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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age – Beware Madoffs All Around Us and Tame Diabetes

Imagine the horror–you wake up one morning only to discover the bulk of your financial assets is gone! That’s what happened to trusting individuals, worthy charities, even some municipalities that fell prey to Bernard Madoff’s $60 billion ponzi scheme. The good news: Madoff is in prison for 150 years. The bad news: Certified Financial Planner and author Bill Francavilla warns that many financial scammers still lurk out there, after your life savings and mine. Tune in to learn why very bright individuals, even financial professionals, often are taken in by scams. Discover the three types of financial advisors to avoid and those qualities to look for in evaluating your current advisor or in selecting a new one. Arm yourself with basic financial knowledge needed to spot a fraud and to protect both yourself and your aging parents from the Madoffs among us. Today, some 29 million Americans are living with diabetes and another 86 million are pre-diabetic, most unaware they are on the road to the full-blown disease!  In her forties, Holistic Nutrition Coach and author Denise Pancyrz defied medical odds and reversed Type 2 Diabetes, getting off insulin dependency, through holistic life changes. Tune in to learn how she did it and how you or a loved one can achieve similar success in avoiding or overcoming this dreadful disease–all-the-while maintaining a joyful and energetic lifestyle.