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Healing From Within – Alien Spaceship Crash in New Mexico 1948

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Scott And Suzanne Ramsey
In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings spiritual communication healing energies and miracles which show us that all is not always exactly what it appears to be and the possibilities for expanding our human potential are infinite, welcomes Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, authors of The Aztec UFO Incident who will share the case evidence and cover-up of a crash of an spaceship in Aztec New Mexico in March 1948. For anyone interested in the possibilities of alien visitation of our planet much documentation and countless interviews over 3 decades show that a disc was recovered and studied by the US Government.

The Ramsey’s and co-author Frank Thayer have found the exact spot where the 100 foot saucer landed and offer information about the laboratory where the craft was taken and the witnesses who were sworn by secrecy by the military. The authors also reveal the names of scientists who worked on the craft after its recovery.

The authors write, The crash happened in the pre-dawn darkness of March 25, 1948 and oil field workers discovered the landed disc. Patrolling the pre-dawn darkness a policeman on a lonely road in northwestern New Mexico looked through his windshield shocked at seeing a massive glowing disc only 100 feet above his vehicle. The disc appeared to be in trouble wobbling as it flew soundlessly above him. A few minutes later a goat rancher Valentin Archeleta a veteran who was deployed to the Philippines in September 1941 prior to Pearl Harbor and was a prisoner of war who served his country valiantly witnessed the Aztec Flying Saucer as he was doing early morning chores and saw the disc passing low over his property, it was headed north. Suddenly the disc collided with the bluff of a mesa on his property and the rancher saw a shower of sparks. He was astonished because there was no crash. The disc kept flying. It went over the top of the mountain still unsteady and wobbling. The rancher had no telephone which were rare in post WW11 New Mexico, so he quickly went to a store in the little town of Blanco close to his ranch where he made a long distance call to Albuquerque and Kirtland Air Force Base. Doug Noland a young oilfield worker and his foreman were dispatched to the mesa in order to protect the oil tanks and found smoke rising from the mesa top. He was extensively interviewed in 1995 and he told of walking on the surface of the gleaming disc to get close to a dome at its center. Doug Noland said, “The windows or portholes looked like mirrors, one of the portholes was
busted.” Looking through that window that was busted there was a hole the size of a quarter..that small. He recalled that he saw two bodies slumped over what appeared to be a control panel. The workers found themselves among 16 people who were now gathered as dawn broke. Was this some secret weapon of the United States or was it from somewhere else. When the
military arrived, the people were questioned and debriefed, and sworn to secrecy for the sake of national security.

Manuel Sandoval the patrolman had followed the wobbling craft from the town of Cuba New Mexico and said that there were several sightings of these objects for a few weeks prior to this event on March 25th.

The oil workers including Doug Noland climbed up on the metallic saucer to find a porthole in the central dome that had been punctured and with a pole from their truck poked inside and suddenly the craft opened leaving 2 slumped over small childlike dead bodies visible. As many as 16 people including ranchers, oil field workers a county commissioner preacher and
police were now assembled on Hart Canyon Mesa until a few hours later when the military arrived. The event itself was other-worldly with witnesses sworn to secrecy and 16 small bodies recovered from the interior of the craft. The military took the disc to a secret lab.

Doug, the oil worker further tells how he climbed on top of the craft, described it as brushed aluminum looking to be smooth but not highly polished aluminum like you see on airplanes. There were no noticeable seams, rivets, bolts or weld marks, it looked as though it was molded. Doug said there did not appear to be signs of life and the bodies he saw were charred a dark brown not that they had brown skin just seemed to be exposed to heat. The interior of the craft did not seem to be burned.

Doug continued his description of the saucer. He said the disc was about 100 feet across with a raised section on the top and a protrusion that stuck out from below. He described the craft as being “a very thin cross section only about 18 to 20 feet high. And the outer edge of the craft had some strange gold color rings, it seemed that round around the entire edge of the disc.”

The military dismantled the undamaged disc and secretly transported it southeast to Los Alamos National Laboratories one of the most secure locations on the continent. The call went out to 9 of America’s top scientists and they gathered to study the craft its structure its propulsion and the 16 small dead crew members inside the disc.

By 1949 these 9 scientists who had been brought to Los Alamos National Laboratories to study the craft decided it imperative that the public learn about this recovered saucer and what it meant to the history of mankind. They approached Frank Scully a prominent author and columnist to tell the whole story. Scully hide the names of the scientists. Of them he wrote, “Men talked freely in the summer of 1949 wouldn’t tell their story for 20 million dollars by the summer of 1950.” The iron curtain of secrecy was descending. The story of the Aztec saucer landing and recover languished until researchers such as William Steinman and Scott Ramsey went back to Aztec and reconstructed the full details of the incident.

Frank Scully’s book about the Aztec UFO came under attack shortly after it was published not by the Air Force not by the Army not by the Pentagonians but by a man named J.P. Cahn who had attempted to buy Scully’s saucer story. Cahn had worked at the San Francisco Chronicle in the early 1950’s and had heard about Scully¹s story of the flying disc recovery. JP Cahn
tried to negotiate a deal with Frank Scully for the rights to the Aztec Story..Scully said the offer was so cheap he would never entertain it. Cahn contacted the FBI to discredit some of Scully’s informants thus ruining Scully’s new book. And with the help of the US government and the military powers or Pentagonians as Scully called them put a quick and nasty end to just another story of a crashed flying saucer in the New Mexico desert. Cahn seemed to have a vendetta about this failed business deal or perhaps was motivated by the concerns of military personnel.

