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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Beyond Skepticism Comes Scientific Evidence for Life After Death

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Paul Davids

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within”, your host Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings spiritual communication healing and miracles and an understanding of our eternal soul nature, welcomes Paul Davids who co-authored his newest book An Atheist In Heaven with Dr. Gary E. Schwartz. We will discover what happens when a friend, a lifelong skeptic dies and discovers he was wrong about life after death.

Paul Davids has a list of achievements that would take the entire show to talk about. Paul is an author and award winning Hollywood filmmaker who with his wife, Hollace Davids wrote six Star Wars books and produced “The Life After Death Project.” Paul’s deceased mentor, Forrest J Ackerman, an atheist and a luminary in the early history of science fiction left a physical message after his passing for Paul that could not be explained by contemporary forensic science leading to a body of four kinds of converging evidence showing there is indeed an afterlife.

From childhood Paul was taught to believe that the things I am about to reveal to you do not happen and therefore they cannot be true. I was raised by my mother Frances Davids a public school teacher, and my father, a professor of American history at Georgetown University. My father was the son of Hungarian Jewish immigrants but had a career at a Catholic university and worked alongside Jesuit Priests for forty years. He knew how to exercise caution and never rock the boat. I do not know what my father would have said about what I have written in this book. Sheryl says, “My parents were like yours, methodical, practical, and had no idea of dimensions of life beyond here. Yet, now that they are in spirit and visit with me at meditation or unfoldment afterlife groups I run they have expressed their delight with the work I do, and they understand what we have discovered about life beyond life is true and remarkable.

Paul’s dad was a serious man rather famous professor of American diplomatic history a writer of textbooks assisted Senator John F Kennedy with the writing of the Pulitzer Prize Winning book Profiles in Courage… and Jacqueline Kennedy was his student in a graduate course. Later in 1968 Bill Clinton was a student. Clearly my father was well grounded in reality and my mother was very down to earth, rarely speculated and stayed within all the boxes society defines for us. Her grammar was perfect and she did not believe in flying saucers or aliens or God.

Not many books these days begin with a sworn affidavit testifying that the account in the book is true. Paul Davids signed a sworn affidavit as he would in a court of law that he told the truth and nothing but the truth, for he respects and honors his mentor and skeptic Forrest J Ackerman. The distinguished skeptic Dr Michael Shermer wrote in Scientific American in 2015 that it is the convergence of evidence from different sources and domains called ‘consilience of inductions” that ultimately moves scientific understanding forward. Post mortem contact from Forrest J Ackerman is so compelling that it may be the most important after-death communication available to date. Dr. Shermer acknowledged the honest research and integrity of Paul Davids after he saw “The Life After Death Project” a feature documentary that began research on the extraordinary case of After-Death Communication that is the central focus of An Atheist in Heaven.

Paul’s co- author Dr Gary Schwartz gives a WARNING in his preface to your book. Gary Schwartz takes very great care not to be duped. He began researching that not all mediums—people who claim to communicate with the deceased are frauds…. In order to get at the truth I became a fake medium and am very aware of the tricks and techniques used by charlatans and psychic entertainers. In sum as a serious scientist Harvard educated and a professor in five departments at the University of Arizona, I warn them all who share their understanding of the Afterlife and higher dimensions and energy that what I defend is DATA. This warns people right up front that they are taking a great risk if they cannot do what they claim.

Sheryl says, “Many people have pondered the mystery of life after death and especially the topic of whether communication is possible from the deceased to the living as I have over the last twenty years. I became a Reiki Master Teacher intuitive medium and observed amazing coincidences and synchronicities that led me to understand that we are energy beings who survive physical death. I share many coincidences with my guests as I do today. Twenty years ago when I was a skeptic a number of mystical events which I couldn’t logically explain guided me to a Spiritual Psychic Development Event in Barbados with Mediums John Edward and Robert Brown and others. ON the last night Dr Gary Schwartz was the guest speaker and I was so moved by his dedication to use his resources and scientific training in psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and surgery to explore and prove scientifically life survives death. That is what I wanted to do as a budding medium who no longer believed that death is the end. At the end of his lecture I ran up to him and thanked him for bringing science to prove what I was trying to prove as a medium and energy practitioner that life exists beyond our physical life. I could see he was quite surprised or amused by my enthusiasm.”

