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Thriving Entrepreneur

Steve Kidd

Thriving Entrepreneur – Winning at Life, Love and Business with Taneisha and Myra

Today’s episode is all about being a champion in your life.
First, Taneisha talks about her upcoming book After the Affair… What’s Next? We should give importance to every relationship that we have in our life. At some point, you may commit infidelity and say so many lies, but you can still move past that. People make mistakes, but we should also learn how to forgive ourselves. Turn your mistakes into lessons and turn your lessons into blessings!
Next, Myra shares with us how she turned her failures into learning experiences through her book The Savvy CFO: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming The Money Savvy Genius of Your Business! She shares in her book the importance of knowing how personal finance works both in life and in business.
If you want to start winning in life, love, and business, please join Steve in this amazing interview with our bestselling authors Taneisha Mitchell and Myra Good.