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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Human Spirituality from Interior Realization

Volume (4) |Episode (19)
March 27, 2017

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: William Von Holst

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within”, your host Sheryl Glick Reiki Master Teacher-Medium and author of her newest book The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies, miracles and ways to manifest your human potential for love and prosperity, welcomes William Von Holst who will discuss Imre Vallyonn’s book The Journey Within which offers a view of human spirituality not obtained from scholarly research but from issues that erupted from deep within his inner soul essence and his personal experiences.

William and Sheryl will discuss remarkable ideas from Imre Vallyon’s views of human experience illuminating Spiritual teachings and Sacred languages of our planetary history based on a universal not biased towards any particular religion or tradition. We may discuss such topics as the search for true happiness and how to reconnect to the Higher Self: how to choose your right path, the true purpose of meditation: what happens after death; developing love and wisdom as the meaning of life and ideas about the power of thought. In 2008 Imre won the Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Book Award for his four volume treatise “Heaven and Hells of the Mind “ which is a work on human consciousness and the wisdom of the ages.

Imre Vallyon teachers from an Inner State of Illumination. A state of illumination requires a person to recognize that every living being has a physical body, a temporary house, but we also have a source from which we have come, a divine source. When we have a remembrance and desire to reconnect to that source a Spiritual Path is possible. You enter the seeking stage and sift through much information with ideas from philosophers, theologians, metaphysicians and religious or spiritual people. However in addition to this you need a “Real Teacher” not someone who teaches theoretical ideas but someone who has had actual experience because…..The Spiritual Path is only experience. Some of the greatest saints had no philosophy or structured thinking…they just experienced the inner realities and taught from that.

Imre says that Right Knowledge is the Saving Knowledge, the Knowledge that leads to Eternal Consciousness, an infinite possibility of knowing, an infinite possibility of experiencing, an infinite possibility of becoming. Please explain the difference between our thinking and Consciousness.

People act according to their knowledge; whatever knowledge they have is the starting point of their actions. Your knowledge is you and that is your limitation….little knowledge, little action: big knowledge, big action; vast knowledge vast action. Even the most basic religious ideas include the existence of a soul and of God, that there is life after death..however in the next stage of knowledge you begin to ask questions…Does God and the Soul really exist..does Heaven or an Afterlife exist and now you are entering the Seeking Stage which is where you have to understand the importance of Right Knowledge. It is here that many people develop psychic abilities like clairvoyance or clairaudience and begin to experience the Astral World. And while a higher form of Knowledge it is not the Right Knowledge. Right knowledge is that knowledge is unlimited, experience is unlimited. To continue to evolve your mind and heart must be open and available to receive all new thoughts and energies and to continue to grow. No knowledge is final; no experience is final. So Real Knowledge is infinite and Right Knowledge….. the Saving Knowledge” the knowledge that leads to Eternal Consciousness…knowing, experiencing and becoming and is what you need for the Journey Within.

The Real Spiritual Path has been suppressed for thousands of years…The great Vedic civilizations in India did not divide their worldly duties and worldly power from their Spiritual lives…Then about 3,000 years ago came the silly idea that to become an enlightened being—a Yogi a Mystic or Saint—you had to leave the world behind…leave your family, your job, your duties and shut yourself in an ashram or cave…You had to completely negate yourself( mind, emotions body) and disconnect from society. This wrong teaching became the ideal spiritual way of life and is still practiced in India today. That idea pervaded the East as well as the West and is completely wrong…

We seem to have the idea that by becoming something else we will become spiritual. EVERYTHING THAT IS SPIRITUAL IS ALREADY WITHIN YOU…THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU.

Sheryl Says…. “Quite amusing but years ago when I began to have a series of coincidences and an awakening or remembrance of my inner Soul Being…I meditated and asked whether I had to give up my life as I knew it and find a way to become or develop that inner sense of Knowing and being…I picked up a book given to me by an English medium and opened the page randomly…and read…In your case you are to remain in the world not go to the mountains and you are to help others by being an example for loving life and for merging a physical and spiritual reality in Oneness and Unity. In regard to this thought many years later in my book The Living Spirit, Sheryl wrote, “There can be no spiritual development without true-self remembering for the two concepts are actually one and the same. We are eternal beings, already perfect in our divinity; therefore there is nothing to develop, only to remember. That said, we must realize our responsibility for the path of our physical and spiritual lives…..Faith allowance and acceptance for our life plan, as well as that of others are necessary if we are to improve both our everyday lives and continue our path of spiritual ascension.”

Imre constantly emphasizes that everything Spiritual is already within you. He says that we each have a central point based in the heart chakra that is always in an Eternal State of Being.
Inside us is our central point the eternal state of Being and if you find that you are enlightened, you are a Buddha or a Christ and you walk liberated and free amongst Humankind. You understand God is omnipotent and omnipresent and that your soul is the same, and therefore, God and Soul are in the same place, within you in this central point. If you constantly look outward you lose focus of this inner sense of Self.