Sheryl tells Paul she shares other amazing coincidences with him. mPaul has a new film being released in 2016 entitled Marilyn Monroe Declassified… “I did a show some time ago that can be heard on my website on the radio page with Dr. EZ Friedel author of Marilyn’s Red Diary which used Marilyn’s own account from her diary about the events leading up to her death and her diary was held by her psychiatrist until his death twenty years later. Dr Friedel worked from that diary to write his book. While reading the book I was so distressed by the injustices done to Marilyn by so many people who professed to be her friend that I wasn’t sure what focus she would like to present to our listeners, so I did something I don’t usually do I meditated and did a reading on Marilyn Monroe the same way I do for a my clients. I immediately sensed Marilyn’s warm and bubbly energy and she shared in feeling the gratitude she felt for all the opportunities in her life. She expressed that the greatest love was friendship with her colleagues Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in the movie “Some Like It Hot” and was something she valued greatly. I sensed there was no negativity or anger towards the many challenging painful events she had experienced. Marilyn’s soul’s energy to me seemed to be filled with lightness and love. So I read that reading to EZ Friedel during the show and felt that Marilyn had put her spin on how the show should go. Love was her main interest.”

Paul writes about a mysterious event that caused him to write An Atheist in Heaven. “It was March 18, 2009 alone in vacation home in Santa Fe New Mexico. The doors were locked. Paul never saw a visitor but only saw evidence of the visit. This entity or whatever it was had just made a change on the first page of a document that I had brought home to review. Paul had tossed the twenty four page document on the bed and then went into the bathroom. When he came out of the bathroom the document had four words on the front page blacked out with ink or paint that was still moist. It had not been there moments before. This event began my entrance into an age old debate between diehard skeptics and the “believers” in such paranormal phenomenon. Paul had stepped onto a battlefield.”

After this event Paul called Joe Moe to get access to some of Forry’s edited documents so he could see if anything looked like the blocked out four words on his document and “Joe told Paul that after the tribute dinner they had attended he had a remarkable dream that didn’t feel like a dream. It was a super conscious experience and left a strong impression. Joe was not prone to believing in visitations by the deceased. In the visitation Forry walked into the room and said…”Hi Pal seen any good Hollywood tributes lately?” Then he held out his two closed hands and said, “Pick a hand.” Both hands would have a gift and he would give you them no matter what you picked. He always did that. Joe asked Forry if he was at the tribute. “Did you see it?” Forry responded, “Oh it was fair Forry said in a teasing way.” Once, long ago, someone had said Forry’s collection was only fair and not great, and he responded, “Would you call the Taj Mahal fair?” During the visitation Forry broke into a big smile and said, “No really Joe, the tribute was the 9th Wonder of the World.” Then I knew why the four words were blocked out. In the dream he didn’t simply leave a message. He actually spoke to Joe. Now, the four words that were blocked out by a deliberate smeared black ink were spoken to Joe Amodei. Joe was a DVD distributor in New York who Paul had spoken to in reference to his film “Jesus in India”

Related to this ink block story were two filmmakers from Canada, Ian Johnston and Michael MacDonald who visited the crypt where Forry was buried and knocked on it to say hello. Then returned to their hotel on Orange Drive in Hollywood and immediately went to make a posting on their facebook page. The code they saw was “Ackerman000” which was odd. Shortly, they heard a child’s voice blurt out, “Oh My God,” in response to a question they were asking. Is Forrest J Ackermann really dead? Ian wasn’t a believer but Mike took it as a direct response from Forrest.”
Paul tells us some other bizarre or unexplained incidents that have happened to him in the eight years since Forrest J Ackerman died and about his ongoing relationship with him. Paul writes, “My great friend Forrest J Ackerman who I called Forry was famous in certain circles: in the world of science fiction, literature and film, and in fact he coined the term Sci-Fi. He was not only a skeptic about all things that are purportedly supernatural, he was a declared committed atheist. He died at age 92 on December 4, 2008. Forry was modest and had a sense of humor that loved to spout puns and to do plays-on words, to invent names with- in other names or words. It was an odd fascination and he was an odd man. And as for the word play note that his name is spelled “4E” and that is a piece of evidence in the grand puzzle. Paul first became aware of Forry when he was eleven years old. It was 1958, and he read about him in “Famous Monsters of Film land.” Paul met him five years later on a road trip to meet his fans at the Statler Hilton Hotel in Washington DC. Paul remained his friend till his dying night. Now eight years later that friendship does not end with death.

After the auction of Forry’s estate, Paul was able to purchase several items that were meaningful to him and of course questioned whether it was a coincidence, but of course, there are no coincidences . As Sheryl says and writes in her book The Living Spirit, “Nothing is random and there is a plan for each of us and all of us.” Paul felt like going to his crypt where an amazing event transpired. Paul says, “I arrived with carnations.. and then Joe Moe drove up with red carnations. Paul was flabbergasted. After the inkblot blocking out spoke to Joe Amode Joe and Paul decided Forry had gotten us together.”