Scott and Sheryl discuss that on March 8, 1950 a business man took the stage at the University of Denver and revealed what several scientist friends had told him of the flying saucer. It was then that famous author and columnist Frank Scully was told the complete story to enable him to write a bestselling book, “Behind the Flying Saucer.” The astounding success of the book was destined for disaster as a disgruntled journalist JP Cahn unable to purchase the story from Scully set out to ruin the
sources of the story one by one discrediting each person associated including engineering a fraud trial against oilman Silas Newton in 1953. The purpose of this trial was to brand the Aztec Incident as a hoax and so it remained for 30 years.

In 1987 researcher Scott Ramsey awakened the Aztec story and found living witnesses who told the story of a landed and recovered flying saucer. His research and that of his colleagues unearthed the roots of the story the actual place where the craft or disc landed and physical evidence at that place.

Then In March 2015 Scott and Suzanne who were actively re-investigating the Aztec UFO incident met with Archeleta’s granddaughter Christa on the ranch where her grandfather had seen the craft many years before. Suzanne and Scott Ramsey climbed the top of the mesa that Valentin Archuleta the Rancher had described at the time of the crash. On the hard volcanic rock and sandstone they could clearly see an area that seemed to have mechanical marks on the face of the rock, these marks are many feet up from the base of the mesa Christa was sure nobody over the years had been to this site on their ranch as they would require permission from the family to gain access to the mesa.

Scott claims to have over 55,000 documents pertaining to the incident. What type of documents are they The honor roll of actual researchers include Frank Scully 1950 and William Steinman 1986 and now the Ramseys and Frank Thayer. They have all welded a chain of evidence proving beyond argument that an undamaged 100 foot flying saucer settled on to Hart Canyon Mesa on March 25, 1948.

During their research Scott and Suzanne were able to track down the scientists that worked on the craft. Silas Newton a scientist know as Dr. Gee a nickname for perhaps many of the scientist working on the project to secure their privacy, confided to Scully the fact that the United States already had recovered two flying saucers. Dr. Gee wanted to break the story saying the government was to reveal the story within a year. Dr Gee left his government job shortly after this declaration after 7 years of
service. He had become a master of magnetic energy but still was earning a small salary. He worked on a device called the Magnetron during the war which is said to have knocked out as many as 17 Japanese submarines in one day. Dr Gee worked on the recovered saucers the unusual water found on board and the peculiar clothing of the occupants. The ship was powered by
magnetism and certain metals found on the craft were not of this earth.

Dr Gee was the name used by Scully to represent contributions from up to nine different scientists involved in the study of the Aztec saucer.

Silas Newton was another scientist who studied the saucers examining gears and the radio. Additionally the military had found pamphlets or booklets inside the ship which were described as having the texture of parchment and might had to do with navigation and navigation problems. Cryptographers experienced in deciphering codes and languages examined these items.
The demagnetizing or degaussing of any object in the path of the craft would destroy or disintegrate the object. The crew did not appear to have any fire-arms of any kind. Though the craft was light and 2-3 men could easily lift one side of it when a dozen men stood on the top of the wing no impression was made at all.

Other scientists included:

  • Cecil Howard Green (1900-2003) British born with a specialty in electrical magnetic fields
  • Patrick E. Haggerty (1914-1980) Haggerty joined GSI heading the research engineering and manufacturing of the company which in 1951 became Texas Instruments. Under his leadership TI developed 2 new military technologies including laser guidance and infrared night-vision equipment..other developments include airborne radar handheld calculators and the thermal print head.
  • Karl August Heiland 1899-1956 Heiland was into geophysics and had a Research and Exploration company in Denver exploring for oilŠHe was associated with many of the scientist who were aware of the Aztec incident. Dr. Gee may have been the code name for Karl Heiland.
  • John Erik Jonsson (1901-1995) He served as GSI president during which time Texas Instrument successor to GSI manufactured the transistor and entered the semi-conductor market. It is thought that the transitior emerged and
    is sometimes linked by UFO writers to technology found at the Roswell crash.
  • J Clarence Karcher (1894-1978) studied X-ray emissions and acoustic waves or seismic wave experiments in the earth. He used this knowledge in the search of oil..

Today we have taken a look at how an event that happened long ago on March 25, 1948 which was never brought to the attention of the public at that time due to perhaps fear, vengeance, or simply a lack of personal responsibility by all the parties involved has come to light now in 2016 in this book The Aztec UFO Incident. The need for truth and greater understanding of life and eternal life haunt the human consciousness and spur us on to seek and search throughout time and space to answer age old questions aimed at knowing ourselves better and with hopefully greater love kindness and gratitude for all Life.

As the authors wrote, “The Aztec case like other well-supported flying saucer recovery stories certainly has an aura of mystery, but if the story was but a figment of a writer’s imagination in the 1950’s then physical evidence would certainly not exist to prove it’s reality. In his 1986 book author William Steinman described several interesting artifacts he found at the crash site, and his descriptions remain as indicators of unusual activity on the mesa leading us to discover other curiosities unique to
this case. Even were there no first person interviews with those who were on the mesa that March morning in 1948 the mystery road up onto the mesa, the peculiar concrete pad, the buried military related artifacts and the planting of indigenous trees in rows to replace those that were all flattened at the same time, all of this leads the reader to consider an unusual event occurred here.”

The Aztec flying saucer crash on March 25, 1948 was perhaps a first glimpse by Americans of a possible extraterrestrial visitation, a story broken by a famous Hollywood columnist whose book “Behind the Flying Saucers” was one of the best sellers of 1950.

Suzanne, Scott, Frank and Sheryl would have you think about how new knowledge and creative brave people always seeking truth and ways to enlarge possibilities to understand what may at times seem beyond belief or present day reality, only later to become simplified, and truly seen in a new helpful and advantageous way. So let’s find truth or our personal sense of the world and not be limited by those who lack imagination wisdom or the freedom of Spirit to soar to new heights.