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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Middle Age Can Be The Best Age – How Would Your Family Respond to a Cyberattack?

Imagine weeks, months, even years without lights, heat, phone service, running water or refrigeration–no fuel for your car; no credit or debit cards, no Internet, hospitals shutting down, drug and grocery store shelves empty! Guest, former federal government security expert Robin Burk, PhD, warns this horrendous outcome is possible from a short burst of electromagnetic energy from the very type of nuclear weapon North Korea recently tested. Tune in to learn why this horrendous threat to our electric power grid is real along with four steps you should take right now to protect your family and your business. Short of a massive power outage, all of us face the threat of hackers using ransomware to paralyze our computers, our businesses and our way of life. Discover steps you can take to secure your computer and to mitigate the impact of an insidious ransom attack. Host Roy Richards suggests ways to stay positive as you age, by changing what you can and warmly embracing all that you can’t change.