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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Natural and Assisted Conception

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Barbara Scott

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit, which shares stories of healing, spiritual awakening, spiritual communication offering ways to go within to connect to your intuition and true Self, welcomes Barbara Scott author of Reflexology for Fertility and her innovative approach to aiding natural and assisted conception.

Barbara Scott will share techniques to help us have a clear understanding of the wide range of fertility tests and treatments from medicated cycles to IVF and ICSI, share information about providing safe and effective reflexology treatments and help practitioner’s through the emotional as well as physical effects of fertility treatment. Barbara Scott trained with Nicola Hall of the Bayly School of Reflexology and is a member of the British Reflexology Association, the Federation of Holistic Therapists and is now Chair of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists. She lives in Wales.

Sheryl tells Barbara she often has coincidences which are really not coincidences but a higher form of guidance directing us to pay attention or take notice of what’s happening so we may grow to a level of higher awareness. “ Sheryl who is a practicing Reiki Master teacher and medium years ago was told by one of her teachers that her deceased father wanted me to study reflexology. He was a foot doctor or Podiatrist. Sheryl did study reflexology a science and hands on treatment which provided an intense knowledge of the body reflex points and a scientific approach to understanding the human body as a delicately balanced machine that is synergetic or everything working together for the benefit of all. The definition of Reflexology is….. Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond to all the glands, organs, and parts of the body. Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers on these reflex areas to help nature achieve homeostasis.”

Reproflexology is the study and treatment of male and female reproductive fertility conditions using reflexology—it is a specialist therapy and can be applied either as a stand- alone treatment to support natural conception or alongside fertility treatments.
Sheryl Says “As all dysfunction health issues or disease are mainly based within our thought patterns and environmental or lifestyle we are creating these conditions from the blockages fears & restrictions which we focus on and which often later manifest as diseases …The body when traumatized wounded or restricted from personal growth retains memory of those events and when attention is focused on outcomes often those thoughts manifest in the physical reality. So if someone is afraid of having a family or possibly had a poor relationship with their early caretakers or is physically afraid of childbirth…they may not conceive…of course there may be other reasons for this situation, but the soul often creates a health problem in order to work through other related issues or limitations.”

We can become aware of many issues that may cause fertility problem. Age…after 35 a woman’s fertility dramatically declines and she may be at risk for miscarriage of congenital abnormalities for her baby. Research has shown a significant decline in male fertility related health beyond the age of 40, and with older men and a younger woman who may take longer to conceive. Of course there are many other lifestyle and environmental factors. For the woman who is born with all the eggs she will ever have her own development in uteri, her upbringing, her lifestyle, general health and emotional well being and the tendencies she has inherited from the generations of her family are pertinent to her fertility picture. Occupation and work environment and how comfortable confident and valued we feel can have an impact on emotional and physical well being. Stress can be one of the most significant factors impacting fertility. Is it the workload or the people you work with? Do they or do they not enjoy their work causing their stress?

Ways to improve these stressors and others…..

  1. Breathing Technique for leaving Work at Work….Clear your workspace at the end of the day take a few cleansing deep inhalations and breathe out releasing the tensions of the day. Breath on way out breath as you get in your car. Breath as you enter your home: feeling light and free ready to enjoy your evening unburdened by workplace concerns.
    More About the Balance that can Enrich A couple’s Time Together Make time together in the home and excursions away from the home Fun is encouraged…
  2. Weight Issues. In the woman body fat around the abdomen secretes estrogen and if rates are too high will inhibit follicle stimulating hormone equating to lowered levels of ovarian function…reduced ovulation Being underweight also has the effect of impairing fertility as it affects ovulation. Men overweight or underweight tend to have lower sperm counts…
  3. Sleep is vital to our health… Self massage of the solar plexus reflex point on the hand may help.
  4. Smoking… Acupuncture and hypnotherapy may help stop this.
  5. Exercise Habits
  6. Water Intake
  7. Drugs and Alcohol

Use your intuition Think about the times when you have experienced that sensation of just knowing something and how it has been a powerful and useful source of information and invite your clients to use their intuition also.

Learning to assess reproductive health and general health by looking at the color and feeling the temperature of each foot alerted me to using this information in working with fertility problems.

By observing the bottom of the foot Observe

  • Color:
    • Pale feet are a sign of depletion…nutritionally energetically physiologically. Sign of general poor condition.
    • Yellow feet are a sign of poor blood nutrition either women who are anemic or have heavy blood flows…
    • Grey feet are a sign of poor sleep disturbed sleep and low energy levels
  • Temperature: Feel for changes in temperature between the two feet- may find the reproductive area around the heels feel cooler that rest of foot.

