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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Intuition Connects Us to Spirit

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Dr. Susan Shumsky

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings spiritual communication healing energies and shows how intuition and finding our true selves can create possibilities for health prosperity and even miracles, welcomes Dr. Susan Shumsky, author of Awaken Your Divine Intuition, who returns to our show to discuss her newest book Awaken Your Divine Intuition which can help readers take command of their lives in highly positive ways.

Dr. Shumsky may show us how to tap into our in-house counselor: our inner guidance and inner genius. We will discuss how to receive unique signals that identify specific aspects of inner divinity. We will discuss ways to awaken our clairvoyant clairaudient and clairsentient gifts. It is possible to heal ego blockages that have prevented clear intuition and we can experience the divine presence intimately and personally and then know we are never alone.

Dr Shumsky tells us she was not a natural born psychic and was born into a family of skeptics and atheists yet always had a desire to communicate with God directly but developing her spiritual gifts through patient years of deep mediation study and spiritual practices helped her to develop divine intuition. For many this developed spiritual gift happens later in life

Dr. Shumsky shares her view on what a spiritual teacher is and can help you with. A spiritual teacher helps you connect to Universal source and develop your innate divine soul essence so you may know yourself, the world and Spirit intimately and teaches energy healing prayers affirmations meditation which are all tools for achieving a greater understanding of life in its totality.

Some Methods of Spiritual Healing that can help you transform your mind, body and emotions are:

  1. Self-Authority Affirmations-become more powerful centered and balance.
  2. Prayer for Protection ( Spiritual Self-defense and experience)
    SHERYL SAYS In Reiki my students say a prayer to Master Usui for connecting to their pure channel and to offer protection during a healing.
  3. Pillar of Light Visualization Fill your energy field with divine white light and see yourself enclosed in a clear column of light.
  4. Divine Light Prayer
  5. Thought Form Healing
  6. Astral-Entity Healing Affirmation (Heal Dense vibrations in the atmosphere)
  7. Psychic Tie-Cut Healing Affirmation Release Undue attachments and Addictions
  8. Façade-Body Healing Affirmation; Let go of old habits and Con

When asked about her view of God Dr. Shumsky says and writes, “God to my mind is an energy that permeates and gives rise to the universe. I believe God is a non-denominational ecumenical and gender free concept. It is the Almighty Spirit which is here, there and everywhere within this, that, and everything. Therefore it is within and all around you. I also consider God to be a beautiful word that embodies peace love joy and wisdom. For me, God is the all that is, the all-powerful, all loving, all embracing Creator and source of life which bestows love, healing inspiration, blessings, and grace whenever you ask. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “God has no religion.”

Sheryl says, “In alliance with these thoughts during the years of my spiritual search and awakening to the Divine in my book The Living Spirit….. I wrote….”Through our faith and the surrender of some of our personal needs, we allow the universe and a higher source to help us find new ways to search and remember our already preconceived destiny and life plan. Spirit gives us all the time in this world, in this life and other lives and beyond, to find our greatest means for developing levels of infinite love and healing as evolving compassionate expressions of the Divine.”

Susan Shumsky was on the personal staff of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the guru of the Beatles and Deepak Chopra, for 7 years, and lived in his ashrams in the Himalayas, the Alps and other secluded places for over 20 years. She writes, “In the 1960’s as a hippy living in San Francisco, I was eager to study Eastern wisdom and experience higher consciousness…I learned that nirvana or its Zen Buddhist equivalent meant the end of suffering: spiritual enlightenment, freedom from the wheel of birth and death—the cycles of reincarnation and something within me knew this was the only goal worth pursuing. I studied Transcendental Meditation and when I lived in various ashrams I meditated from 5 to 20 hours a day which afforded me the glorious experience of satchitanaranda (bliss consciousness) and Samadhi- evenness of mind and stillness of body. As a disciple of Maharishi I believed he was the most advanced state of consciousness and when he reported that Mother Divine spoke to him I could not fathom that we ordinary people could hear the divine voice but learned that was not so and have taught many to listen to the still small voice of divine intuition.”

In listening to the voice or messages from Spirit Dr Shumsky gives us examples and says true divine intuition never conveys narrow minded, dogmatic intolerant beliefs. Such messages would be from the astral/mental world and not the true voice of Spirit. Your intuition or Spirit would never say “Women should be obedient and submit to their husband…no rich man can be spiritual or know God. Our deity is the only true God. All nations should submit to our political or religious system…” True Spirit says: “You are all my children of light, children of God. No matter what your background religion or ethnicity, I love everyone of you with equal measure… are all flowers in my garden of divine love.”

Susan mentions that Spirit would never say, “Wage a holy war and kill the infidels. Vengeance is mine and you are my holy instruments.. Only the believers deserve to live. Heretics must die…Be a pious disciple and punish the ungodly for his sins…No statements which sound of judgment fear anger or superiority and do not come from loving intentions are real…they are mind or ego generated and not connected to Divine Source.” It might be prudent at this time in our chaotic world events for Nations of the world, governments and leaders to observe where their intentions and goals are taking them and realize they are not following God or higher Self when acting from lower emotions and causing anyone to suffer.

