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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Radiant Healing Energy

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Doug Heyes
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Sheryl Glick your host, Reiki Master teacher medium and author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love welcomes Doug Heyes author of The Touch, who shares his personal story of healing and how we may access, channel and use energy for personal healing and facilitating healing in others centered on the practice of RAM healing.
Doug tells us about his near fatal skiing accident and his healing process which centered on Radiance Aesthesia Method (RAM) developed from a synthesis of interwoven principles and techniques from Qi Gong, T’ai Chi, Kung Fu Breathwork, Prayer, Shamanic Wisdom Eastern Western and Botanical Medicine, Spiritual Psychology, and Quantum Theory.
The Touch which uses Universal healing energies is part of Doug’s healing system, Ram Healing and comes from real life experience.
A singular message has informed Doug throughout his spiritual journey healing and aligning to the work he does now as a spiritual teacher author and practitioner….” The power to heal is in all of us. It is a divine birthright of all human beings. In line with that thinking Doug wrote, “Healing is not some mysterious esoteric thing. It’s as natural a part of who we are as being born, breathing loving, dying. “
As a ski patroller and Emergency Medical Technician EMT, Doug wrote “Metaphysical leanings to the side, I have no “us and them” mentality when it comes to the western medical community. I work within a specific scope of approved medical practice. When I show up to stabilize a fractured femur, I’m gonna go with a traction splint not energy work. No doubt my energy work also assists with lowering my patient’s pain and fear, to calm them and their family, to create the conditions for an optimal medical outcome. I think of Western medicine as an important tool while The Touch is designed as a complementary practice to support and enhance the complete healing of the whole person.”
The first core practice of the Touch is Conscious Breathing. It is essential to bridging the gap between our narrow waking conscious awareness and the vast repository of our unconsciousness. Besides its well-documented benefits in cardiovascular function, mental acuity and longevity, conscious breathing, lucid dreaming, and natural knowing, it is a key practice for healing practitioners. Sheryl tells Doug that she loved the Spine Technique Meditation he offers that allows breath and light to come down to base of spine and then return to crown chakra. It is a breathe technique Sheryl uses when she teaches Reiki seminars and attunes students to receive higher levels of energy for healing and raise them to a state of higher consciousness.
Sheryl asks Doug to tell listeners about how he became aware that he was functioning in a new capacity and able to assist others in healing. He tells us that at the Rehab Center recovering from his own injuries after the skiing accident he was drawn by an energy into a room to visit with an older patient Marci. Doug wrote, “I was in the Garden at the Rehab center and something told me to go and see Marci a patient who was not doing well…. She lay in the bed a tiny fragile sweet great grandmotherly black women with deep dark eyes that fixed me with a glittering soulful gaze..I introduced myself and she smiled and said, “Oh I know who you are..You’re the miracle boy.” She told me about her life and how she’d always felt like a second class citizen lonely and forgotten. She was quite moved that someone came to see her…I told her that I knew one thing for certain that God had not forgotten her. Maybe that’s why I was here—to remind her of that. It was then that Doug accepted his life plan to enlist in God’s army of messengers and spiritual healers and work for Christ. Doug also told us that his very dear friend Vicky who had lost her husband Michael from melanoma and during a long and challenging time for everyone concerned. Vicky came to visit Doug in the Garden and she was crying, so you told her how at the time of your accident there were real angels in the world. Doug knew that because the 6 emergency workers, all religious young men wore red jackets with white crosses on them, and put their hands and prayed for him and now months later he could tell you their names. Then Doug told Vicky, “There’s another angel in Spirit around you and its Michael.” For the first time ever you were able to sense a soul in spirit and channel a conversation between Vicky and her husband. This event helped in their healing and for them to forgive themselves and each other and to say I love you.
Sheryl goes on to tell Doug that many people who have near death experiences find they have new spiritual gifts such as hand on healing, psychic medium gifts, or simply other new awareness awakening to the beauty and value of life and Universal Source in its infinite wisdom in a way that is quite inclusive. Many have not been particularly interested in religion or spiritual practices at the time of their event, yet remain completely different after it. As you wrote I’m just a regular guy and not a particularly religious one but these experiences have opened my eyes and made it impossible to ever close them again…” Doug saw his father when he needed him on the mountain… Sheryl tells Doug that years ago when very sick with the flu she had what she thought to be a dream and saw her grandfather standing off to the side. She heard him say in her thoughts “You have to write something for your father,” and the next day Sheryl’s Dad passed and she wrote his eulogy. The experience began a journey into the metaphysical aspects of our soul life and she learned as a result, that we are not alone and have never been alone. We are simply here in physical form to remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience living in a state of infinite potential.
The central premise of The Touch is that we all have equal access to the healing energy of Spirit all the time. “The degree to which we connect with it and work with it in our lives is a matter of choice and practice. Certainly there are ways to augment and enhance one’s effectiveness as a channel. But I think it’s important to note when I started working with this stuff and seeing some of the initial surprising results, I had no technique at all. What I had was a demonstration of the healing energy of Spirit.” Doug and Sheryl believe it must and should be taught in schools, as children are natural healers and haven’t set up the machinery that keeps so many adults convinced “We can’t.”
