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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Transform Your Life through the Power of a Single Note

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Githa Ben-David

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit , which is a book that shares a look at Universal Energy Healing, Spiritual Communication and ways to awaken your intuition in order to achieve your human and divine potential, welcomes Githa Ben-David author of The Note From Heaven which shows us that while we already know that music, especially song can lift your spirits, but it might also be possible to transform your life through the power of a single note.

Githa Ben-David who is a Danish author composer singer and vocal sound therapist educated in classical saxophone, has also studied classical Indian singing, is the leader of a two year certified education in Vocal Sound Therapy and Founder of Gilalai, Institute of Energy and Consciousness with her husband Lars Muhl. Githa shares an intriguing idea that The Note From Heaven is actually a state where the voice sings you, rather than you sing the voice.

In the first part of the book Githa has devised an Indian inspired program for self-study along with a practice CD that can be downloaded for free on her website www.thenotefromheaven . The second part presents the method of Regressive Cell-singing: a practice based on the fact that traumas are caused and imprinted in the cellular structure by withholding our reaction to fear. When this fear is expressed vocally, by surrendering to The Note from Heaven the singer literally sings him or herself free from their trauma.

“The Note from Heaven is the tonal expression of a divine state that we all have within us and we can all contact. The Note from Heaven is not in itself the goal. Its function is to free the voice and through that to expand consciousness. It balances the body’s energy system in preparation for conscious work with meditation and healing and for expressing yourself directly from the heart through song. It develops your intuition –your ability to sense and trust that what feels good deep inside is truly valid. Therefore this method to discover the Note from Heaven is for all readers who have an interest in Spirituality. Since song is an expression of how we breathe and breathing is influenced by our state of mind and body, it is hard to provide a self-health method that everyone can use. Traditional singing teachers might even claim it is impossible.” Githa tries anyway because the Listening Process required to find The Note from Heaven is an invaluable aid to self-discovery.

Since The Note From Heaven is a sacred and simple healing tool for reconnecting you to your higher self it is a breakthrough in sound therapy that Githa and her students have made that has helped improve many physical conditions… Githa says, “The Note From Heaven has helped people improve deafness, tinnitus, depression stress, infertility, ADHD, and a number of serious diseases.

The Note From Heaven when it manifests itself-the one single note you sing is like a rainbow opening through you, linked to a potential power, which overwhelms you with the feeling of being one with your Self and the universe. This Note From Heaven has a healing effect on the body and soul and can be experienced by every speaking person—from the tone deaf to the professional singer. What is sought is a state free from any motive of achievement, a state where we listen to our true Self and let it speak out.”

Githa tells us about her first encounter with India and Indian singing by writing… “In December 1986 I felt drawn to singing to creativity for its own sake…this need or drive made my career as a classical/rhythmic saxophone player seem pale and uninteresting by comparison. In 1999 I started to write this book about something….this note or connection to understand my surroundings in connection with my music. In 1986 my singing teacher in India, Mangala Tiwari said to me to go home and sing ‘Aaar” on your root note for one hour every day.”

The Note From Heaven gives the singer a vibrating experience of oneness a sound to which each of us brings our own qualities—a healing sea, full of light…

The tangible effects that have come from working with the Note from Heaven include the ability to see color and images in Githa’s mind’s eye, a tingling, mainly in the hands and on the top of my head when healing or doing work in an inspired state, and a heightening of my intuition…they are the manifestation of a natural spiritual development. Sheryl shares those feelings are felt by her while performing a Reiki energy healing session and during meditation while using deep breathing techniques.
Githa shares 3 Conditions necessary for Hearing and how fear of failure will help you to curb your ego and become uncompromisingly faithful to what you wish to achieve.

1. Discipline helps us follow through with our decisions at all costs despite negative feelings such as boredom fear doubt frustration and low self-worth. Most of us have ingrained ways of viewing ourselves that tell us what we are good at and what we are not good at. They are part of our self image. Strict discipline is necessary to break such patterns Example Years of repeating thoughts and statements like I can’t sing, leave their mark in the form of habitual thinking. It is the ego that is responsible for these habits….We can change these thoughts and patterns

2. The Importance of Hearing. Most of us are born with everything in place…Our hearing has functioned since we were 4 months old embryos. As babies we rely on our surroundings to stimulate our senses…the fact that some people’s hearing has not been correctly stimulated does not mean that the original sense for example the ability to listen to oneself, has been lost. Like Sleeping Beauty, it is merely hidden behind the thorn bushes in a deep sleep. In order to awaken her we need to know she exists….Once we fully understand that we are divine in our essence and therefore have the potential to sing from a divine place in ourselves the ego fears quickly dissolve.

