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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Holistic Wellness and the Whole Health Diet

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Mark Mincolla, Ph.D.

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings spiritual communication healing energies and miracles offering ways to understand our human and divine potential, welcomes Dr. Mark Mincolla author of The Whole Health Diet. Dr. Mincolla is a natural health care practitioner who has integrated ancient Chinese Energy techniques with cutting edge nutritional science in alignment with his innovative Electromagnetic Muscle Testing System.

Mark and Sheryl will seek deep insights into the why of overeating, learn powerful affirmations for simple mind-set shifts learn holistic clear and transformational steps to take towards weight loss and Dr. Mincolla’s book also offers delicious recipes to support this process.

Dr. Mark Mincolla says, “My commitment has always been to help patients attain and maintain vitality by teaching them to cultivate some modicum of holistic integrity and to save a life whenever possible. We’re not gaining weight simply because we’re eating too much. We’re eating too much because we’re broken…We’ve become so averse to feeling the pain at the root of our dis-ease that we’re now driven to distraction with food. Since we are living in a time of great transformation this problem with weight is rooted in the dis-ease of the human heart. Obesity and being overweight are the clear results of overeating but the real hunger problem is in the heart.”

Nearly 1/3 of Americans diet in any given year yet only 10-30 percent of those people actually succeed in losing the weight they would like. It’s not hard to understand why so many Americans are currently overweight and obese from food addiction.. In today’s world hearts are broken early and often. Our personal and cultural pains run deep Obesity and being overweight are the clear results of overeating but the real hunger problem is the heart. As we awaken each day to reports of a slumping global economy, human rights violations and the growing threat of terrorism : we’re constantly reminded that we are living in a world of great uncertainty… Stress depression anxiety confusion pain and suffering are part of a de-evolutionary process With the assistance of quantum energy healing practices maintaining a holistically balanced lifestyle can be reached.

“In this time of change.. what we have learned from Nobel prize winning research of Saul Perlmutter, Adam G Riess and Brian P Schmidt is that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate thus our energy and that around us is vibrating at a higher frequency than ever before and our spirits are infused with quantum possibilities: our perceptions of reality are being super consciously reformatted ..never before have we thought so much dreamed so much felt so much and done so much…and what we’re doing today we’ll do even more tomorrow. Now any medicine in the form of surgery of pills is no longer sufficient. We are not merely anatomical beings but multi-dimensional beings with energy needs… You and I are about to become our own physicians and the miracle medicine is within our own energy field.”

As far as dealing with patients who suffer from overweight, Dr. Mincolla says, “My philosophy as always been the same. To my way of thinking these problems are the natural result of a lifestyle that is devoid of holism. The only real antidote is a commitment to conscious living and a dedication to cultivating balance in body mind and spirit. Truth be told it’s about a holistic transformation—optimal nutrition, emotional freedom and spiritual sentience.”

The magnitude of our current obesity problem has become so panoptic that instead of turning to another dietary solution we need to look at ourselves, our thinking and our consciousness. One in three adults are currently overweight or obese….69 percent are overweight burdening the nation with an annual health care cost of $150 billion.

Your energy DNA is different from your neighbors and blueberries have an energy DNA that’s different from strawberries. The Whole Health Diet is a system that helps balance your Energy DNA with the energies of the foods you eat so as to help burn calories with efficiency… In addition you are taught how to electromagnetically test yourself for metabolic food intolerances.

The Six Keys to Resetting Metabolism

  1. Increase Protein 40-30 ratio to carbs
  2. Avoid bedtime snacking
  3. Allow a 12 hour gap between nighttime and morning breakfast
  4. Avoid Daytime snacking
  5. Release your Stress Energy…deep breathing twice daily
  6. Get Your Sleep- You won’t lose weight if you don’t sleep
  7. Regulate your PH Acidity results from high stress and poor diet- Healthy ph balance is between 6.4 and 6.8..a score over 6.8 is too alkaline.

High protein, high fiber, good fat, chemical free foods and antioxidant rich spices have been shown to turn on calorie burning genes while turning off calorie storing gene expression

As we all know nothing can fill any void left by the absence of real love.. Our history memories survival chemistry and high levels of stress all contribute to our powerful emotional connection to food. Our relationship with food runs deep.

