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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Spiritual Steps for Wealth and Abundance

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.Special Guest: May McCarthy

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies and offers ways to discover the miracle of life. Sheryl welcomes May McCarthy author of The Path to Wealth who calls on the spiritual laws of nature and man to find financial abundance and well being.

May shares her Seven Spiritual Steps for financial abundance and ways to discover the power within that connects you to an intelligent and divine source that can help you receive all the good you want in life. Since 1982 May McCarthy has helped to start and grow six successful companies as large as $100 million in annual revenues. She shows us how you can learn to rely on intuition to achieve more of what you want in all areas of your life.

May tells us the reason she wrote this book “Is to share how you may change your thinking and life, create financial abundance in your life, and use a seven step process that works for her and many other people. Utilizing these steps will help you eliminate old behaviors and attitudes that stop you from achieving your goals. The book will also help you create a true partnership with the all-knowing power that is within you and is prepared to guide you to receive what you want. You’ll learn the job descriptions for both you and your new found partner trusting your partner to handle the real heavy stuff so you won’t have to carry the burdens of life alone. You will see how different traditions and background use different names to describe the all-knowing power of the Universe—Infinite Intelligence The Universe, Spirit God Truth etc. but it is the same universal power or energy that flows through all of us. This Source that created the one and only you who has by nature something to offer the world that is unique and remarkable.”

Let’s look at some amazingly talented successful people.. Oprah Winfrey worth over 3 billion dollars when asked about her ten favorite books mentioned Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. Steve Jobs said Be Here Now by Ram Dass and Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki. Perhaps many people don’t rely on their intuition because they are allowing the outside world to dictate their thoughts beliefs and expectations of what they need to be happy and successful in life. Perhaps they are so grounded in their fearful and negative thoughts that they don’t believe anything else is possible. “ A fearful mind-set does not allow any room for your CSO or Chief Spiritual Officer to is a block in the channel of communication and sets up a pattern where you are unable to receive guidance from above.

In one of May’s posts, she mentions that Words have Power and deliver to us what we speak into the world. If we believe that you can receive the good you desire you will…if you have doubts and fears they translate into a belief that we can’t and then we will get that experience.

In Psalm 37:4 we’re told,” Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart?….if we make a slight change to “take delight and be grateful to the Universal Power, the CSO will give you the desires of your Heart.”

May mentions a story about a woman who asked you why she was poor when she used to be wealthy…She had a beautiful large house and gorgeous things..she had money to do whatever she wanted…Then she began to complain about how hard it was to manage her 100,000 square foot home on the lake…she Said I am sick and tired of having to care for everything and do so much for people….I wish I lived in a room like I had in college where there was nothing to worry about…Unfortunately for this woman the words she intended as jokes were interpreted by the Universe and given to her…We have to be very careful of the words and thoughts we express and think. The Good News is Universal Power works two ways so we can use our words and thoughts and emotions to ATTRACT what we want. May suggests that if we believe we already have our desired outcome it will then manifest. May also tells us an intimate and personal story of how following her intuition helped her in a challenging health situation and guided her to make the best choice for her own well being.

In May’s book, she mentions seven simple steps that may begin your use of this system for success.

The first four steps in your daily practice take place in a meeting with your CSO each morning. Allow for 30 minutes in a comfortable quiet space and then ;
1. Read something spiritual and uplifting to get you in a receptive mood
2. Write out gratitude statements in a letter to the CSO. CHIEF SPIRITUAL OFFICER Include those things that I am grateful for and those that I want as though they are already manifest in my life.
3. Speak as I read my letter out loud with emotion
4. Imagine think about and feel grateful for all that you have listed as my desires as though I already have them. What does it feel like to have them now? How do I look having those things or experience.

The next 2 steps take place throughout the day;

5. Watch every moment of the day for a sign or some intuitive direction to take the next step toward any desired good. Instead of simply hoping expect these signs will show up and when they do, don’t overanalyze the instructions.
6. Celebrate and express gratitude in a joyful way when something good happens that is related to what I want by calling a friend or texting a relative to celebrate.