Imre explains how our egos are related to crisis and how this transformation through crisis is good. The planet itself is in a process of rebirth, which means that people will have a lot of crisis. By understanding that while you are living only as the personality or in the ego reality of life you will have crisis, as the world naturally has many problems. So as the personality you are bound, but the Soul inside you is always free and in a state of ecstasy joy light harmony goodness beauty and love, while the personality is always struggling with the problems of the world. The real life is a continuum of dimensions and situations in the Inner Worlds so it doesn’t work to base the resolution of crises on physical solutions. We need to teach and help people raise themselves above the personality and become the Soul that they already are. Nothing that happens in this physical dimension can affect the Eternity of your Soul.

Imre discusses several paths and understanding vibration or higher frequencies.

The Passive Path the favorite for 6 thousand years means wherever you are in a monastery or desert or just by yourself you seek solitude and silence…you cut yourself away from society and from engaging Maya or material energy. This path allows you to realize your inner eternal life and not be a slave to the fluctuating energies of Maya.

The Active Path relies on the power of Sound in the form of mantras and divine names in different languages to purify the surrounding energies of Maya to such a degree that the higher vibrations of the Spiritual realms can be sensed internally…Unlike the Passive Path, this path works with activity.

Imre says, “Your physical body vibrates very slowly, your emotional body vibrates faster, and the mind body vibrates faster still. And yet the Soul has very rapid and fine vibration and you cannot perceive it unless you cultivate that vibration.” The true purpose of becoming aware of the different aspects of self through meditation is to link yourself up within itself.. Yoga does not mean exercise …it means union. Yoga is the uniting of that spiritual energy within you with the material entity which you observe yourself to be. You have a physical body, an astral or emotional body, and a mind body and each has a different frequency of vibration. And then there is your Soul which as a very rapid and fine vibration which cannot be perceived unless you cultivate it. To perceive yourself as a Living Soul you have to go beyond physical emotional and mental processes.”

When you become Soul-Conscious, you have taken the first step on the Path out of the human evolutionary stream onto a different evolutionary level. You are beginning in the lower rank of a superhuman evolutionary kingdom, another hierarchy of beings that already exists. Meditation brings you to know you are already a Living Soul..The Kingdom of Heaven is within you already; Nirvana is within you already. Now connect to it in a direct way. You will now experience your Soul Nature and feel you are living in two universes; experiencing life here and at the same time in a completely different reality. You go on to experiencing a Divine Universe. The actual purpose of Humanity is to live simultaneously in 3 vastly different universes..this part of Creation, the middle creation and the regions of Light and to bring these different realities together. A perfect human links these three realms into one entity, one being. Those just present in the material aspect of being cannot reach beyond that to live in the Upper Dimensions.

Sheryl in her book The Living Spirit refers to this thought of knowing the personal power of your Soul energy this way, ”Each human being builds through unity and purpose of experiences, an indivisible “ONENESS” of the finest aspects of divine blessings which are love, humility, forgiveness, and the generosity of merging ourselves with all that is. The purpose must be to prepare and refine our souls through our choices made in our physical lives for an eternal soul life worthy of divine introspection.”

Imre explains that from Higher Consciousness you realize a great secret: that you are not going from point A to point B but everything you need is already inside you.

Religions have made us believe there is a journey or path and that is a long arduous difficult process but when you function with Higher Consciousness you realize that what you need for your journey has always been within you. The journey begins with you and it is you. You are already what you are seeking. This is the first understanding of Illumination…you are already the Buddha, the Christ the greatest Saint or Master…it is not that they were different from us but that they all realized what they really were…they started out with a personality, human frailties and human emotions…religious backgrounds and thought according to the way society was in those days. Then they realized they were more than the temporary expression and that the personality was only an expression of these lower dimensions. They began to sense themselves as Living Souls beyond time and space…a reincarnating Soul in your causal body beyond the physical body awareness and personal or ego awareness to that awareness of yourself as the glory of Divinity itself….
For enlightenment you must discover the obstructions within yourself..firstly it could be in the physical body or in the emotional body where you may act without the mind or thought but explode into instantaneous hysteria and uncontrolled emotion. That in itself is blocking the Realization of the Truth. Then there can be those blocked by the mental body who have minds like computers which is fine for the physical life but in terms of attaining Enlightenment that computer mind has to go. Whatever your meditation process: mantra chanting breathing techniques or action in Warrior schools you have to realize your limitation and allow it to disappear in the moment.

Imre gave a quote… “There is no Being or God on the other side who punishes you in any way, who says you were bad so you go down, or you were good so you go up. It is just the Law of Universal Nature at work. After death you are automatically attracted to the condition that matches your vibration.”

