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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – The Truth Shall Set You Free

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Roberta Grimes

In Today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host, Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares a view of Universal Healing Energy, spiritual awakenings, communication and miracles as we rediscover intuition and ways to create the best version of ourselves, welcomes Roberta Grimes a former guest of the show who returns to share her new mind altering book Liberating Jesus.

Roberta Grimes, who is an attorney and afterlife expert which resulted in 2 previous books The Fun of Dying and The Fun of Staying In Touch makes afterlife evidence accessible through the lens of Quantum Physics and a 21st Century View of Universal Energy. Her new book “Liberating Jesus” shares her amazing discovery that Jesus’ description and understanding of the afterlife squares perfectly with those who communicate from the other side to mediums and loved ones and those who have had near-death experiences. We have as a witness, Jesus who confirms the meaning and purpose of human life, God, reality, death and the afterlife.

Roberta mentions that one of her guides was once Thomas Jefferson.. Thomas Jefferson had an abiding interest in the Gospels. He took only the Gospels to be God’s Word, and even in the Gospels he renounced such niceties as miracles and the virgin birth. He created The Jefferson Bible and declared on the words of Jesus are “as easily distinguishable as diamonds in a dunghill”, which sums up his attitude toward the rest of what many Christians have long considered to be the Inspired Word of God. It seems to Sheryl that Pope Francis is very much aware of Jesus original intentions and is modernizing and correcting some long misinterpreted views of the church. It is much appreciated by those who wish to move religion in a direction of compassion and unity for all people regardless of old and limiting awareness of what an intimate connection to God really implies.

Roberta wrote… “I am told the Lord’s twenty first century project of bringing his teachings to all of humankind is going to be the work of many willing people. He calls His Teachings a philosophy. It is His Intention to free us from religious superstitions and teach us to relate to God on our own. His teachings in the Gospels are meant to be followed by every person on the face of the earth. If we can help everyone of every religion to understand that Jesus is not a religious figure but rather He is our universal Teacher then I have it on good authority that the predicted end-times war can be averted..Civilization can restore and perfect itself.”

Sheryl says, “Roberta like you and many spiritually minded people, I have come to see Jesus as a spiritual teacher of the light or eternal life and continuous journey of the soul through time and space as Quantum Psychics or a study or energy and the material world now suggests. In The Living Spirit, which is a search to understand life death and the reasons souls chose a physical life, I came to know Jesus as one who brought us answers to the same questions about humanity and the human condition and I wrote in regard to a Marie who I met in hospice when she was close to passing the story she told me…. “Jesus came close to Marie. The heavenly master told her that a time of fire and destruction would come, but she was not to be afraid. Until now, I had thought the story of the spiritual visitations and near death experiences she had related were fantastic, but I instantly knew that this story was the most important because it showed me what I believed was the purpose of all these previous experiences…It is that Jesus wished us to know he was and is of the chosen people. He brought new love to the existing ancient theories about God’s hope to expand religion into a philosophy that promoted the Oneness of Being and the belief in the one divine source. In that perception all people were to be the chosen of God. As each religion finds common ground, they could eventually merge and as one humanity under one God, coexist and live by God’s loving law.” In other words, once you know that you are part of God’s mind and God is part of you do not need a man made religious belief system for we can all be intimate with God on a personal level.”

Roberta says most afterlife researchers are skeptics but when hundreds of stories are studied and combined with other kinds of evidence it begins to make a case for the afterlife that can be quantified. She mentions a book A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife 2013 by Victor and Wendy Zammit which suggests that if we put aside any religious element, we might realize that we had a Witness two thousand years ago who told us about God reality death the afterlife human nature and the meaning and purpose of God …much of what Jesus says in the Gospels is consistent with modern afterlife evidence.

Sheryl says… “I offer my evidence of the afterlife, higher Universal values, and empowering ourselves to live from within our divine soul energy, in the form of readings I do where I receive messages from departed souls for their loved ones and the information is accurate, helpful, validating and for me and them, and proof that Consciousness survives physical death. Therefore the soul or energy part of our being is eternal. I often sense and visualize the feelings and values that were important to the souls who connect with us and am able to provide those unique qualities which my clients recognize and appreciate. Often they cry when they hear a message from a loved one.”

