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Rock Splitting Politics – The Leader of the Free World Takes Charge

Last week when Donald J. Trump as President of the United States and leader of the free world took actions for all the world to see, heads of nations noticed.  Through all the rhetoric and smokescreens one dominant theme stuck—-there’s a new sheriff in town.  Despots and dictators alike who were wondering if the new U.S. President would continue to lead from behind like President Obama once did were given a summons that things in this world would be different.  Doc Holliday discusses how the new sheriff is taking charge and what it means.  Doc uses clips from Fox Business and even a clip from Al Jazzera to help you better understand what is happening on the China/North Korea border. Doc also talks about how a congressional special election in Kansas won by the Republicans was declared a failure for the GOP by the New York Times. Crazy world where a major newspaper declares winning is a failure—maybe the democrat should be given a token trophy for running.  Doc Holliday also provides some feedback given on his exclusive Blockchain Warrants healthcare amendment provided on a previous show.  Click on now for this week’s dose of Rock Splitting Politics