan and destiny to share these stories of Spirit. It just has to unfold and be the right time to actually fulfill promises that were made even before we were even born.. In The Living Spirit Sheryl sort of expressed it this way…. “I have found that as I work to expand my understanding of energy and myself, Spirit bequeaths new spiritual gifts and skills that I may incorporate into my work. It has become clear to me that the more I work with the healing energies surrounding me, the more defined my abilities and work become. Constant effort is the only means to develop personal power…..Realizing that my life was the result of my choices as well as the result of the Divine plan I was born with, I have surrendered many of my illusionary fears and asked Spirit to direct and guide me towards the fulfillment of my spiritual purpose. In the process I have encountered many dear souls who I not only love, but feel have been connected to me in previous incarnations.”
DD graduated with a Communication degree from the University of Dayton. DD attempted to break into the world of Public Relations but was sidetracked with a J.O.B. instead. At the encouragement of her friends and family who dubbed her a funny story teller she stretched her comfort zone by entering the Second City program in Chicago and decided to combine her performing talents with writing. In a writing course at her alma mater she was asked to imagine herself as a super-hero and to describe her special power. Based on the real life tragedy of one of her best friends Dan she received her answer immediately….All she wanted was the power to visit with him one Last Time..This is the inspiration that catapulted her into writing Beyond Believing….She simply imaged he never left.
Sheryl says… “As a medium and energy healer, I know everything is energy and there is no death…we merely drop our body as we would a winter coat when the spring comes and we no longer need it and all anyone has to do to connect to a loved one is to think of them and they are around you…heaven is not off in a distant place but the energy of multiple places and we surround each other as we are in close proximity.”
In the fictional story DD shares the main character Olivia gets news of her best friend Dan’s fatal car accident and her life is shattered. Consumed with grief and sadness she struggles to find meaning or purpose in life…Olivia finally decides to put her trust in the depth of friendship the two shared….That trust finally allows him to breakthrough time space and death and Dan begins to guide Olivia with intuition and messages through the turns and twists of her life leading to something new and entirely unexpected… She visits her cousin Garrett in Palm Springs who is opening a new store “Gin and Tonic” and then meets someone and finds love that heals her soul and rekindles her spirit.
Sheryl believes DD found a way to receive information from Spirit and communicate with Dan who was a dear friend and soul connection. DD when she found out Dan was dead, her soul left her body. DD wrote… “As the weeks and months passed, I had to find a new normal. What began next is what I can only describe as divine friendship. Dan was the first person I talked to when I woke up and the last person I talked to when I went to bed. I was determined to find some sort of a sign or symbol so we could communicate….I realized in a post card he had mentioned John Cougar Mellencamp’s song Small Town…. From that day forward any time I needed strength from Dan, any big decision be it a job a relationship, a health concern or just missing him..I would ask to hear “Small Town.” Without fail I would hear it. He knew I was never a patient person so he would deliver it immediately…..after awhile I realized I didn’t have to talk out loud for him to hear me, he could hear my thoughts. I was very cautious about sharing my Dan connection with people. I was an absolute believer and didn’t want anyone to judge or taint what we had. After all there are no coincidences.”
DD also write about her friend Christine and her husband Finn living in France and how she developed breast and uterine cancer while pregnant and passes several years late…Her husband asked her to send him messages and she chose a butterfly and rainbows…at her funeral when her husband was leaving a butterfly landed on his shoulder and shortly later when he was asked to appear on a television cooking series and was in doubt a big rainbow came over the sky and he was able to say yes to the show…he believed his wife Christine was guiding him much like Dan had guided you in some questionable moments.
Sheryl Says “As a medium who connects to the Universal Information field where every thought and action of all souls exists in energy and the Astral plane where souls living and those in Spirit often meet in dreams to share and learn from each other,… I was once told by one of my teachers that I could ask to connect to a historical figure if I had the need to but of course I was simply doing readings for my clients and healing sessions and wasn’t sure how that would work… One day however, while preparing for a show with one of my guests on Healing From Within about Marilyn Monroe I found it so disturbing learning about how she was treated by the supposed loved ones in her life that I decided to do a meditation to connect with her being and to discover if possible what she wished to share about her life during the course of the show.… In meditation her energy danced around me in colors and was loving warm and optimistic. I sensed that while she had many challenges in her life she still expressed gratitude for the many opportunities she had and wished to say that in terms of love the friendship she shared with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in the movie Blondes Have More Fun… was really memorable and valuable to her. She did not discuss her early passing or her troubled childhood and marriage. Her thoughts were positive and loving.”
Sheryl says, “I would think we might suggest that people get off the side lines and actually participate in life and find all the inner spiritual gifts so they can be given out to the world.” DD wrote “My career was on the right track but it dawned on me that I was still missing something. What my life was missing was laughter (joy). So I decided to take a giant leap outside my comfort zone and signed up for improvisational classes at Second City in Chicago. Every Sunday I began my week so looking forward to spending Saturday mornings with this eclectic group….I couldn’t even imagine standing on the same stage as comedy greats like Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, John Belushi and many others…”
Sheryl feels DD Marx has opened her heart to friendship for those here in life and those out of body and has expanded her view of the Universal Laws of Energy which when applied to our physical life experiences enable us to flow in alignment with the past present and future and accept with grace whatever loss or hardship we must experience without suffering…some sadness of course, but, with appreciation for the growth we are able to attain at a soul level. DD discovered as do all who journey on the path to enlightenment that we are spiritual beings having a physical life and “Consciousness survives physical death,” In the light of these miraculous truths we discover our true eternal soul nature and connection to the Universe and each other for all time. An idea worth remembering is echoed in the words DD writes in regard to being aware and awakened to the real values of life, she wrote… “My primary focus into being the best friend I could possibly be, to those I treasured the most. I would never allow myself to get lazy or take anyone for granted again. I knew how precious life was and how incredibly quickly it could be taken from you.”
DD and Sheryl would have you remember that friendship kindness and your own personal growth as you create the best version of yourself and find happiness and joy in the moments of each day are perhaps the reason each soul chooses a physical life. Remind yourself that it is not the goal or the future that you must focus on, but each precious moment, for those will be the memories you take with you into the next reality and of course you want it filled with the higher vibrations or emotions of love trust compassion and friendship.