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Books On Air – Surviving Life Quick Tips- By Bernard Robinson

Surviving Life – Quick Tips By Bernard Robinson

The book is a featured selection at the Frankfurt International Book Fair 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany to be held on October 11 – 15.

This modern survival guide for day-to-day living contains a compilation of easy and useful life skills for anyone. It talks about what you need to become computer-literate and money-savvy. The pages are filled with advice on improving the way you manage your finances and tips on the best prices for Internet, cable, and other household bills. Surviving Life Quick Tips, also helps you identify money-making scams.

· Section 1: Technological Knowledge Tips
· Section 2: Financial Enhancement Tips
· Section 3: Financial Literacy Tips
· Section 4: Scam Prevention Tips
· Section 5: Cult Prevention Tips
· Section 6: Relationship Awareness Tips
· Section 7: Dating Awareness Tips