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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Experience Healing and Vibrant Health

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Michael Tamez
In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of Life Is No Coincidence and The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares insightful stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies small and large miracles and ways to rediscover the truth about who you are and how you can manifest your best life, welcomes Michael Tamez author of Transformative Nutrition and a certified holistic health coach. Michael’s new book shares personal journey of loss which forced him to have major spiritual mental and emotional breakthroughs with the physical issues that were the most difficult for him to deal with in his life.Michael hopes to get his message or approach for creating well-being and healing to a world in desperate need of healing..This message comes at an ideal time..a time when we are experiencing the highest rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease ever recorded and also will offer a progressive solution to our broken health care system. Michael’s passion for healthy living was born from his personal 13 year journey of transformation which was the stepping stone or crises for his own self-development.Michael was morbidly obese, had severe obstructive sleep apnea high blood pressure and advanced gum disease…Not only did he lose 100 pounds and reverse all those health conditions, he also transformed the dysfunctional relationship he had with food, his life style and his true self. Aside from his own health challenges the most significant inspiration to write this book was the passing in 2012 of his dad from Lou Gehrig’s disease…diagnosed in 2004 and given 2 years to live. Sheryl says to Michael, “I often have coincidences with my guests. Only within reading a few pages of your book I found a coincidence to my own Dad’s passing in 1993…” You wrote his eulogy as I also wrote my Dad’s eulogy. Michael you wrote…”I could feel his soul trying to escape his physical body. He resisted death. Death came to take his soul and he fought with everything he had…he refused to let go of life.” Michael when I read your Dad’s name “Gerry” in that speech you wrote I began to cry….not only because my Dads long suffering was hard to watch but because when I was a little girl I had a boy doll named “Jerry” and I remember talking to him like one might talk to God or Spirit in trying to understand the hardships of this physical world. Before my mother died she gave me back that little doll which she had wrapped in plastic and had kept in the closet for so many years..I think now that I was always speaking with Spirit though I wasn’t at that earlier part in my life aware of that higher dimension or Self. Now as an energy Reiki practitioner/teacher and medium know unequivocally “Consciousness survives physical death.” Sheryl values this wisdom and shares that we need to celebrate and value life and each other.”

Sheryl also wrote her father’s eulogy as she had been instructed to do in a dream the night before her Dad died when her Grandfather appeared and stood near her in a shadow instructing her to write something for her father…Sheryl no longer knows where that writing is but remembered some of it and wrote “My dad like all of us wore many masks and showed many faces to the people in his life, his family, his wife and daughters, brother friends colleagues and patients in order to be what was expected of him, but in truth, all he was was a soul experiencing life, remembering the beauty of goodness love and spirit that resided within him that spark of divinity or soul that would return home to eternal life.” At the time I wrote that I didn’t know how close I was to the life changing transformation that would happen over the next 20 years. Changes and events that would help me redefine my awareness of life death and the purpose for our living a physical life at all. Michael also mentioned at the time of his father’s death there was a flash of lightning and thunder and he took it as a sign that his father’s soul had moved on to a higher level where disease does not exist. The day Sheryl’s father was buried on March 14th it was cold dark and damp and she was so sad to think of him on such a gray day being put into the earth…suddenly the sun came out and Sheryl felt the warmth and thought it was like a small miracle that those above saw her sadness heard her thought and was able to provide what she most wanted at the moment.

Sheryl says…It seems any addiction, destructive habit, self fulfilling thought pattern, unhappiness, or being a victim by blaming others for your condition are part of the “Unconscious” life style so many people accept. If you do not understand your dual nature as both an energetic or spiritual being and also a physical or material being, you are limiting your human potential and denying your talents abilities and interests by buying into the beliefs imprinted upon us in childhood that forced us to forget that we magnificent powerful creative and loving souls of divine essence. So it is only by rethinking these old patterns, creating new thoughts and actions that we can free ourselves and create the best version of ourselves.

Michael says, as a certified integrative health coach, his mission is to inspire a permanent shift in the way people eat, think, feel, live and love. And as healers we know we can set an environment and be an example for this enlightened life style but only when people make the choice to create change will it be lasting and effective. We can’t do it for them.

According to Louise Hay in her world famous healing manual “You Can Heal Yourself,” she suggests that different emotional or karmic cycles might create health issues but we each have the power to self-heal when we have the right information and support team around us and wish to make changes for our transformation and personal growth. Michael makes many practical suggestions for your health and physical body and suggests that many people are concerned with counting calories and in Transformative Nutrition, Michael encourages people to count chemicals instead.

