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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Mystical France-Secrets Mysteries Sacred Spots

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Nick Inman

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host, Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies, miracles and ways to go within to rediscover your true essence and life force, welcomes Nick Inman author of A Guide To Mystical France.

Nick asks the question, “Think you know France? Look again. The most visited country in the world is full of secrets and hints of ancient wisdoms.”

Nick guides us through the hidden sacred sites exploring people architecture and uses behind the legendary sites of Carnac, Mont-Saint, Michel, Notre Dame, Chartres and other places less known, but equally important. Some of the people we encounter on his exploration of France include The Templars, Cathars, Gurdjieff, King Arthur, Nostradamus, and alchemists such as Fulcanelli. For the last 25 years British Born Nick Inman has been a travel writer specializing in France the country he lives in and loves.. He has a lifelong interest in and an extensive knowledge of things esoteric and spiritual. He is a photographer journalist editor and translator and has a long term interest in personal development and complementary therapies. He is curious and in awe of life and its possibilities.

Nick wrote “My bank asked me to identify myself and I realized that it would be impossible. I consider myself a true skeptic in the true positive sense of the word: always willing to ask questions and follow where the answer leads. “Even if the answer to some questions seems obvious …it usually isn’t as simple as that.

Sheryl says… “Indeed we are much more than we appear to be and as multi-dimensional beings of energy and expansive creation it is truly impossible to know where our soul life or physical life begins or ends….we are possible of manifesting and creating our own story or journey.”

In Sheryl’s last book, The Living Spirit she refers to this thought and wrote…..” Many choose to believe it is life circumstances that are at the root of the destruction of so many fine plans intentions and opportunities. I believe it is the perception of limitation and self-doubt not our circumstances which destroys dreams and thwarts wonderful ideas. What I call the Law of Attraction is a universal energetic truth of creating our own reality by bringing to us the people and circumstances that our mind and actions generate. What we focus our thoughts time and energy on—whether knowingly or unknowingly, whether positively or negatively, whether lovingly or hatefully—sets up a ripple of interaction with other people places and events that ultimately brings these possibilities into reality.”

A Guide to Mystical France allows us to realize the need not to reduce ourselves or each other to one-dimensional descriptions. We are all that we are and nothing less….Problems begin when we categorize each other as “just” a man, Muslim, ecologist, banker, politician, communist etc. Behind each label there is a complex contradictory human being with a light and shadow side…We cannot ever be perfect as human beings who are here to grow and evolve and to express more of the magnificence of our soul-divine energetic presence with greater love and compassion.

Nick wrote “Professionally as a travel guide writer it is my job to stick to the facts and eliminate the airy- fairy variables. I need to get your readers where they are going, tell them what they are looking at and move them on to the next location. However experience is often treated as the side effect of travel, it is that which we can’t help having in the process of going where we are going…it is unpredictable…and may vary between the ecstatic and the painful, but it always remains in the realm of feelings and is therefore intangible. All travelers eventually discover in their wisdom there are two aspects to the journey..There is the destination and the experience of getting there.”

It has huge implications for our understanding of the world especially via science. This should make us very wary about science which is always ultimately a subjective enquiry.

Sheryl says… “I believe when we begin to ask who we are, we are beginning to remember a subconscious eternal aspect of our being- our soul or unending evolution and growth. We then begin to perceive our mind/ego and the physical world as an illusionary existence based on the original reality internalized by us in childhood. We may start to see the patterns and behaviors we embraced which others felt were right or necessary for us…Our inner heart being may have felt other needs wished for other goals and this interference and lack of understanding for our dual nature, spiritual and physical confused up slowed down our progress and often affected our health and mental state. So yes, I think it important and beneficial to realize we are spiritual beings having a physical life for the purpose of remembering our divine essence or relationship to Universal Source. It is the first step to a great Universal truth and can help us eliminate many fears so we can live a more productive life.”

There is always more to know and different ways to look at our complete identity and we are always in constant evolution change creating and witnessing more of our unfolding greatness…..

Sheryl says…. “Our identity and the labels we give ourselves are the way the mind or ego responds to understanding the physical world which is quite different than the way the soul or subconscious part of our being moves through the process of learning and personal growth.. When the duality of our being is merged, we truly function at a high level of awareness and higher consciousness and are able to merge science and spirituality for a greater view of life…We are spiritual energetic beings having a material and physical life experience.”

