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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – North Korea’s Nuclear Armament Kim Yung Un – World Security

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Yuki Oikawa

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies for mastering our human emotions creating miracles and ways to go within to access our highest sense of Intuition and wisdom welcomes Yuki Oikawa a Japanese Political commentator, historian and consultant and a long time observer of Japanese politics and Japanese-American relations. Today we will gain valuable insight into a problem facing our world communities as North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un continues to employ nuclear missiles not sanctioned by the United Nations and offer ideas on how we might deal with an ongoing escalation of violence and disregard for human life.

We will discuss an increasingly frightful stream of events that threaten world -wide peace… Recently on February 7, 2016 North Korea fired an Unha-3 satellite-launch rocket into space. The UN Security Council unanimously condemned the exercise which America, South Korea and Japan see as part of a program to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile— The UN promised fresh sanctions. We will talk about the consequences of this action by North Korea and future actions and also discuss the reasons and conditions the United States Japan and the free world are functioning under to allow this unwarranted aggression.

Yuki has a wonderful background that crosses the financial religious and political worlds. While he currently lives in Japan he has lived in New York City and traveled to the United States often.
Yuki Oikawa is a long time observer and commentator of Japanese Politics, Japanese- American relations and China’s political and human righs environment and recently was named head of Institute for Research in Human History.( IRP) a think tank of modern history research. He also serves as director of foreign affairs for the Happiness a ne conservative political party founded by Master Ryogo Okawa.

Sheryl sees it this way… “I have never been politically motivated and have voted for the person I best feel exhibits a higher sense of spirit and is in alignment with the Universal Laws of Energy regardless of party affiliation…I do not label myself a Democrat or Republican…however It seems that in the United States now there is a redefining of what candidate the Republican Party wishes to support A Right wing Conservative or more moderate conservative… for the upcoming Presidential Election in November 2016…there is dissatisfaction in both parties and general unrest with the populace…with the way the present administration and the liberals have dealt with international issues and the rising problems with the Middle East, Isis, and North Korea and seemingly not enough has been done to stop this growing aggression… The director of foreign affairs for the Happiness Realization Party HRP of Japan a new conservative political party is concerned with these very same problems.”

On Monday February 22nd Sheryl says she heard on the news that President Obama was working on some kind of plan to limit the nuclear plans by North Korea much like he did with Iran. Sheryl says “I know Master Okawa is supported by followers who live in accordance with Okawa’s vision and hopes for enlightened approaches for improving our societies. His group now has 12 million members throughout the globe with faith centers in New York Los Angeles San Francisco Tokyo London Sydney Sao Paule and Hong Kong and other major cities. Happy Science provides a variety of programs and services including pre-schools, after school educational programs services for senior citizens and the disabled and also participates in social and charitable activities..relief aid to earthquake victims in China New Zealand and Turkey and flood victims in Thailand.”

Experts believe that if the recent satellite launch rocket was modified they would have an intercontinental ballistic missile to carry a 2,200 pound warhead instead of a satellite and the Unha-3 could reach Alaska and possibly Hawaii. Less clear is whether North Korea has made the strides it claims in miniaturizing a nuclear warhead for the missile to carry. This launch comes just after a month after an announcement by Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s young despot, that the country had detonated its first hydrogen bomb, a weapon far more powerful and much more difficult to build than the atomic sort. Both tests are reminders of how far the North’s nuclear-weapons program has advanced through 3 generations of the ruling Kim Family.

As the spokesperson for the Spiritual Interview Program, which is a program within the Happy Science group, that helps people develop greater awareness similar to how an intuitive person picks up information through energy from a person either living or deceased. Master Okawa has used his ability in spiritual conversation with Kim Jong Un soul’s and picked up important objectives.

Master Okawa shares a Spiritual Interview or reading “Exposing North Korea’s Menacing Leader Kim Jong Un’s Plot for a Psychological War and in a conversation with the hidden consciousness or soul essence of Kin Jong Un. Ryuho Okawa has determined… “We are in a Second Cold War and we must be committed to assisting the world by making valuable information available through Spiritual Messages Okawa has received. Okay has already published more than 350 books of spiritual messages.”

The immediate goals of Master Okawa like all interested loving spiritual citizens are; to help the international community contain China’s hegemony, protect Asia and the rest of the world from the spread of Communism, and to bring freedom to oppressed people’s.

