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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Fear Intimidation and the Roswell Cover-up

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Thomas J. Carey

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which describes Universal Energy, spiritual communication, and ways to awaken to your true human and divine potential welcomes Thomas J. Carey author of The Children of Roswell which offers insights into seven decades of possible misinformation and fear intimidtation, and cover-ups surrounding the Roswell crash in 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico. Many believe there was a government and media cover-up of a spaceship that crashed and was not of this world. Thomas Carey holds a masters degree in anthropology and is a US Air Force veteran who held Top Security Clearance at the time of the Roswell event and has investigated and written about this most controversial subject for over two decades.

“Healing From Within” guests share their experiences and methods for going within to a sense of intuitiveness or soul knowingness searching for remembrances or experiences in order to discover the great mysteries of creation, life, energy, science and spirituality in order to conclude when all the facts are in, that life is eternal and if we keep an open mind we
can begin to understand human spiritual aspects and life beyond this earth plane.

In this episode Thomas Carey hopes to show how one of the most famous UFO incidents impacted the families who were forced to live with the truth while accepting the governments account of the incident and then forced to face years of suppression and fear from a government sworn to protect them. We will attempt to understand why the government of and for the people would go to such lengths to keep these families quiet.

We discover Thomas concentrated on the children involved in the Roswell case for several important reasons.He wrote,²For too many of the children this has been a life-long affliction that demands a root cause‹a common enemy who has mistreated both women and men to preserve what? A secret balloon experiment instead of a real UFO event? Place yourself in the
shoes of those who actually lived it.Just what types of parents would fill their own sons and daughters both the physical and emotional anguish. Brazel Marcel Proctor who actually saw the craft and a dozen others did exactly that. Sheryl thinks that these were truthful courageous parents who valued knowledge over denial, and truth over deception, and wished their children to have those most valuable qualities. Thomas also wrote, ³For if all the witnesses are somehow wrong, it changes nothing, but if they are right, anyone of them, it changes everything. To concede such an event and take responsibility for the multitude of constitutional violations to American citizenry, including children who have decried the extreme malfeasance undertaken to conceal and bully them into silence will never happen. The government agencies and personnel out of fear of
consequences from those forces of unknown origin was no excuse for the cover up and persecution of those who wished to tell their story. When information is used to harm or limit the freedom of any person we should not have the right to speak so freely for there are consequences, but when information can teach and enlighten us it is the responsibility to share it in a positive and respectful way.

Thomas shares a detailed story of Timothy Dee Proctor who was seven years old at the time of the UFO sighting. He was with Mack Brazel a rancher who he worked for and who first discovered the space ship and remains of the beings from the craft. Through the years the toll of that discovery on the young boy affected his health, his marriage and life causing him to become
a recluse. He was told by military intent on covering up the facts of the crash that he would never see his family again or could die if he told the truth. We know too well from observing this recent Presidential Race in 2016 that there is indeed corruption lies and cover-ups at the highest level of the government. We would love to think that as an evolving group of citizens such behavior would not be acceptable. Many Americans are distressed and saddened to see that injustice and control by a few damage our Constitution and our freedoms.

Among the many stories Thomas shares the story of Barbara Wilcox the granddaughter of Inez Wilcox is most interesting. Barbara revealed during a documentary film entitled “Recollections of Roswell” that she had made a vow to her grandparents at the time of the Roswell Crash that she would never reveal what she knew as they feared for their lives. Barbara’s internal struggle that she carried all those years, finally made her end her self-imposed silence.

Thomas found that the children of Roswell witnesses were more talkative than their parents or other adult witnesses. Sgt Melville Brown before his death told his wife and daughter that he had a secret bank account with hush money given to him so he would not reveal the details about the crash. Another man Captain Oliver Henderson a WWII hero who passed away on
March 25, 1986 told his wife that he knew flying saucers were real because he had flown a planeload of wreckage from Rosewell to Wright Field and that the remains or debris were strange.

Thomas tells of Nancy Strickland a practicing attorney in the state of Texas who provided a document sent to her father Dr. Harold Easley who before his death was given a book by his granddaughter about the UFO Crash at Roswell and he remarked, “Oh the creatures.” It took the innocence of a child to crack the rigid wall of silence and to help Dr. Easley to tell the truth he had carried for so long. Nancy delivered the envelope sent to her father upon his death which confirms her father’s position of being bound to his security oath for the events at the Roswell Military installation and for not revealing what he had truly witnessed while working there.

Thomas found Frankie Dyer a 12 year old girl’s story to be most interesting. Frankie had been to the dentist and was waiting at the fire house for her father to pick her up. While she was waiting a State Highway Patrol officer Robert Scroggins stopped by and showed everyone a metal like material which when dropped to the ground didn’t make a sound. Then as if by magic spread like quicksilver into a perfectly smooth piece of paper thin matter. They all observed that it couldn’t be cut, scratched,
burned or permanently creased. The officer said he acquired it from someone in Corona near the Roswell crash site. A few days later a MP officer questioned the girl at the house and threatened her saying if she ever said anything she and her family could be killed and lost in the big desert. It was discovered many years later when she was shown a photocopied page of the seventeen officers who had worked in the area that she selected Arthur Philbin. Philbin was a security officer with the 390th
Air Service Squadron, part of the Roswell Army Airfield 509th Bomb group in 147. Philbin was the man who had terrorized and threatened her. In the fall of 2012 she received a phone call from Brian Philbin, the son of the officer who threatened her forty years before, and Brian said his father was very sorry for his actions, but he was just following orders at the time.

In reviewing all the stories in Thomas Carey’s book The Children of Roswell it becomes clear that no matter how one tries to cover up the truth, eventually there will be researchers and courageous people who simply want to know and share what has been witnessed. By delving into metaphysical areas of study we are able to go beyond the limited illusions of our ego or physical interpretation of the world, to find a deeper sense of knowing soul or spirit and the eternal nature of life, allowing us to consider the possibilities for an expanded vision of creation that might very well include life forms from other planets, galaxies and universes.

Science fiction may only be the search for knowing a greater truth surrounding the bits and pieces of what we have been allowed to decipher about events like The Roswell Crash. Even with the secrecy by governments worldwide there always seem to be some people who seek to go beyond normal boundaries to find the truth and share it, no matter what struggles or
hardships they may face in the process.

Thomas and I would hope you always remain true to your own feelings and your awareness, not buying into what others, the media, or society encourages you to believe. For within each of us there is the inner knowing or intuition that connects us to energy, Universal source and true knowing leading us to remember we are spiritual beings having a physical life evolving and sharing experiences to master our circumstances and fears. Be brave and alert to all possibilities.