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Thriving Entrepreneur – Your Amazing Intentional Business Life With Nika Catrina and Twana

You are intended to live an amazing life and you are intended to succeed in this life, so why don’t we?
First we learn from Dr Nika White that it  is imperative you have a business to succeed in life and then how being an Intentional Inclusionist. To on purpose and intentionally include a wide variety of people in your company’s growth.  Discover from her Best Selling book The Intentional Inclusionist how you too can join the moment and watch your company be revolutionized.
Then hear from Catrina and Twana Wilson why it is so important that you have a businss.  Most of us were raise that to get ahead you need the right education and that great job to be successful.
That is a lie.  The truth is you were made and meant for a purpose that only you can serve and that only by being in business for yourself will you ever fulfill your highest purpose.  They share from their best Seller THE UNTOLD STORY Live with Your Regrets, Die with Your Dreams or Choose to Walk in Your Awesomeness!
Host Steve Kidd shares these amazing best sellers with you today on Thriving Entrepreneur.