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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age – Career Transition Over Age 40: Your Keys to Landing and Keeping a Great Job

Sadly in today’s volatile, high-tech world of commerce it is becoming ever harder for folks over 40 to land a great job–even to hang on to the job they currently have. Fortunately, at middle age there are steps you can take to re-brand yourself and to re-invent your career! Tune in as former corporate marketing executive, “Accidental Career Coach” and author Diane Huth presents strategies for Baby Boomers and others of middle age to land and keep a great job. Discover why hidden age discrimination does indeed exist and how you can adopt youthful or ‘techie’ habits that make you look and act 10 to 15 years younger than your chronological age. Learn how to appear fresh, young and in the know without looking silly. Uncover the five biggest mistakes middle-aged jobs seekers make and how to avoid them. Host Roy Richards reveals the first five of his “Ten Commandments for Successful Midlife Career Transition.”