Sheryl shares another seemingly important coincidence with Paul as she wonders if Forry believed in aliens as there is a picture in the book of Forry at the First World Science Fiction Convention in 1939 and in How to Talk to Aliens with another author Sheryl interviewed there is a photograph of several people who the author says were visitors from Saturn and Forry looks very much like the pictures Sheryl saw. Also Paul says there was a picture of Forry and his wife with Saturn in the background and it was one of Forry’s favorites. Many believe political leaders have worked with these advanced extraterrestrials.

Dr Siegel and Dr John Allison, a chemistry professor, worked together on the “ink blot” research project of the submitted ink obliteration on the document that Paul Davids had given them with the message he believes is from Forrest Ackerman. It was subjected to mass spectrometric analysis. Dr. Allison began by removing various types of ink on paper samples from my document and explained the instrument he would use would provide graphs and charts that would reveal what atoms and molecules were present in the blacked out part compared to ordinary ink. In this same lab the fire alarm went off unexpectedly which never happened before and in his home an old alarm clock began to chime. It was an antique clock that had a key to wind it. The key had been lost for a long time and there was no earthly way this could have happened.

There’s other science besides chemistry radioactive sensors, photon detectors computer software bar graphs measuring burst of energy in real time. Dr. Gary Schwartz when visiting Paul’s Santa Fe house brought an EMF device which ghost hunters use when looking for elevated EMF fields that they attribute to spirit presence. There were high levels when pointed at the African Mask and near the door to the bedroom. EVP or electronic voice phenomenon happened when a seemingly masculine voice said one word on the video tape “Lenore.” Sorry was a devotee of Edgar Allan Poe and the lost love in the poem “The Raven” was Lenore.

Dr. Gary Schwartz has been studying After Death Communication focusing on a group of spirits he calls the Sacred Promise Team. One is called Hypothesized Harry Houdini. Now we know Houdini was a strong critic of mediums, spiritualism, and claims of communication with the dead. First in reference to Harry Houdini who was the adversary of his friend, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, a man convinced beyond any possible dissuading that spirits of the deceased do exist and do attempt to communicate with us. Doyle was quite satisfied with results he obtained from mediums and séances.

At what point do we consider non–traditional explanations when all others appear to be exhausted. A study by Dr John Allison using mass spectrometry data suggests we live in a time when potentially ground breaking experiments could force us to change the way we perceive everything. For example he was just reading about a 2012 study that suggests the human brain might be able to detect events up to 10 seconds before they occur. We are on the scientific edge in so many areas that scientists are often unlikely to consider.
When people talk about life after death, they consider events like near death experience reincarnation religious concepts of heaven and hell , channeling and spiritualist ideas like spirit worlds and the “Other Side.”

There is a story of a medium Molly who told Paul that George, his mentor, so jolly and good natured, was going to help him receive an award. The award would be round. George Pal the Hungarian producer/director fled the Nazis and had a brilliant career in Hollywood and Paul was indeed familiar with George. Paul dismissed both Molly and her prediction but soon after her prediction he was nominated for the Saturn Award as Best DVD The Sci-Fi Boys of 2006 and WON IT. It was round and it was the planet Saturn.

Paul Davids author of An Atheist In Heaven and Dr. Gary Schwartz have shared their creative talents and intellectual scientific and medical search to examine a topic that has too long been mired in the darkness of fear. Knowing there is life after physical life is for Sheryl and she hopes for so many others, the greatest gift of truth one can acquire, yet it remains elusive to a large segment of the world population.

Paul Davids has shared his own search and impassioned view of change and transformation, broadly assisted by others who have bravely shared their wisdom though sometimes having others reject their efforts and great passion. If you remember that the first question I asked Paul was to remember his childhood for it is in the memories of our childhood, soul and dreams, that the energy of the Universe guides us to find our spiritual talents awareness and gifts, and reminds us that we are One in Unity with Source, here in life to have a glorious experience. We must move past fear or restriction to find why we chose a physical life. One reason may be to refine our soul’s energy as we grow in compassion and love for life and each other. However one finds his way to communicate with Universal Source and loved ones is the right way for them.

Paul and Sheryl would hope that you begin to pay greater attention to the synchronicities, dreams visitations and messages we are all receiving from Spirit. It is within the hope of these light-breaking visions and sounds that we will all find a true clearer reality of eternal life, peace and heaven on earth.