Nick wrote “When we travel we are always exploring two realities simultaneously: the one that you see before you and that we commonly agree on—countries cities, monuments, food festivals etc and the one inside you which of course interacts in some mysterious way with the outer reality….Many people are simply only comfortable with their physical reality. Materialists say that is all there is. I find this an unsatisfactory explanation for the rich experience of being a sentient creature. Our thoughts dreams emotions and altered states of awareness seem to have a reality beyond material definitions.”

Nick wrote “There is a good spiritual reason to travel.”

Sheryl Says “At the time of my awakening many influences leading to Greece began to present themselves to me…my dress for my daughter’s wedding was purchased by a Greek shopkeeper, my hair do was created by a Greek hairdresser…sitting at the boardwalk for some sun before the wedding, I met 2 young teachers from Greece, and in meditation with my yoga teacher I accessed a spiritual guide Helen of Troy who was Greek….Following the wedding I took a cruise to Greece and while visiting the isle of Rhodes found myself at a water fountain in the town square. I immediately recognized the plalce in a dream I had prior to the trip. Déjà vu? Perhaps, or something else..…The tour guide told us that Helen of Troy had stopped at this place on her way home to Greece after the city of Troy was conquered. She was reluctantly returning with King Menelaus her husband after having run away to Troy with Prince Paris.…. Before this time, I had no awareness of a connection or need to visit Greece…I also have been drawn to England many times and have a strong feeling for the beauty and history of that country. Could be important past lives in those places?”

Nick says, “We remain responsible for who we were in our past actions and interactions, but we must allow for change as it is happening each moment in our physical and spiritual lives. No one can control another person’s life plan and destiny. Even when we wish to help another see how they are sabotaging their own progress they will not understand or accept it until they are willing to make the necessary changes. So we must accept them, love them and ask for Spirit to help them…..”

The justice system for instance must recognize this. Sheryl says, “Years ago I interviewed a psychiatrist…… who didn’t believe it was possible to facilitate much change in many people’s psyche. He explained how hard it was to move past childhood traumas and programming and to release old fears and limitations….All small changes to this original programming comes slowly and in small increments, hard to accomplish without constant effort and consistency. The reward for these efforts are the creation of new ways to look at oneself and the world. However it is known that people with borderline personality disorder, sociopaths and psychopaths cannot be cured or effectively rehabilitated as they lack a sense of empathy and awareness.”

Nick asks the question, “Shouldn’t we rely on science to tell us who or what we are.” Science is very limited on human identity. Who and what are very different things. Science can tell us about what goes on inside us physically, but not ethereally. This inner presence or soul is of an intuitive nature or sense of knowing what is, what will be, and offers ways to approach our goals…it is not with the head but heart and soul that we receive guidance and Universal help to achieve our destiny which is different and unique for each person.

Sheryl asks Nick what he thinks about technological ways of identifying us. Nick says “They all fall short and could actually be harmful to our human evolution. They may be useful for security but otherwise limited. We should go back to human ways of knowing each other…”Sheryl agrees and explains how an overuse of technological tools pulls us away from the real reason a soul chooses a physical life which is to improve human relationships and refine the soul to a higher awareness of love compassion and higher vibrations or emotions. We can pretend to be whoever we are and that is not always a good thing. It can be a form of procrastination and denial and stifle our true need to develop explore and learn more about ourselves and the world.

Sheryl says… “I believe Nick in your prolific search for clarity and truth in the ancient elements of the physical remains of our soul journey, you offer a great deal of proof that we are indeed citizens of the Universe: an eternal force responding to the ancient wisdom that guides us to remember who we are through looking at geometry, numbers, nature, architecture and people who connected to this higher realm of life…”

Nick shares much knowledge about nature, prehistoric cave art, silent giant stones or the megaliths, the evolution of the Gods of Old which represent the perennial needs of the human soul to be in contact with the supernatural, temples, the secret societies and the mystics of France.

Nick describes the cave drawings and how prehistoric art has been discovered on the walls and ceiling and occasionally floors of around 350 caves and almost half of them are in France mostly in the Southwest……a cave has obvious symbolic connotations. Going into a cave reminds us that we have a triple relationship with the planet …we are on it, in it and of it. Life comes from underground where the source of rivers that irrigate our lands is. Secret societies frequently use caves for the purpose of initiation.

Nick describes the peninsula of Brittany especially rich in ancient stones. Including the famous massed megaliths of CARNAC.

Sheryl says “As a medium and energy practitioner who channels information and hands on healing energy from a plane of higher energy where all thoughts and a recounting of a souls journey’s are all recorded..I who like you was once a skeptic, now know that life and energy are eternal and ever evolving, creating new realities and possibilities for new experiences once we leave our physical bodies and cross over to this multi-dimensional plane. “Conscious survives physical death” and my next book will be “New Life Awaits Us… Alive Forever…about the Afterlife and much more…..”