1. The single most important thing you can start doing that will help transform your health is to read ingredient labels.
2. There are many toxic chemicals added to our food.
3. Synthetic ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, coloring and MSG can be highly toxic to the body. Say NO to GMO or genetically modified organisms
4. Eliminate processed boxed and canned foods as much as possible.
5. Clean water should not include chlorine, fluoride, lead or chloramines.
6. BREATHE……Did you know the same stale air circulates throughout your living space over and over again…the air can be toxic carpet emits gasses and cleaning it is usually done with toxic solvents and detergents. SO open doors and windows often..include plants in house…switch to all natural cleaners…
7. Rid yourself of diet sodas and aspartame which create many symptoms such as headaches dizziness nausea vision problems heart palpitations anxiety and panic attacks insomnia depression joint pain heart pain
8. Sweeteners to Use Include: Honey and Pure Stevia
9. Clean mattress solutions for a chemical free bedroom from a natural mattress store…Also use sheets of organic cotton. Pillows of buckwheat or organic cotton.

Michael tells us that the only time is the present, and the only moment that exists and will ever exist is NOW, so the health transformation and our awareness and development of higher consciousness, our self-development, and the mastering of our emotions and refining our energy and life, never ends.
Now is Always The Time To:

1. Take responsibility for your life experience
2. Start your life all over
3. Laugh in the face of defeat
4. Face those fearful feelings
5. Do what is true regardless of consequences
6. Discover the difference between your heart and your head
7. Realize that resistance to the disturbance IS the disturbance
8. Step down as judge
9. Stop explaining yourself to others
10. Release all resentments
11. Let it go!

“There is never any intelligent reason to feel bad” As Geraldo Gerry Tamez said….Other valuable thoughts offered by Michael are: Medications just work to alleviate the symptoms they do not cure the actual cause of them. Often more medications are prescribed which start causing adverse side effects so naturally finding the root cause of any disturbance in our body and working with natural processes to change the problem or symptoms is the best path to take.

Learning and implementing better sleep pattern as sleep is deeply healing and your organs have a chance to rest and repair damaged cells and tissues. Developing greater creativity while cooking your own foods and bringing your kids in for some quality time will strengthen the bonds with spouse and children and infuse love and connectedness into the food both of these energies lacking severely in the mobile device obsessed world we live in today.

Infuse vitamin L or love which is food for the Soul.

Sheryl says, “I think understanding your concept of “change” being temporary as different from “Transformation” which occurs when you make a PERMANENT SHIFT FROM ONE WAY OF LIVING to another way of living or being, shows your real interest lies not only in helping people live with a healthier body, but with a healthier mind and spirit, so we then call you a health coach and soul coach. For many people, especially sensitive people, the confinement or limitation of a physical body and life that hinders their powerful expansive soul energy to shine, makes them uncomfortable in their bodies. As a result some people over-exercise, overeat or drink, take drugs in order to quiet the still small voice in their body that says….THERE IS MORE TO ME AND MORE TO LIFE. Understanding our true nature allows for changes from old beliefs and fears, while encouraging health, prosperity, and a new regard and respect for life and the natural order of transformation, evolution and expansion of our knowingness.”

Michael wrote… “I decided to deepen my personal connection with the consciousness of my higher self and the Divine. I created my own spiritual path and I paved it daily with love as I experienced life. I now know I believed in God, but did not want to ever be religious or have a belief system again. I simply chose to be a free-spirited free-thinking and spiritually conscious being.”
In The Living Spirit, Sheryl expressed it this way… “The first and arguably, the ultimate goal for those committed to spiritual growth, is to feel complete love for themselves and then extend this love to other human beings. While this may sound simple and even a bit obvious, the practice itself can be quite difficult and can take years, or perhaps forever, to achieve. This unconditional love requires surrendering the false realities offered from a limited material view of the world. But it is this ability to find love everywhere and in everyone which allows the soul to connect to a higher knowing, namely, that all that exists on this and in other dimensions are miraculous and infinite.”

Michael Tamez has shared his personal transformation and shown how the circumstances of his life as the circumstances and challenges of all our lives offer us a new way to the values we should hold dear and honor. As we learn to know ourselves and listen to our body, we can discover not only the foods that will nurture and satisfy us, but understand the Energy of life and how people places and events affect our mood, our state of mind and well being, and offer us help in making choices that suit our unique needs. Creating the best and healthiest life experience can be accomplished by paying attention to our environment inner feelings, also using intuition for working with our genetic, emotional, personality and spiritual needs, and learning to accept people and life as they are, not as we perceive or wish them to be..

Michael wrote, “As a human species with a unified living spirit and consciousness we tend to be a giant mirror for each other. Many times when I become upset with other people’s actions, it is usually because they reflect the actions I take myself. I think you may be able to relate to that statement in many ways. This is why universal love is a necessary energy to have in life. It influences the things that make life amazing and beautiful. This same concept applies with your body.”

Michael and Sheryl would have you consider that it is only possible to be healthy and productive when we discover or remember that we are spiritual beings having a physical life and allow ourselves to know there is no separation from other living beings. To find harmony balance and peace we must choose love in our thinking, our actions, our behaviors. Then we will evolve and be the creative forces for change, transformation, and an improved life condition that is so needed in these explosive modern times.