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Suzanne Harris

Books On Air – A Tree in Paradise by James R. Varner

A Tree in Paradise by James R. Varner

The author takes the reader into an imaginary world – home to a wonderful tree. A grandfather shares a story about this magical tree with his grandson.   A Tree In Paradise depicts how this tree evolved into something magical.
This world we live in is not at peace. Our world reflects the result of greed, the desire to control others, wars, and fear instilled by rumors of war. Most people would rather just live their lives in peace and comfort.   Life with a purpose and the joy of family are what we all seek. We want to experience what it’s like to love and be loved. We want to see our children grow to be happy and healthy adults. The answer to a peaceful world with personal peace and harmony is to take a journey into your inner soul. Discover who you really are-and that we are all branches on the same tree of life.