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Thriving Entrepreneur – Triumph in Life!

Triumph in Life and Capture the Moments that Matter with Ryan and Makeda
Today, I challenge you to take a minute to look at the things that you define as real and the things that you consider as important both in your life and in your business.
Our first guest, Ryan Morrison, shares with us how we can use photography to engage with the different important aspects of our life in his book Approaching Reality: Through Mindful Photography.
“Look first without your camera and really try and be present in the moment. Be mindful of what you’re looking at and try to figure out the story beyond what your eyes can see.”
Our second guest, Makeda Armorer-Wade, shares her personal and inspiring story about overcoming Crohn’s disease and living a victorious life in her book Crohn’s Interrupted: Living Life Triumphantly.
“Remember that you are created to succeed. You are designed to win. You’re equipped to overcome. You’re anointed to prosper and blessed to become a blessing. I am hoping that in writing this book, that I am becoming a blessing to somebody else.”
Listen in as we talk about life and photography with Ryan and triumphing in life with Makeda on Thriving Entrepreneur.