In reference to this idea that most of us are born with everything in place and have exactly what we need to awaken and remember our true nature as spiritual beings having a physical life in Sheryl’s book “The Living Spirit” Sheryl wrote… “Whether you realize it or not, everyone receives messages from Spirit. These messages can take several forms: visual olfactory or auditory. Mediums are no different—each receives messages in ways that are unique to him or her. The key is learning how to recognize these messages and begin to uncover your personal system for communicating with Spirit. But first you must work on becoming a clear channel for those messages which essentially means quieting the egocentric mind chatter that can muddy and even block a connection with the Divine.”

The Fear of Failure and Performance Anxiety can also threaten your progress practice and hearing routines…. When fear of failure arises during a practice session, all you can do is face it and fight it. By looking the fear straight in the eye and continuing you will eventually succeed. Physical fear manifests as a tightening of the throat of solar plexis…The blocked emotional energies expressed as tension can most easily be moved with the help of one’s breathing.

1. Close eyes and breathe through your nose making a nasal sound like someone deeply asleep but not snoring as you continue to breathe in and out. Sheryl Says..this is similar to what is called a Lunar Breath which allows for deep relaxation which Sheryl uses with my clients during Reiki energy healing sessions. You can hear a sound during the slow exhalation process.
2. On the breath draw the energy in your body upward along the spine.
3. By surfing on the flow of energy created by the in breath, you can move the tensions from the solar plexus or throat up to the forehead (third inner eye)
4. On the out breath pull the energy downwards along the spine. Surf on this flow of energy in order to move it back down to the solar plexus or throat.
5. Imagine the field of tension as a transparent round white disc that you can move up the front of you body using the flow of your breath.
6. Move the disc up to your forehead (the third eye) by using a couple of breaths.
7. Following this, meditate by concentrating on the middle of the forehead until you are breathing freely through the solar plexus. Do this for about 5-8 minutes.

If this exercise brings on a headache try moving the white disc to the top of head the crown chakra.Githa tell us that fear of failure is natural and can be regarded as a gift that we humans would have difficulty living without. We are able to become conscious of our divinity (soul) only when we acknowledge the opposite namely our fear of failure. It seems our quality of life may be linked to the degree of gratitude we feel for all we have been given and it is our awareness of life’s contrasts that makes us feel gratitude.

Very few of us experienced unconditional love. Most people have been conditioned to believe that they need to pursue achievement in order to deserve the reward of love. This learned perception of love also reflects inwards in the way which we treat ourselves. Therefore when we feel fear of failure, it is in reality the fear of not being able to live up to loving ourselves. Should or ought to are dangerous words as they carry expectations others have laid upon us. WE DON’T NEED TO PERFORM AT ALL.

It is a state we are seeking….a state in which we are able to love ourselves by literally massaging our vibrating body mass when we tune into it using sound.

It is not surprising that presumed tone deafness or feeling inhibited about using one’s voiced, whether when singing or communicating originated in most cases from childhood experiences Sheryl Says…That is absolutely true…When I was in 6th grade in a group teacher heard someone singing off key and went around close to each of us and when she got near Sheryl yelled out…”It’s you so you just mouth the words”…Sheryl never forgot it and loves music but doesn’t consider herself to have a good singing voice…Now my youngest granddaughter who loves to sing from her heart and graceful self is taking singing lessons….I so hope she finds her Note from Heaven and true voice..

For us as adults there are a lot more sources of noise than in the past. In addition to obstruction like the radios washing machine TV stereo etc there is an abundance of electrical installations that influence us…and our nervous system picks up all these vibrations and gets irritated by them. When we spend time out in nature, we discover our body quiets down and children have a need to get to know themselves. That is why they experience the voice as a wonderful toy. The adults understanding of the child and the way the child expresses itself vocally is enormously important since the child’s relationship to the voice begins in the first few years. Allow the children to sing the voice from Heaven which comes most naturally to them and fills the room with vitality or life…

Githa says that in language communication our words account for just 10 percent of expression. The TONE OF OUR VOICE IS AN IMPORTANT ELEMENT of the remaining 90 percent.

Relating to sound is difficult because it occurs in the present moment and disappears immediately after being expressed. When you remember a sound you remember the feeling it produced in your body. Every representation of a sound will be a new sound because the moment will be a different one. The sound behind the words is a major cause of emotional frustration. We remember the way the words were spoken by recalling their sound in our body. They may for example have been said in a hurtful manner. Tone can create incredible emotional confusion since it provokes feelings that are impossible for the intellect to grasp. In this way Tone conveys the subconscious that which everyone can clearly feel, but only a few can consciously explain.

By listening deeply we increase our awareness of the tonal vibrations that we and others send out and perceive. We expand our consciousness this way.

The main purpose of classical Indian singing is to become one with yourself with your divine essence. A good singer is “god gifted” In order to be a divine instrument the body needs to be used in a way that allows for optimal sound. When it functions like an open pipe it achieves just that. Opening yourself up to one note and sticking to it is of utmost importance.

Githa and Sheryl ask you to find the joy of compassion kindness and enthusiasm for life and to accept yourselves and others with love and respect. The song you hear is the song of your soul and The Note From Heaven.

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