Nick mentions that the Celts believed that death was at the center of a good long life and that the dead must be honored for what they had lived and what they were yet to live..Some places of the dead in France have become tourists attractions..the Catacombs in Paris and the most renowned cemetery, Les Alyscamps in Arles… which was alluded to by Dante and painted by Gauguin and Van Gogh.

Nick discusses the Temples of the Romanesque built during the Middle Ages and Gothic forms and though the Romanesque style was quaint and naïve, they still enshrine ancient wisdoms “The oldest church in France is believed to be Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains in Metz built in 380 AD. It seems a church is a precise instrument with specific length width and height in harmony with the heaven and earth…If something is missing the church doesn’t work or succeed in its mission. (Henri Vincenot) The temple it seems is not meant to be a place that is quick and easy to understand either inside or outside…It is a place of hidden things and symbols The Romanesque churches of France are not just places of Christian worship but sacred enclosures in the Universal sense…In the 12th and 13th centuries innovation around Paris gave rise to an architecture of verticality and splendor that has never been equaled. The great Gothic cathedrals of northern France are rich repositories of sacred geometry.”

Nick mentions Mary Magdalene and Sheryl responds that she has been very interested in the women of the Catholic church and how they have been misrepresented in the old stories as they have been in the three major religions- The Jewish faith, The Christian faith and the Muslim faith, which are male oriented and dominated. Unlike the Pagan religions before which honored men and women equally these religions abandoned that philosophy and embrace a Male Defined God System. Nick and Sheryl share their awareness that Mary Magdalene who was one of Jesus’ first supporters and disciples fled Jerusalem after the death of Jesus and spent the remainder of her life in France.

According to legend, Mary Magdalene lived the latter part of her life in Southern Gaul..Around the year AD40 the Jews of Palestine were being persecuted and Mary Magdalene left in a boat with Mary Salome Mary Jacob and Martha the sister of Lazarus and another disciple Maximinus. Mary Magdalene went to Marseille and then to La Sainte-Baume where she lived in a cave in the hills for the last 33 years of her life. The story told of her being a prostitute was the reputation imposed on her and other righteous women by the beginning church motivated by political and civil needs to insure the survival rights to land and power and which also promoted celibacy and chastity as spiritual virtues and allotted women a subservient role.

Nick’s last chapter is on the future. We should be very wary of 1. Mixing ourselves with machines or believing we can upload consciousness to computers and 2. The temptation to make ourselves immortal and not value and appreciate life in its natural state according to a divine measure of hope for our personal and spiritual growth. In discussing the UFO phenomenon Nick describes France as the only country in the world with a state funded civil organization tasked with collecting and investigating reports of unidentified aerial phenomena. Geipan was set up in 1977 as part of the French Space Agency. And has its offices in the Toulouse Space Center.

Sheryl says… “I interviewed Rick Redfren author of Bloodline of the Gods who researched documented stories and incidents regarding UFO’s noting that the blood type O- negative which lacks an enzyme that all other blood types possess, may be an outgrowth of alien life mixing with human life to help improve our species, or to help their species to survive… Redfren also said that the Basque population in France had the highest amount of citizens with O- negative blood, and there may have been a concentration of visitors/aliens in that area in ancient times. I personally believe anything is possible and never close my mind to different dimensions of life or the reality that the possibilities are endless…The new Star Wars movie with creatures and powers or “The Force” reminds me of Reiki healing energies or the Universal life force of creation.

Nick Inman has shared a practical tour through the beauty and history of France both in fantastic pictures and information of great detail and insight. Not only do you share the mystery of the land and people but of the deeper inner workings of one’s Being and the metaphysical view of evolving through time and space and life.

Nick shared the story of Lourdes a place that many feel to be touched by the love of Mother Mary who on February 11 1858 first appeared to a young girl Bernadette Soubirous and then appeared to her for 18 visits. This young girl could see her but others could not… “Psychologically or symbolically apparitions are sometimes experienced by adolescents who are in transition from childhood to adulthood much like the difference between reality and imagination. As the cave represents the inner person the subconscious or soul and what comes out of these mystical experiences into the light of day or our physical reality is a realization of Self.”

Nick and Sheryl would have you travel within the recesses of your memories and soul knowledge and try to move beyond the ordinary or familiar aspects of your everyday life to find the beauty and expansive world you may see through your travels, meditation prayer reading music art enjoyment of the senses and then continue to refine your thoughts and actions by having an open heart and mind.