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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Buppa La Paloo

Volume (3) |Episode (47)
April 3, 2017

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Dee Wallace

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host, Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love welcomes Dee Wallace, for a second visit to the show Dee is an amazing force for healing, teaching and living a holistic life of joy and positivity in both her creative endeavors and her family life. Dee is the author of Bright Light and a longtime actress who has two new shows airing soon, one is “Just Add Magic” on Amazon Streaming and the other is The Supernatural in its eleventh season. Whatever Dee is working on she does it with her whole heart and soul effort for the good of All.

Dee Wallace shares her lifetime goals as an actress, healer, teacher and creative source for sharing her love of life and helping others develop self-love and self-esteem which are she believes the keys to developing into a healthy functional member of society , to heal ourselves and the world, and this begins in each child’s earliest experiences.

Buppa La Paloo which has been developed by a toy manager with Dee’s intuitive input helps children with health issues such as eating disorders and anxiety and other childhood fears face their fears while developing self-love and self-esteem so they may see the world through trusting eyes and themselves as capable and loving people…a child’s perceptions and whether they become a victim of their circumstances or a leader walking their own path to success happiness and love starts very early in life. This bear talks and gives 14 messages of delight beginning with “I love to dance” for of course when one dances we know they are in harmony and moving with the flow of life: smiling and being in a loving state which dispels negativity and fear.

Sheryl asks Dee to remember one of her first movies years ago , ET or the Extraterrestrial. The boy in the story was being raised in a single parent home by the Mother and spent lots of time alone… He did have a dog who he relied on… Sheryl relates that recently she read that many children living in single parent homes have more chances of developing addictions later on due perhaps to feelings of isolation or feeling different from their peer group who have both parents participating in their upbringing. Other factors contributing to this outcome may include a lack of resources creating financial difficulties and increasing feelings of being the reason for their painful family situation. Low self-esteem and lack of trust in the way the world values them can lead to a lack of confidence and hope for what they can accomplish or enjoy in life.

Dee was aware from her early childhood days that we each are a bright shiny light and that her soul quest was to keep that light shining and share it with others. We might along the highway of life in this physical world lose part of that light through trauma, illness, loss of love, of work, of faith, but that is everyone’s story and when we once again remember we are connected by that shining light to each other and to the Universe we can transcend many challenges that we face.

Dee is involved in several new TV series. Sheryl says, “I am so happy to see the creative writers and authors and film makers sharing their own inner spiritual knowingness with the general public and talking about things that only 20 years ago were so progressive and other worldly that they were thought to be wild imaginations at work rather than a state of truth… Some of the many shows that are mainstream now that are dealing with energy and soul presence are shows like Proof, Medium, The Ghost Whisperer, Saving Hope, Sleepy Hollow and films like The Here After, Heaven is for Real, White Noise, City of Angels and Always all dealing with themes of energy, afterlife healing on a multi-dimensional level and understanding the eternal nature of life and evolution.”
These many attempts to show the broader scope of physical and spiritual life through science or a quantum physics approach to understanding who we are as spiritual beings having a physical life is more accepted by the masses than ever before. As Einstein said “Energy cannot be destroyed only transformed” so therefore many people are beginning to accept that life in the physical realm is only one reality and “Consciousness does survives physical death.” Like ET we are only visitors on this planet… There are many dimensions or levels of life beyond this life.

Having worked with so many of the talented actors, producers and writers in the creative world, Sheryl wonders if Dee finds a spiritual thread connecting much of the work and personal lives of these talented creative people. Two recent movies Sheryl saw are The Revenant and 13 Hours which are personal challenges which show the power of the human spirit to find love and justice no matter the odds or limits of the physical body. It seems that it is no longer possible to deal with the duality of our nature as in merging our spiritual world with our physical world we reached the highest level of our Being.

Dee might be considered by some to be like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Dee, like the character Dorothy came from Kansas was transported to a magical world: Hollywood where miracles and new friends were found but I am sure the difference between Kansas and Hollywood was enormous in intensity and values….

Dee believes we cannot change anyone else but only work on our own process of becoming the best version of ourselves and be an example for our children rather than express words that they may or not listen to. When they see parents express love integrity and courage not only following the values and materialistic goals that so many think important but realize with gratitude how precious a physical life is and how when we love ourselves and others and work cooperatively for the good of all miracles do happen…That is what we need right now…to allow the best part of each of us to shine and radiate love and acceptance into the world. We have to remember we are the instruments of the Universe and creation and how we use the tools of the physical world like the rapidly advancing technological equipment reflects what is going on inside us: that soul part of us that is here to be refined and develop greater love and compassion for life.
Dee was always aware of her soul nature and downloaded important values in childhood and they have served her well.

Dee wrote…. “I was so naïve and trusting and all kinds of people rushed forward to help me. Naiveté brings innocence and a lack of fear. You just have a trust in the Universe and that you’re going to be taken care of no matter what and who you are, or whatever the circumstances. And that is the purest intention one can have and the dictum that many successful people have followed…..The Universe just brought the people to me or me to the people that I have needed to meet. I have been vigilant to always…”pay it forward to the next newbie…”

Sheryl Says, “So there it is: When we follow our destiny and the Laws of Energy we can accomplish or manifest our greatest dreams…we can conquer fear and negativity, low emotions or vibrations such as greed anger distrust violence and selfishness to find that bright magnificent spark of the divine that is within each of us…waiting to be explored and enlarged.”

Dee wrote after taking classes with Charles an acting teacher, that she was able to let go of outcomes and expectations and this is paramount to anyone who is working with creative energy. In regard to energy, she wrote, “Energy is everything. Everything is created from energy. And a high vibration of energy creates the best results in any endeavor. Charles would read us stories from interviews with The Beatles or cite amazing facts about Michelangelo and a slew of great artists and scientists on the art of managing energy and how they used, directed and channeled its flow. Always, always the objective was to stir the instincts more than the intellectual mind.” Instincts and intuition are the natural part of our inner wisdom.

Like most of us we begin with following the guidance of family teachers and friends and along the way are nudged by the Unseen forces around us that encourage us to remember who we are and why we chose a physical life experience. Some call this an awakening or path to higher consciousness.

Dee and Sheryl would have you begin this exploration of yourself, the world and Universe and discover the real reason any of us souls choose a physical life. We do that so we can make our days nights and life as forward thinking moving outside of the box or the fears and limitations of others to finally know ourselves as “love” and then anything is possible.
Guest: Dee Wallace