Much of what Jesus says in the Gospels is supported by the afterlife evidence! He even talks about “living water” That’s an odd detail that a few of the dead mention. He lays out the process of building “post death house” and coming back to bring our loved ones home and so many other things that could not be coincidental.

Sheryl shares with Roberta that her sister passed this year and at an meditation with a group of students one woman saw her sister and felt she was frightened and didn’t know where to go at the time of her passing and then saw my father was calling to her and leading her forward to that place or new home…It was very comforting for Sheryl to hear she had help at the time of her transitioning by her Dad who was a quiet mindful man quite powerful in his energy and wisdom.

First Century Jews used the Old Testament as a way of understanding nature and how to live in a physical world full of dangerous situations It can be said that the 3 major religions Judaism Christianity and Islam are male dominated and fear oriented and needed to see God as a punishing force rather than an open expansive creative force of continuous life goodness and love for the world. In its primitive state the heavenly virtues were hard to achieve. The Old and New Testament are man’s search for God while the Gospels are God’s search for man. No religion is created by God…. Religions are belief systems created by people built around core eternal teachings for their own time incorporating cultural oddities that “stuck” their new religion in a time capsule unable to change and evolve. It is prudent and invaluable to observe the claim that these writings are the Inspired Word of God should long since have been seen as dubious and in need of revision or inclusion of modern day awareness of life death and Universal Source.

By realizing that Jesus had not died for our sins but instead had come to earth as the son of man so God could experience human behavior and understand free will as our Teacher, we might then see Jesus as an ascended master, a very advanced human spirit but still a regular guy. Roberta says that this is a supposition that may be wrong. Roberta has come to understand that Jesus is the son of Man so elevated that God could look through his eyes.” As Jesus, God was born on earth in an effort to better understand how God’s having given people free will could have gone so wrong. In an attempt to give humankind a better start God also meant in the person of Jesus to help the Jewish people escape the fictional construct of their limited view of God and teach them how to relate directly to the genuine God which is all that exists. Sheryl senses that God could look through any of his beloved souls eyes and be reflected in their inner soul spark of life which connects to source eternally and is part of God as God is part of us. We may all be the sons and daughters of God and most certainly Jesus was an extended energy of God’s hopes and wishes for us all to evolve.

Sheryl says, “In my own way since childhood I have sensed that my Jewish religion as your Christian religion Roberta missed the mark and separated us from God who in my simple childish way prayed to personally each night, without much of the rules or words of the religious factions only from my wishing to know God and to develop my love for others through love for source. It came naturally to me as I am sure it does to many people. Perhaps the strictness of routines and rituals turns off many good souls.”

Roberta shares some facts that are meaningful to her and may serve us towards understanding Jesus in a modern way.

  1. FACT It is estimated that there are now about forty thousand versions of Christianity worldwide.
  2. FACT The notion that the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross can save us erodes the need for us to expend effort on our spiritual growth.
  3. FACT Christianity teaches us to live in superstitious fear.
  4. FACT Christianity’s traditions and dogmas not based on Jesus teachings are bogus.


  1. He has ensured that we now have abundant and consistent afterlife evidence so we know the dead survive.
  2. Through understanding the Afterlife we can know God and reality who we are and the meaning and purpose of life

Jesus wants us to understand his teachings are a philosophy not another religion…he speaks forcefully against religions in the Gospels and insists we must relate to God individually.

Christianity, as it is practiced today, teaches us to fear God, to minimize Jesus, to model modern life after first century rules, and even to selectively despise our fellow man. I would argue that not only is the religion that was founded in the name of Jesus not based in the Gospel teachings of Jesus, but it bears so little relationship to what Jesus taught that unless we are willing to change it radically into what the Lord intended it is time to begin to call it something else.