In light of his reading, Master Okawa has this message for America “Many countries around the world including Japan the Philippines Vietnam and Australia are on the verge of being invaded by China. America and its President need to be the decision makers of the world. Master Okawa urges Americans not to lose sight of the American tradition of believing in God and acting in the name of justice to create a better world.”

Sheryl Says…. “I personally echo this message and feel distressed and saddened at the way people are all angry with themselves and each other, living in times that are unlike any I have experienced in the Past…We urge all leaders of the free world to stop this cold war and bring Russia China North Korea and Iran into a civilized interaction for their best interests and for everyone to cooperate and work on the world problems in a Unified and civilized way worthy of the technological advancements of a modern world…Put aside this pettiness and get on with the business of being HUMAN…not barbaric and of a past time, but of a future reality that will bring consistent advancements for the many…. Put aside the labels of nationality race religion and gender and avoid a war which will be impossible for the world to recover from… Let these leaders be guided to find spiritual teachers, experience Reiki energy healing sessions, or other healing work and know themselves at the level of their soul being so they can conquer these human qualities of fear competition and violence which limit us from evolving and expanding and creating a peaceful world.”

Sheryl goes on to share a coincidence or story…Just a week ago I was mentioning to a colleague that I wished to do a show to explore the problems that I felt emerging with North Korea China Iran and Russia and the lack of American’s awareness and involvement in these issues. Then an e-mail came in and this show was set up like lightning fast…guided I believe by Spirit who wishes many of us to use our gifts and abilities to reach a higher awareness for truth wisdom and love…. And to stop this worldwide insanity.”

Yuki Oiakawa goes on to say the people in Japan are also concerned about the upcoming Presidential elections and saddened that the present administration which we all hoped would bring greater unity to the American nation and world has not materialized and seems unable or unwilling to more vigorously improve these problems. Mr Oikawa believes Americans and the world need a strong leader during these troubling times and senses that Donald Trump may be the person to emerge from the confusing and conflicting race as the man who will be President.

Sheryl shares that for her to understand the present political environment she has done several readings on the leading candidates which are personal and she would not reveal to others. While not pleased with the presidential race and the choices of candidates before the American people some who have shown negative and undignified behaviors during their bid for the nomination… still I will not condemn any soul’s right to fulfill their personal destiny and if a run for office is in their life plan and desire so be it. But I truly hope that the right President will emerge from the smoke and mirrors of this very unprecedented political process and in the light change some very incongruous party delegate rules…I can only trust in a higher force for learning and correcting our human frailties and weaknesses through self-investigation spiritual inquiry and the mastering of negativity and useless lower emotions of anger jealously rage war violence and destruction….by all of us and most especially those who seek to lead.”

Yuki Oikawa has shared the wisdom of his political and historical insights into the world- wide issues that concern us all now and shared Master Ryogo Okawa’s spiritual readings which allow us to see what direction the world is allowing themselves to be propelled into.

Today we have talked about the repeated themes of aggression and ego based terrorism by leaders who ignore the needs and general interests of their citizens… Some who bully and threaten those who seek a peaceful and unified way to live harmoniously. The unhinged behaviors of the leaders in any part of the world who allow terrorists to live and threaten their own people are not helping stabilize their areas nor work towards establishing the right All people everywhere should have: to enjoy in these modern times ways to follow their own religious or spiritual practices without reprisals and being forced to follow radical themes that do not help them evolve into healthier individuals. It seems that all radical and fundamental sectors of religion become fanatical and abusive not allowing others to pray or observe their spiritual values in their own way… this is a form of terrorism and lack of tolerance which ultimately leads to pain destruction war and defeat….whatever happened to the term “Live and let live”…It would seem moderate people have a responsibility to avoid being harassed by militants and religious fanatics. Since we cannot change anyone but ourselves, we must isolate and move away from unbridled hatred and evil…Contain where possible and eliminate where necessary…We must have a more concerted world effort to stop another Religious War like the Christian Crusades in the Middle Ages and the second World War Many people worldwide have evolved as can be evidenced by the actions and help of our Modern Day Pope Francis and the European countries that have tried to accept refugees from troubled countries. Passivity and passing the buck are not what is needed to insure freedom and safety. We will as in the past fight for freedom grace and the dignity of all people to achieve the best level of education health and love for life…but it will take all of us worldwide to become more human and more humane not tomorrow but NOW.