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Thriving Entrepreneur – Success in Health and Wealth with Wisdom and Carmella

Today, we are joined by two amazing authors who both have the same passion in life which is to SERVE & HELP people.
1st Being Successful While Laying On The Couch! Really? by Wisdom Primus
Wisdom talks about the importance of action as well as inaction in success and their powerful impact in the different areas of your life: Social Life, Professional Life, Financial Life, Health and more. If you want positive changes to happen in your life, shifting your paradigm is the only way to do it. So keep moving forward and never give up!
2nd Push Through! 7 Steps To Help You Through Diabetes Overwhelm by Carmella Bell
Carmella shares with us how she triumph over diabetes and how her book can help people who are struggling with the same condition to live a normal and happy life. You are more than your diagnosis. Don’t let it define who you are. It’s imperative that you accept your current situation so you can forgive yourself. Starting looking for motivations instead of looking at the negative side of things. Lastly, educate yourself about your condition so you can overcome it!
Join Steve in this astounding interview with Wisdom Primus and Carmella Bell on Thriving Entrepreneur.