The final step happens at night before you go to sleep;

7. As I prepare to settle into bed at night I say out loud gratitude statements for anything I can remember off the top of my head that happened during the day. Thank The CSO.. CHIEF SPIRITUAL OFFICER

A quote from Walt Disney says it quite well “All our dreams come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. There is power in expecting results…” Wolfram Schultz a professor at Cambridge University studied the relationship between dopamine and the rewired circuitry in the brain and found that positive expectations increased the levels of dopamine which makes a person more able to focus…The links between expectations dopamine and perception may explain why happiness is a great state for mental performance and problem solving… Barbara Fredrickson from the University of North Carolina shows in her research that positive happy people perceive a wider range of data, solve more problems and come up with more ideas for action It would help to have our leaders functioning from this state of open ended potential rather than people whose words and actions show old systems of negativity fear and ego minded attitudes but then May and Sheryl know people resonate in a healthier way with open minded generous souls and often are the ones to help the depressed learn more about The CSO and help from above.

The stories in Shinn’s book that May mentions along with other books based on Universal Power Principles help convinced me that this power could be used to create the benefits I needed. I learned to proclaim what I want, believe that I can have it and welcome and receive the good into my life. Many great authors describe how people from all walks of life are affected by the power of the Universe. You may not know this but many of the successful people you read about practice inspirational reading and have spiritual practices that are consistent over time and help them with their daily challenges.

Successful people will tell you that you can’t have what you haven’t named. It’s like steering a boat without a desired destination…You won’t get anywhere if you don’t set yourself on the right course—you just be turning in circles. For example a good gratitude statement to write or think about might go like this. “Thank you CSO for my business… Everyone related to my business is blessed at all times and receives our good. We work toward the success of coworkers, customers suppliers, vendors, and our world and accept and receive good. We easily and joyfully create, provide install implement and support our products and services. Our customers are happy with our products and services…and so on…Words are powerful and create an environment of either positive reinforcement or fear and failure…

May talks about the power in Giving Forth or Forgiveness. In expressing gratitude as it relates to work wealth financial freedom health peace joy ease love ideas opportunities relationships and whatever else is important to you are also letting the CSO know what is most important to you and since this source is responsible for all creation in the Universe, both little and large, you are receiving as you are sending out into the Universe..this is the Law of Attraction If you list qualities that love bless and forgive yourself and others, you are reminded that we are all part of this divine ever expansive and creative life force and begin to know there are no enemies on your pathway…This is a powerful way to set and support intentions.

In Sheryl’s book The Living Spirit she addressed this thought in the following way…”Everything of both a positive or negative nature is often reflected and given back to you by a universal force that does not judge, but simply delivers. “ Be careful what you wish for, is an expression that holds enormous accuracy. Universal force only acts on the vibration of our thoughts, so we must carefully clarify our needs and refine our thoughts before making requests or expending too much energy on an undesirable pursuit. We must discover our real values and what truly brings us inner and worldly contentment before we concentrate our thoughts and efforts toward any goal.”

Sheryl and May have seen once again that the conditions for health and comfort in our daily life depends on paying attention to what we know within and by connecting or reconnecting once again. if we have pushed it aside, to Universal Energy with love, and with a soulful need to express our uniqueness and gratitude for life in every thought, action, and expression of our heart. It sounds easy but is only easy if we allow our minds to look past the beliefs and fears of our conditioned childhood patterns and societies needs to fill our thoughts with plans and ideas that may be in our best interest… I believe as you begin to welcome these thoughtful powerful affirmations into your being… life must surely improve.

May wrote…” I love everyone and everyone loves me. I love myself and am loved. I bless everyone and everyone blesses me. I bless myself and am blessed. I forgive everyone and everyone forgives me. I forgive myself and am forgiven. I am peace with poise and confidence. I am grateful for my physically fit trim toned and energetic healthy body that is eternally youthful and increasingly more beautiful, whole and complete. Joy radiates in and through me to all in our world, I am ease and live a charmed life. All that is mine to do is done easily and joyfully and I experience my highest and best good at all times…I am wisdom and make right decisions quickly as guided and directed by my CSO.”

Sheryl and May ask you to begin to thank the Universe for everything as though you have already received it and you will begin to see the power of your words and thoughts to manifest and create life as it should be and as is your natural birthright We are here to respect life as all life and all our experiences and challenges are precious and necessary to have us become the best version of ourselves in this life and to carry with us beyond this life.