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Architect Of Change – Career Pivot at Middle Age

Connie‘s motivational quote of the day is by, ~ Steve Jobs

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

While we are living our life, middle age creeps up on us. No one is immune to the passing of time and no matter your age, one day you too will be at the mid point of you life. Yikes! How scary while at the same time, it is actually very exciting. This is the time of life when we have tremendous wisdom, confidence, and clarity about our strongest skills and those areas that have we yet to develop.

Yet, many folks hit middle age only to find that we are the key candidates getting downsized, or the jobs that are being eliminated seem to have our names on them. What are the choices that we have during the second leg of our productive working lives? Is there a plan of attack that we can follow to help us navigate these new and unsettled waters?

Of course you know the answer is a resounding yes! Today, your host ConnieWhitman, speaks with Marc Miller and his career journey including 22 years at IBM, several thriving tech startups, a stint as a high school math teacher, a gig raising funds and a near fatal bicycle accident that changed his perspective forever.

Marc’s latest endeavor “Career Pivot” uses his extensive training experience to help others—especially Baby Boomers—find careers that they could grow into for the decades that lie ahead.

In additional to all of this, Career Pivot is on the Forbes Top 100 Career Websites!Marc also has two books out available on Amazon called: “Personal Branding for Baby Boomers – What it is, and How to Manage it, and Why It’s No longer Optional.” & “Repurpose Your Career – A Practical Guide for Baby Boomers.”


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