If there is an infection or inflammatory disease the reproductive areas can look red and feel hot.

Reflexology is a scientific system designed to activate where sluggish, balance and allow the body time for relaxation which is necessary for all and any healing to begin. Barbara would also hope that people who read this book may become aware of the value that a well balanced life style, moderately approached rather than excessively lived with stressors to all systems of the body, not only our reproductive system will give balance harmony and ways to adjust nutritional requirements, exercise, water intake, moderation with medications and supplements, and tools to assess stress levels and work environment improving the balance between work home and leisure time…all are necessary for maximum support of the body and general well being. Barbara gives detailed information on the causes of certain infertility problems, the drugs and techniques and tests used to assess and reprogram the body for conception, and is generally well detailed to help practitioners and lay people gather a great deal of effective helpful information.

In The Living Spirit, Sheryl has a chapter that is entitled “Not Your Mother’s Doctor: The Growing Acceptance of Energy Healing where she encourages an understanding of many alternative modalities that work effectively in tandem with each other for the total well being of the individual and wrote…..”There are several types of energy healing. Some, like Reiki and acupuncture have been around for thousands of years: others have been developed more recently. Their methods may differ as well as certain aspects of their ideologies but they all operate on one basic premise: there is more to us than our physical bodies. Energy sessions focus on the life force—or “qi” that flows within all living things, the goal being to release dissolve or transmute negative feelings that block this force and cause imbalance and illness to the body. All of these methods have benefits that range from improving or healing the physical body to clearing past painful memories and negative thought patterns.”

Barbara writes, “In my experience, few couples arrive in the clinic with a realistic understanding of how physically emotionally and psychologically demanding conception can be or the financial implications. One thing you can do to assist is to check their understanding of the process of assisted conception fill in any gaps and even manage their expectations. Overall assisted conception involves a lot of waiting and puts great strain on the couple often isolating them from family friends and work. Understanding the emotional component of the process helps the practitioner assist their clients to find balance in a stressful sometimes frightening process. Research has shown fertility treatment can have a negative impact on the quality of life much like sufferers undergoing treatment for life-limiting disease as cancer patients. It is a great opportunity to raise intuition and develop a sense of spirituality or larger view of life…”

Barbara carried out a data collection on 180 cases and found the success rate proved to be 68 percent whether the couples were undertaking IVF or natural conception…. Barbara gives us the story of Amber and Jake and Reference to Optimal Weight…trying to conceive for 2 years..had been told by local fertility clinic that the only way for them to conceive would be to undertake their fertility issues were shared. Jake had poor semen analysis and Amber’s menstrual cycle was irregular and her BMI of over 30….The couple began Reproflexology to improve Jake’s sperm morphology and to regulate Amber’s menstrual cycle…within 4 months they were shocked to find out they were pregnant. They had a little girl.

Sheryl Says… “I have helped clients shift energy release past traumas or thinking using Reiki chakra balancing and releasing blockages at the cellular and emotional level that have prevented them from allowing themselves to be in a comfortable free state where conception can be achieved….the body responds to what the mind tells it and where there is fear or doubt success is hampered…I had a young woman who had one child but was told after 3 attempts with In Vitro therapy that there was too much scar tissue and she would not be able to have a second child. She continued to come to me for treatments because she was quite interested in energy healing and was very intuitive herself. Soon after she decided to try again and the treatment worked..she was pregnant…there was a slight scare at one point but when her son was born I was so happy and declared him to be a Reiki Baby, born of Universal love and spiritual healing. Reiki sessions have achieved other miraculous successes and when in tune with a person’s soul life and destiny possibilities are endless.”

Barbara Scott shared her amazingly new and intensified approach, concentrating Reflexology techniques which are useful and successful to provide relief for many illnesses or dysfunctions. She has created a practical skillful way known as “Reproflexology” to work specially with male and female reproductive and fertility conditions.

We have discovered so much about process of using a specialized form of reflexology known as Reproflexology step by step from initial consultation with couples through reflexology protocols to improve fertility and support fertility treatments leading to a greater success rate overall. We have gathered a better understanding of the range of fertility test and treatments from medicated cycles through to In Vitro fertilization and ICS. We in the field have come to know the many challenges faced by young couples dealing with fertility issues and how to support them emotionally spiritually and physically.

Barbara and Sheryl would have you know that whatever challenge you face in life whether in the health work family or personal spheres they are all part of your continuing discovery of your ever growing energetic nature leading you to open mind and heart, ask for help, and find the best solutions for changes that can bring greater happiness and purpose to your life.