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Thriving Entrepreneur -The Healing Power of Forgiveness with Angela and Robin

We are joined today by two amazing bestselling authors, Dr. Angela
Anderson and Robin Sheffield, and we are going to talk about one of the
secrets to a happy life which is FORGIVENESS.

NOW WHAT? Get Over Yourself and Move

Angela talks about how you can start taking action so you can support
yourself in moving forward. Her book will serve as your guide so you can
start working on tapping into your gifts so you can reach your maximum

HEART SCARS: Healing the Wounds

Robin shares the story of how she came up with the idea of writing Heart
Scars and how it can help others have a more peaceful and happier life by
simply learning how to forgive so you can fully heal and recover from your
past hurts.

We must not be unkind to ourselves over the things that we didn¹t do; the
things that are not our fault. We have to let them go, forgive
ourselves/others, and then move forward. Listen in and master the art of
forgiveness with Dr. Angela Anderson and Robin Sheffield on Thriving