As Lisa Firestone said in Psychology Today… “As children we all experience varying degrees of emotional pain. The love care and nurturance we get from our caregivers lead us to form a positive sense of self and help us to create our identity. Yet no parent or person is perfect. Even the best parents are only attuned to their child’s needs about 30 percent of the time. So the fear shame and apathy we experienced as children often trigger distorted perceptions and dysfunctional overcompensating behavioral patterns that are hard to recognize and change…..****So until we fulfill our 5 vital needs as told to us by Abraham Maslow in 1943 in A Theory of Human Motivation we are not a truly fulfilled human being…not free not whole not balanced not free of our limitations from our childhood training.”

The Hierarchy of 5 Vital Needs are:

  1. Self-actualization (performance, talent creativity and fulfillment)
  2. Self-Esteem (achievement mastery and recognition)
  3. Belonging (friends, family, and community)
  4. Safety (security and protection from danger)
  5. Basic physiological needs(food, water, and warmth)

Dr. Mark Mincolla wrote….. “Our world is just now beginning to embrace healing energy applications once common only to Eastern culture. Growing numbers of us are turning to acupuncture, acupressure, Reiki and qigong for healing and weight loss. The centuries-old effectiveness of these healing arts emphasizes the vital importance of unseen life force energy. Life force energy refers to the imperceptible vital essence that embodies all living things, the current of life and the essence of vitality within all cells, tissues, organs and organisms. Holistic health equals balanced metabolism which results in ideal weight.”

Emotions are energy and the emotional energies of the heart are 5 times greater than the brains and capable of producing dis-ease and also able to balance and heal body mind and spirit. The heart’s electromagnetic field has a coding system that can transmit entrainment frequencies generated by positive emotions to assist in healing. Each emotion has a uniquely different electromagnetic field.

Sheryl says that all of life’s personal goals are focused on moving past pain and fear, to comfort and pleasure…food can be used in that way…Understanding the script and flow of what brings fear and denial and rewriting it with a new approach to self fulfillment will influence your level of happiness and wellbeing and change many of your negative self-defeating practices including your relationship with food.

Dr. Mincolla also indicates that each individual’s metabolism reacts differently to various foods. The truth is dieters are not all equal metabolic performers…some of us gain weight by just looking at food and others eat continuously and never gain weight..It’s all about individual metabolism. Metabolism involves a complex biochemical tapestry of hormones and enzyme catalysts that transform food into fuel. There are 3 types of metabolism slow, balanced, and fast. Our metabolic rate is influenced by genetics, age (metabolism slows at the rate of 5 percent per decade after the age of 40.)

Eighty percent of our population is made up of slow metabolic types who tend to have round, apple shaped bodies. They often are sensitive to cold have low blood pressure and less affected by stress, lack energy and are deep sleepers and are type B personalities . Fast metabolic types have lean pear shaped bodies and while thin tend to carry belly fat..They are sensitive to heat have elevated blood pressure and are over reactive to stress have high energy and are fitful sleepers and many are classified as type A personalities.

The 3 major components of the Whole Health Diet are:

Super conscious Energy: Our conscious mind represents limited attainment power that’s generally of a pretty positive nature. Our unconscious mind on the other hand represents a far greater force but of a more defensive if not subversive nature. Everything is energy even consciousness..most of us vacillate between elevated consciousness to for example lose weight and an unconscious impulse to sabotage such a plan. Quantum mechanics has proven that with properly focused intent you have the super conscious potential to think your weight off.

Electromagnetic Energy: Mother nature has provided us with a reliable defense system since of her top priorities is the survival of our species. Our defense system is made up of our intrinsic cardiac ganglia, brain and nervous system. The human body produces about .025 volts of ambient electricity at ten cycles per second. The science of medicine scans these energies with EEG’s EKG’s and MRI’s to observe the body’s electrical properties for diagnostic purposes. The Electromagnetic Muscle Testing system can assess organ strengths and weaknesses identify food intolerances, and engage therapeutic balancing techniques to keep up with your ever-changing metabolic and nutritional needs.

Life Force Energy Qigong and Energy Medicine: The energy that animates life and binds the cosmos may elude the five human senses bit it’s power remains ever available to anyone with enough extrasensory perception, conscious intent and discipline to master the art of directing it.

