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Books On Air-NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT: A Story of A Lifetime or Two by Kerry Freeman

NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT: A Story of A Lifetime or Two  by Kerry Freeman

Kerry Freeman’s autobiography is warm and witty-an inspirational tale of personal growth and fascinating life experiences. His story begins in the winter of 1938 in Brooklyn, New York, at the tail end of the Great Depression, and his path is one of confusion and chaos. But with ambition and determination, he moves beyond the chaos and turns a combination of adventure and avarice into accomplishment and contentment.

In his book, Now That I Think About It, the author eloquently shares his journey, which takes him across the globe and grants him the equivalent of three lifetimes’ worth of experiences.

“Suck it up and learn from failures. Either yours or others. Because necessity is the mother of invention, and accomplishment is oh so sweet.”

-Kerry Freeman