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Thriving Entrepreneur – Let’s Talk About Love and Marriage with Emmanuela and Michael

Today, we celebrate Valentine’s Day so we’ll be talking about what everyone desires – LOVE!
1st HOW TO ATTRACT A GODLY HUSBAND by Emmanuela Prival Rosenberg
Do you ever feel like unworthy, unloved, and unappreciated?
Today is the right time to stop, get up, and know that there is hope. Don’t just sit there and wait for love to come. But don’t just attract any man but a Godly man. To do that, you have to be the woman a Godly husband deserves. First, focus on yourself and have fun. Keep in mind that women with positive outlook and values in life are the ones who are going to attract the right men. Second, seek God. He will send you the Godly husband that you deserve once He sees that you’re already complete as a Godly woman.
Marriage is a big thing. Once you decide to get into it, you need to be ready to compromise. You will have your differences so both of you will have to work on your marriage every day until you reach that certain level of love and understanding. All of us have different ways to speak and understand emotional love and the ten steps in Michael’s book will help you understand your spouse’s love language so you can have a better relationship.
Join Steve as he talks about love and marriage with Emmanuela Prival Rosenberg and Michael Steele.