Sheryl says, “In regard to this reality in my book The Living Spirit I wrote….”I am always overjoyed to hear members of the medical community embracing energy work as a way to heal pain, clear negative thoughts, and align ourselves to Spirit. I have had the opportunity to interview many leaders in the medical community on my radio show “Healing From Within.” In fact I have noticed over the past few years that an increasing number of my guests are doctors, surgeons, psychiatrists and psychologists who combine their traditional medical training with intuitive and or energetic healing modalities. One of my clients told me about an article in the New York Times written by a doctor of internal medicine who was recommending Reiki for depression and other health issues. This doctor as well as other doctors, was becoming aware that alternative healing modalities offer a moderate approach for treating many conditions…. Reiki sessions prior to surgery dental and eye procedures helped patients relax and could also enable the healing process to take less time and lighten the effects of surgery.”

Electromagnetic Muscle Testing is a way to discover the specific foods that might strengthen or weaken an individual’s metabolic energy. It is the prevailing attitude that fruits and vegetables are the go to foods when we want to lose weight. You say….that some fruits and vegetables are detrimental to weight loss as they slow metabolism.

People who have a hypothyroid and are underweight such avoid a class of foods known as progoitrins which suppress the thyroid’s iodine uptake…these include cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, turnips, brussels sprouts, rutabagas, kale, kohlrabi, mustard, greens, spinach, peanuts, soy, walnuts, horseradish, strawberries, canola oil…Those dieters with autoimmune disease and or disease of the thyroid should bear in mind there is mounting evidence that high gluten grain products such as wheat barley and rye should be avoided Brown rice amaranth quinoa are safer…

At the present time some people are advocating the use of fermented foods because of their ability to produce healthy living enzymes and beneficial bacteria in the body..however it is important to understand that all foods have dual properties to produce both good and bad. The downside of fermented foods is that they can cause bloating gas single cell bacteria buildup in the intestines and yeast infections. It depends on who is consuming them Our ancestors raised on a different diet than us were able to tolerate limited amounts of natural fermentation.

Fermented food List:

  1. Yeasted breads
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Vinegars and marinades
  4. Nuts & seeds
  5. Melons
  6. Beer wine and champagne
  7. Fermented soy – miso and soy sauce
  8. Aged cheeses- blue limburger, cheddar, parmesan

Dr. Mincolla says that “inflammation is the root cause of most diseases.”Inflammation no longer refers to achy joints ..we now know that inflammation refers to a process in which dietary fats from foods are transformed into bad eicosanoids—hormones capable of turning on disease gene switches. Experts now believe inflammation is responsible for nearly 75 percent of all diseases.

Inflammatory Food List:

  1. Food Allergens
  2. Red Meats
  3. Dairy Products
  4. Egg yolks
  5. Nuts especially peanuts
  6. Nori seaweed
  7. Tilapia
  8. Catfish
  9. Duck
  10. Fried Foods
  11. Yellowtail
  12. Most vegetable oils except for Olive Oil and flaxseed
  13. Processed sugars and high starches.

In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From Within it becomes clear that we are the sum total of our thoughts and actions, and what we wish to establish or make a reality in our daily physical life often begins with an awareness of our thoughts and our childhood programming and on clinging to the belief that life begins at the cellular level. However as Dr. Mincolla suggests matter doesn’t exist. Everything is energy and thoughts and feelings are energy as are the foods we eat. More and more we’ll begin to see the new age of health care will be about the exploration of the vital life force and the extrasensory potential of human energy. By working towards realizing our true potential we find acceptance for ourselves and others setting up a state of internal comfort which allows us to live a more holistic and balanced lifestyle including healthier choices in eating plans, including exercise and developing more meaningful relationships, all which encourage better choices and sometimes miracles.

In reference to these thoughts Dr. Mincolla wrote… “It’s is one thing to believe in miracles: it’s another thing altogether to be leaving miracles in your wake. During this time of shifting consciousness increasing numbers among us are routinely performing miracles….In order for us to tap into our miracle-manifesting potential we must come to understand the vivifying power of belief. Belief activates both passive and active aspects of our nature. Most of us remain stuck in old passive-belief programming daring not to believe because of disappointment or skepticism…..By letting go of these diminishing forces we activate a level of faith that unleashes the supernatural energy that engages our manifest power. Belief in the face of uncertainty is exactly what it takes to power up our miracle machinery….the best way to strengthen our belief in miracles is to learn to believe in ourselves.”

Mark and Sheryl would have you access the force of your own creativity and personal power in regard to any changes you wish to bring about in your own daily life that will make you healthier and more positive ultimately ensuring that the best within you is brought out into the physical world. That is the way of the future for individual and world success.