Sheryl often says to people “I sense that Jesus was a spiritual teacher who hoped to refine our thoughts about how to relate to each other and God in a loving fashion and to dispel the way people used controlling methods to instill fear and stifle creativity and their personal connection to God…Religion can be used for the purpose of undermining others and taking more land food and slaves and religion can be misinterpreted and twisted to perform in a way never intended by God or Jesus… Much like the Radical Islamic terrorists of today and others throughout time and history who have cloaked themselves in religion in order to pursue their own agendas. I don’t think Jesus expected a new religion to come from his wisdom ONLY a refining of Jewish thoughts and greater equality for all.”

A message Roberta gives that Jesus said could show us how many religious traditions actually separate or distance us from God that he would say to us today is .. Jesus says… “Why do you transgress the commandment of God for the sake of your tradition? You hypocrites! Rightly did Isaiah prophesy of you: “ This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far away from me. But in vain do they worship me teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.” MT 15:3-9

Jesus would not wish us to follow the rigid cultural rules for a harsher time thousands of years gone by which subjugate women and children and function from restriction instead of openness. Calling the Old Testament the inspired word of God when in actuality it was written by men establishing a political order and way of life which shows a wrathful and often petty Jehovah God is not accurate and teaches people to fear the genuine God and wherever there is fear which is the opposite of love we cannot develop an intimate relationship with God that is essential to a life of spiritual growth.
Whenever anything we read or hear teaches or leads to fear and negativity instead of love and compassion, we can be sure it is man generated and not God generated..

Jesus replaces all Ten Commandments and indeed all manmade religions with just one….that we love perfectly. A new commandment I give you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. (JN 13:34) If we do that simple act of love everything will align to God and the Universe and we will have the abundance that is offered to us from Spirit as our divine birthright.

Roberta says, “Perhaps as Max Planck 1918 Nobel Prize in physics discovered I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything we talk about, everything that we regard as existing postulates consciousness. In 1944 in positing a force that controls the atom he said,’ We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the Matrix of all Matter…Planck had discovered God as a scientific fact…and afterlife researchers seized on Planck’s work as a breakthrough to understand what the dead have long been telling us….God as Spirit is within us and there is one eternal Consciousness and every human mind is Part of God.”

Jesus and the dead tell us there is no religion in Spirit only Energy and God’s love..Religions do not improve our relationship with God. Instead they often get in the way of it. Jesus in the Gospel strongly suggests that we learn to get past religions. Spirituality and personal development encourage this process and recognize that a fear based separation between us and God has been the reason for so much war, unhappiness and destruction between cultures religions and ethnic groups.


Roberta Grimes has given a new way to comprehend the extraordinary message of a Master Spiritual Teacher of Ancient Times and his advanced forward thinking, views and vision of who we are? where we come from? and where we go? at the conclusion of a physical life. Roberta has offered compelling evidence that it is possible that the Jewish people and earliest Christians misunderstood the meaning and the message of Jesus. Some believe as a messenger of God he was here to show us the power of the spirit of God that resides in each of us and how to understand the eternal life force of God for goodness and compassion to filter through in the physical world so that heaven and earth may be one. Jesus showed that in brotherhood sharing and loving one another we would create our best life or Heaven here on earth and then bring that higher Consciousness and awareness with us beyond this physical life.

Roberta and Sheryl, through their studies, experiences and communication with Spirit have touched the higher realms… accessed the love and eternal nature of all souls… and share this reality and truth we all were supposed to know long ago… but NOW is always a good time to move forward in true understanding of the miracle of eternal life that is for all of us..and our spiritual efforts and development make it more wonderful.

In her book The Living Spirit, Sheryl wrote in reference to this thought….. “It was as if Jesus wanted us to know that he and other emissaries of the unseen world work by our side for the continued advancement of humanity. These spiritual emissaries impress upon all of us that self-love and love for others will always be the goal for a soul experiencing a physical and energetic life. To strive for personal excellence without hypocrisy in though, word and action was the message from Jesus two thousand years ago. As the world and its citizens continue to move forward, many will finally hear and truly follow Jesus’ teachings to create a sense of great peace and unity for all, emanating from the Oneness of our soul being……”