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Thriving Entrepreneur – All About Wealth and Worth with John and Deborah

What can you see yourself as deserving of? What can you conceive above your own mind’s capability? Your beliefs inside of you show up to who you are. You deserve exceedingly, abundantly more than you can ask or even think of.

Deborah Brunner is the Bestselling Author of the book, You Deserve This, Not That: Living an Abundant Life after Near Death, Abuse, and Addiction. She is a survivor of domestic violence and addiction and she’s going to share with us how she overcame those experiences and turned them into positive life lessons. When she had a heart attack at age 24, that was when she realized that she needed to choose to live a better life.

“How wonderful life is when you finally believe that you are worthy.” ‹ Deborah

John Bowen is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of four multi-million dollar companies, including, Financial Advisor Select, and CEG Worldwide. In the show, he talks about how his work as a successful financial advisor and will share with us the importance of managing our money so we can get to the next level, and really make the most of what we have.

Money is just a tool. Money isn’t an end. We’re all in business not for more business but business to support the quality of life for the people we care about. ‹ John

You deserve great things in life so embrace your own greatness. Listen in on this amazing interview on Thriving Entrepreneur.