Doug says that healing is an ancient original internal martial art. It all begins with the breath. Conscious breathing is an ancient method for awakening awareness, intuition, and insight and for attuning the practitioner to a higher spiritual frequency. If you take nothing else away from this book take this one simple technique and use it in your life. Doug describes several different types of breathing. One is Pointed Breathing: Most basic of Zen meditation techniques…Focus attention on the precise point where the breath enters and leaves the body…right at the opening of the nostrils. Forward Circle Breathing: Inhale down the front of body and around to the base of spine. Exhale up the spine and out the top Each breath connects to the next forming a forward-turning circle of breath with the body at the center. The circle may be illuminated with a light of a chosen color. This breath is good for times of challenge and growth. Reverse Circle Breathing: Inhale from the base of the spine up the front of the body to the top of head. Exhale all the way down the spine. Each breath connects with the next one to create a reverse-turning circle of breath with the body at its center. This breath is good for gentle strength grounding and drawing Earth energy. All breathing with conscious thought and intention are good for immediate health challenges restoration rehabilitation or rejuvenation and reverse aging. Microcosmic Breathing: Inhale. Follow the breath in at the nose over the crown and down to the base of the spine. Exhale Follow the breath around from the base of the spine and up the front of the body…This is the oldest and most widely practiced of the breath meditations going back thousands of years.
Doug tells us more of the physical aspects of his skiing accident and the men who took him down the mountain, prayed and put their hands on him. Doug tells how he trusted in a higher plan for his healing and refused to have the three level cervical spinal fusion to stabilize his neck that was offered, choosing instead to go to a spinal rehab center, Daniel Freeman, one of the top in the country. Doug wrote…. “There I met Pat who said to me “Every moment of every day is a precious gift…everything we take for granted is a precious gift and God has given you a brand new start.” I knew she was right because I’d been talking to God about this very subject. Oh sure we’re on speaking terms. The communication comes in many ways of course—through people, events, apparent coincidences, feelings, thoughts perceptions, energy sensations, impressions and illuminations. Sometimes there’s an inner voice. For me this voice is always female—a beautiful loving infinitely compassionate and wise Divine Mother Sister Beloved Friend. She knows me better than I know myself and loves me without boundaries or conditions. I asked her, “Why I had been saved on the mountain. Why had I been so blessed? Why was I given this chance to start over?” She answered without hesitation, “Because I love you so much.”
Doug is grateful for the wonderful endorsements for The Touch including Marianne Williamson, and Larry Dossey—Doug writes, “One of my main icons is a Texas physician named Larry Dossey, a mainstream MD and one of world’s leading experts in mind-body medicine who has conducted extensive studies in the relationship between patients treated with light healing methods and recovery rates in late stage cancer. Science is telling us that the Universe is not as we once thought it to be, but intelligence observation and the non-locality of the consciousness are properties that influence the very nature of what shows up in our physical reality…”
All we have to do is realize that everything is composed of matter and energy and the two are in a constant state of mutual influence. We are all interconnected and interdependent. We are all One. And that is the Unified field as Einstein called it The Quantum Field. A unifying intelligent energy that is an elemental property of the universe operating in a domain for which the limits of conventional physics simply do not apply for the universe is one of infinite immediate possibility and potential.
Doug tells us that within each of us exists a wellspring of radiant healing energy. Sheryl calls it the divine spark of Spirit or our connection to eternal life wisdom: our intuitive connection to knowing our soul that can be accessed, channeled and used for personal healing and facilitating healing in others. it comes out of the fact that we are all connected to each other and the Universe and can learn and advance as we use the gift of life and energy, doing less and less, to achieve more and more. The goal is to work towards becoming Masters where we may achieve the most dramatic results by doing nothing at all.
Doug and Sheryl have discovered that Doug’s skiing accident which paralyzed him also offered him the opportunity to become a healer, studying with some of the world’s master healers and going back to school where he became a psychologist. Aside from his thriving practice in Spiritual Coaching and Ram healing, Heyes is also a red belt in Pyong AnDo Wan known as Peaceful Mind Way. The Touch offers a guide for dedicated spiritual travelers and as you already know, realized or experienced within, you are indeed part of a larger plan of creation. Doug wrote, “You’re coming into an ever deepening alignment with its presence and power. You find yourself clearing the debris from your field. You see the love and beauty and harmony in this world, even when it is obscured by hate and judgment and discord. You’re living loving working breathing better already. You’re learning to master your own darkness and use it as fuel to power your light. You’re consciously raising your thoughts, your words, and your total vibration in alignment with what is true, what is necessary, and what is kind. You are soul-centered and have the capacity to hold two apparently opposed ideas in mind, and recognize the validity—or even the absurdity—of both of them.”
Doug and Sheryl would have you realize in these times of worldwide chaos and change that this connection to a Universal field or source of divine wisdom love and kindness will bring us into a new age of healing and appreciation for life..Be true to yourself for the Answers to all you seek are already within you, and we will bring this goodness into the physical realm.
At the very end of the show which Doug and I so totally enjoyed doing together I was saying to Doug that I had hoped to talk about the garden story with Marci the elderly patient who told him as she walked down the hall after Doug visited her that she felt the love from Christ emanated to her through his healing. Doug you said to me,” I know who I work for,” and I agreed that indeed our Master teacher was guiding us all and immediately all the lights and computers in Sheryl’s recording room started to flicker, fade, finally shutting down completely. Sheryl called Doug back on his cell phone to share with him the magic of that moment where we were embraced by Spirit with their love and also possibly received a “thumbs up” for the energy just shared by us during the show, that lovingly shared the magnificence of divine light within each of us. Coincidence? I choose to think it a miracle.
Guest: Doug Heyes