In order to understand life we have to understand death and this knowledge is missing from our materialistic society. As multi-dimensional Beings living in a multidimensional Universe the world around us is much more than what is only perceived by the physical senses. WE ARE MORE THAN JUST A PHYSICAL BODY. This teaching that you existed before you were born into a physical body has been known to all ancient religions and while taught as a universal doctrine so it was a popular idea that prophets of the past were expected to return come back or reincarnate. So we descended from the Causal world where as Living Souls we lived in a Radiant body of light and then incarnated so we might gain EXPERIENCE. Your existence is part of a cosmic structure extending over eons of time and space. Then we incarnated in our astral bodies as feeling entities and then into our etheric-physical bodies and we began to function on the dense level of the Physical World..the problem was there were no corresponding human bodies that would suit the beings we are…human beings with majestic power and potential. So that was a big step and the so called FALL OF MAN and though different from the animal kingdom we still have animal impulses

The physical body you inherit from parents is the only thing that is not you..all the rest of your bodies your etheric body, your astral body and your mind body are really You..the Living soul in your Radiant Body of the Causal World which carries what was expressed in your last life.

In terms of death it is not an ending but a continuous force of life of the soul….The soul is joyful when you die because finally you can breathe. When you return to the Astral World you have a much larger life, and life force. It is liberating and you feel a sense of freedom happiness and nobody should be afraid of death because it is a return to a larger condition…The causes of death are always karmic not only in the sense of Individual Karma but planetary Karma..It is not important how you die, but the fact that you have to die to liberate yourself from the restricting limiting condition and to move on to the next dimension: otherwise you become crystallized…

How long we live in the physical body was originally envisioned by the Soul before birth, because the Soul has worked it out in the Causal World, but sometimes there are problems because society and relatives interfere in that process unaware of the soul plan. People find it very difficult to understand that each of us has a proper destiny.

When you die you simply step out of your physical body and find yourself exactly as you felt and you still think exactly as you thought…you can only become different by changing yourself before death, not afterwards.

Many people think they will become disconnected from their friends or loves ones but on the contrary you will be connecting more strongly with them.
Imre goes on to discuss thoughts about the Feminine Mystic“ When we awaken internally to the idea that we are more than we appear to be, that we have to follow a spiritual path, it is” She calling us”—because She is us…. If you have been brought up in any of the 3 Western religions- the Jewish Christian and Muslim religions you know they are basically male-oriented religions however the Eastern religions there is a great balance between the male and female polarities like Yin and Yan in the Chinese Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu religions. In actuality and in a more equal community life system, the Feminine was worshipped in ancient religions and in the priest craft woman were priestesses in Rome Egypt Greece India and China. Although there were some wonderful teachings in Christianity a lot of the teachings and the emphasis of what remained was the materialistic drive of the emperor and bishops that were controlling the politics of the church. The other religions motivated by control and the ego and male oriented dominance and power limited the wisdom and power of women as healers and priestesses…purely not in accordance with the Higher Values or Laws of Higher Life.”

Sheryl very passionately describes how a loving God Force is neither male nor female but a creative changing evolutionary force for equality love fairness and union not separateness . The domination by the Fundamentalist religious groups still functioning in our modern times is representative of a limited knowledge of God and humanity ancient and flawed realities and needs to evolve where women children and men share the stage of live as the heroines and heroes of their creation. How slow the world has been to change and so war violence and disrespect for life seem rampant in the dynamics of relationships.

William Von Holst gave a very thoughtful and clear explanation of the wonderful and truthful values or Laws of Higher Life in Imre Vallyon’s book The Journey Within

Imre Vallyon has shared the journey of the soul as it begins to remember and access it’s divine connection to Universal Energy and in doing so reconnect to Age old Intuition which holds the key and answers to our eternal expanding exploration of Self life death allowing us to find the peace and enlightenment that follows this concerted consistent effort for opening the heart chakra to expose your Living Spirit which is the foundation of our physical and spiritual destinies. In my own awakening process which continues as I experience allow accept and surrender to the forces of the Universe I have gratefully and joyfully found a way to transcend time and space and to reside in the Oneness of Being that Imre so eloquently describes throughout his very profound sharing of his discoveries.

Imre wrote….. “What we see in this world is only a fragment of Creation. The vast physical Universe is literally just the surface or skin of the Multidimensional infinite Space. People do not seem bothered to seek this multidimensional almighty part of Nature and that great, almighty part of themselves. However, those people who have started on the Spiritual Path have seen beyond that limited view of reality and believe there is something inside them that is greater, something worth seeking. You may call it Self-Realization, the Realization of Truth, The Realization of God, Realization of Nirvana, of the Buddha Mind or the Kingdom of Heaven…You need to live a spiritual life to attain the Spiritual Dimension.”

William, Imre and Sheryl would wish your Journey within to the heart and soul of your true essence begin now and continue to fill you with the love peace and joy of this magnificent discovery or the very truth of life…don’t find excuses to deny the calling from within or be distracted by others…Open your mind and heart and trust the road ahead.

Please go to both websites below to purchase these books and share the journey to self discovery and self empowerment and to Healing From Within and the means to find joy in this life and beyond.