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Thriving Entrepreneur – Living as an Overcomer with Annette and Habibo

The two authors that will be joining us today will share with us how they lived their life as overcomes and how you too can live your life as a winner.
1st THE CENTER by Annette Bozeman
Not all of us have a pleasant childhood, and not all of us are blessed to be in a good, wealthy family. We don’t get to choose any of that. But we have a choice to be strong and face all life’s challenges head on. In the darkest times, there will always be that one thing that will serve as our light; something that will give us hope. For Annette, that was The Center. That was where she felt safe and helped her understand a lot of things and see the world in a different light. We should find our own light that will serve as our source of strength. Just like Annette, we should lose hope and just keep on trying to see the good in everything and everyone.
2nd CONQUERING THE ODDS: Turn Your Valley Into A Mountain Top by Habibo Haji
No matter how awful you think your life is, you have to remind yourself that there are hundreds of people in this world that are struggling with either the same kind of pain or something worse. Habibo was a shepherd at the age of 4, and now she is a registered nurse. See? There is a lot of possibilities in your life. You should trust God that He has plans for you. You have the power to change your circumstances. You have the power to change your life.
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