True Spirit would say: You are safe in the arms of God’s love now and always. You are blessed and beloved of God. Let go of all fear and doubt. Let go of all conflict. You have all that you need within you. You are divinity protected safe and secure. You live in the heart of God’s love. Be at peace.

Sheryl Says: “I always have coincidences or Spirits way of reminding us that we are all interconnected to each other and to the Divine voice or spark of God within..” Susan gives a quote from her book from Christopher Reeve who said…. “I think we all have a little voice inside us that will guide us. It may be God. I don’t know. But I think that if we shut out all the noise and clutter from our lives and listen to that voice, it will tell us the right thing to do. In Sheryl’s book The Living Spirit she tells a story of a soul connection to Christopher Reeve she experienced even though she only met him once briefly at the Public Theatre in New York. Sheryl sensed the beauty and divine connection on some level that we all share and just seeing the quote Susan’s book brought tears to my eyes as I remembered crying for Christopher Reeve when he was injured and as I watched the long struggle that he endured after that accident with great courage and trust in God.”

There are many ways to develop intuition and connect with divine presence. Some are listed here:

  1. Breathe
  2. Asking to go deeper ( You might call upon a deity of divine being by name)
  3. Heal Use thought form affirmation Pray
  4. Meditate
  5. Connect ( Go outside and walk in nature. Feel the divine presence everywhere. )
  6. Relax
  7. Exercise Practice yoga tai chi brain gym to become centered balanced energized and connected with the divine.

You can also clear blockages by raising your vibration conquering childhood patterns of limitation fear and negativity creating new thought patterns of positivity happiness and self growth: being of service: being involved with like minded people: seeking to live in the here and now: appreciating your own divine loving nature: finding activities and people who support your well being and personal growth and growing in appreciation and gratitude for yourself with self-love and grace: meditation, prayer, music, theater, art, athletics, nature and all expressions of the Divine can be helpful in connecting to your inner divinity and love of live.

We go on to discuss healing signals and how they help us deal with energies that may interfere with our sense of well being. Healing signals are signs that particular energetic blockages are present and therefore necessitate specific healing affirmations… healing signals are often uncomfortable or distasteful sensory experiences because Spirit is sounding an alarm to get your attention. These signals operate the same way as pain in the physical body, and are your friend so you can diagnose the problem and speak an appropriate healing prayer. The Most Common blockages are:

  1. Thought forms: negative thoughts and emotions
  2. Attachments, repulsions and resistances
  3. Astral Influences
  4. Densely packed crystallized beliefs: façade bodies.

You can tell when your intuition is real and can differentiate between an astral entity, your mind, and the true voice of Spirit when you begin to hear and feel that divine intuition answer your questions with wisdom but it also gives you comfort, joy wisdom, serenity, inspiration and vibrational lifting. The other three realms do not provide that illuminated feeling of divine grace.

Sheryl says “I often say to my clients who may be afraid of getting fearful messages that I never receive negative answers or impressions and my messages sound like poetry music and a breathe of healing, love, hopeful positive validating encouraging us to grow and blossom within our true soul nature or connection to the Divine.”

There are four planes of existence that you might tap into when attempting to hear the divine voice: With discernment, you can recognize where the information or guidance is originating from.

  1. THE SPIRITUAL WORLD or celestial or heavenly world is a realm of divine light love wholeness oneness peace tranquility joy and fulfillment. Many people who practice meditation or prayer experience it daily communicate with God or Goddess, Deities of your religious or spiritual beliefs Divine beings (Sacred Presences). Angels, Archangels messengers, Saints Prophets, Sages. Ascended Master( Enlightened beings who transformed their bodies into light leaving no physical evidence behind.) Your Higher Self the aspect of yourself that is perfect complete whole and one with God. Christ Consciousness -Aspect of yourself that is pure love healing joy and compassion. Departed Loved Ones In the Divine Light.

Sheryl asks Susan what is the “inner genius” and how can it serve us. Alan Alda described it this way “You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.”

Susan and Sheryl agree that the key to hearing the divine voice is to ASK. We may think we are unworthy to ask or believe God is too busy. God would never be too busy. The Almighty is not bound by time, space or circumstances. God cannot get tired or overworked. God does not only pay attention to important people and things. Everyone and everything are important to the Creator. God does not play favorites and is not only available to a select few so called “holy” people. God is everywhere, present and always available to anyone who asks. Divine Revelation is about experiencing Spirit whenever you want

Dr. Susan Shumsky has hoped to share a simple but important truth and she wrote…. “All signals and messages come from deep within yourself, for you are your own inner teacher and the source of all truths. The answer to everything lies within you. God spirit is present in the center of your being and speaks to you in a “still small voice.’

We have talked about Divine revelations signals messages and discoveries of the infinite Universe as it seeks to reawaken within all of us that inner knowingness so we can enjoy this physical world and our time as spiritual beings having a physical experience while learning irrevocably that we are never alone, and can always ask for help to find the guidance and love to sustain us through the challenges of our physical life experience. We may fill ourselves with the joy and personal power of our divine intuition ultimately making life more purposeful, worthwhile, and bringing us greater health prosperity and peace.

Susan and Sheryl would have you live in the heart and mind of God and remember this quote she gave in her book from Deuteronomy 4:29… “But if from thence thou shall seek the Lord thy God thou shall find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul.”