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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age – Why Happy Parents Have Happy Offspring

Do you consider parenting a burden or a joy? It’s highly unlikely that you and I will raise happy, carefree, creative children and teenagers if we are sour, overly demanding or down in the dumps. Parenting expert Emily Hunter Slingluff reminds us as parents we have more influence than anyone else in raising a kinder, happier generation. That’s why it’s essential to have a positive goal in mind for each one of your offspring, placing the job of parenting right at the top in your list of priorities. Tune in to learn why happy parents (and grandparents) are essential to guiding and nurturing happy children, not just this summer but all year long! Discover her formula for “parenting without punishment” and what this concept would mean in day-to-day parent/child interaction, both with small kids and with teenagers. Learn why your parent-child relationship need not be a dictatorship but can be a cooperative venture encouraging safe and wholesome behavior as your child to discovers and explores new horizons. The bad news: the average American college student graduates with $28,950 in student debt.  The good news: Adrian Ridner, CEO of Study.Com, visits with surefire tips to help your college-bound son or daughter plan ahead, avoid the cost and aggravation of remedial courses and graduate college on time with a manageable debt load.
Host:  Roy Richards