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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Unraveling the Truth of Life-Death

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Angela Dawn

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within”, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit a tale of spiritual communication, healing, miracles and of course, a guide to your inner soul awareness is delighted to welcome an accomplished metaphysician and medium Angela Dawn author of Love Never Dies From Heaven my Sister Speaks. Angela, like Sheryl is fortunate to have discovered the truth: we are spiritual beings having a physical life experience and have unlimited potential to thrive in either heaven or earth, or both, if we choose love and Spirit.

Sheryl and her guests share their experiences honestly and without reservation or regard for any biased emotions that are still shown by those who have not yet achieved a level of consciousness or awareness of the Universal Laws of Energy or how to play game of life. In talking about the quality of life: our spiritual and physical needs, we discover the potential that can be ours once we truly see the commonality between science, spirituality and theology to answer age old questions—Who are we? Where do we come from? and Why are we here?

Angela Dawn, an author and spiritual medium born and raised in England who presently resides in Buck County Pennsylvania holds a degree from The University of Pennsylvania and a masters from Villanova, has studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences in England and at the Lily Dale Assembly in New York. We will discuss the journey between worlds proving the bonds of love do exist beyond the grave. Angela and Sheryl speak about life in heaven, about God, the Universe, Mankind, and the reason for living and discovering the Soul’s purpose.

Angela tells us about the loss of her mother or Mum, as she was called, and her sister Linda not long afterwards. Linda inspired her from spirit to write Love Never Dies.Angela discovered a world, Heaven where she found her mother and sister and developed an ability to communicate with them through inspired writing. Her sister Linda said they could write a book to help other people. Angela discovered her sister’s personality came through her writings and also her great sense of humor. Linda refers to Heaven as “this side” and not the other side and often corrects Angela saying that her side is normal to them, just as our side is normal to us. This book is based on experiences during meditation, silent prayer, and writing down what Angela saw on her spiritual travels to heaven. Angela in her meditations traveled through realms of consciousness going deep within where she sensed Heaven and the afterlife.

Sheryl tells Angela much like her, when she discovered that “Consciousness survives Physical Death” she felt she had to share this amazing reality with everyone, so she wrote her book, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love where she writes the following, ”Throughout the amazing journey that followed I learned several truths. The first is that there is indeed an afterlife; the second is that the separation between this world and the next is not a thick impenetrable wall, but a thin veil that allows our loved ones in spirit to communicate with us, and we with them. We are never alone but are guided by our loved ones at all times. They assist us in making the choices in this life that prepares us for the next dimension, where we will encounter further support for our soul development.”

Sheryl tells Angela that she is not sure where the word heaven came from so she just calls the next dimension “Upstairs.” Angela tells Sheryl that her mom died from pneumonia and was only 66 years old and was expected to recover. But in life, like in death there are many unexpected twists in the road. Angela was fortunate that she was born in England for in England there are many Spiritualist churches that have a philosophy that life continues after death. It is as natural to go to such a church after a relative passes to get a message or to a healing night at the church, where healers place hands on your body giving you healing energy. Her Mum always felt better after her visit to healing nights.

The following day after Mum passed my sisters and brother all went to the Spiritualist church hoping the medium would come to us with a message, and we really did get a message. And the message was, Mom was giving each of us a rose and said, “Always see the good people and always do the best you can”. Sheryl realizes that when her mother was alive she always said the same thing, “Just do the best you can.” Souls in different countries shared the same truth and joy in life.

Angela writes how her sister passed, and said ”Life changed after mother died. There was a big hole in everyone’s heart. She was indeed the matriarch of the family and our lives centered around her. She was special; she was loved. I can honestly say that I never knew what love was until that day. I was forty-four years old and knew about love and thought I had been in love, after all I had a large circle of family and friends, been engaged, married and had plenty of love in my life. The day my mother died I understood the meaning of love. Love is a state of being, a connection you have to another person, animal, place or thing. For me the measure of that love can only be found once that person, animal, place or thing is taken away from you. The pain you feel is the exact opposite of the love you felt”.

While losing her mother was quite hard for Angela, as it was sudden and unexpected, Linda’s death was even more difficult to reconcile in her mind. Linda’s boyfriend, Jimmy, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and they had never married but finally decided to marry on Valentine’s day. Sheryl coincidently? Is writing this episode description on Valentine’s Day. Angela talks of omens and old wives tales and superstitions that are honored in England and the European culture and there is validity in many of the signs and messages that spirit shows us. Just a few months before Linda died and before taking a flight to America, Angela saw a bird fly out of a bush and violently hit the neighbors glass front door, directly in front of her, then calmly get up and flew away. Angela thought it was an omen, a sign of death. Linda was already taking care of Jimmy when she started to complained of her own headaches and tiredness. They married and soon after the wedding, Linda was diagnosed with depression and given medication and suddenly stopped eating, telling everyone she was not hungry. Finally she was admitted into the Psychiatric Ward. She did not respond to treatment and a CAT scan was ordered. Jimmy declined rapidly. Linda was taken home from the hospital to be with him and as he passed she put a note in his hand saying “Meet you in Heaven”. Shortly after, Linda was diagnosed with a brain tumor and there was nothing that could be done for her. Linda died soon after he husband Jimmy. The omen of that bird foretelling a death seemed to have been for them.

Soon after Linda died, Angela realized she belonged to a secret club, a club for people riddled with pain caused by the loss of a loved one. Angela was in an emotional state and words flowed from her pen at the sound of her sister’s voice which came into her head and Angela felt her sister’s presence. The inspiration to write became strong and she sensed her sister say, “Yes we are with you. We are helping you with this writing because it will help you and it will help others who have lost their loved ones. You can help others: you are strong. You were always the strongest one, emotionally and spiritually, out of all us kids. You brought a lot of love to me and I am grateful.” Angela heard a little laugher in Linda’s voice.

Angela also heard from Jimmy, who was with Linda, and he told her, “ You will be amazed at what we do over here. Always work to be done—I never worked so hard before! You have to talk to many people, have meetings, discuss people’s lives on earth, and make sure they are on the right track. It is like managing a group of kids—it is the same up here. Please be happy for Linda for now she can take care of you all from this side. She can zoom in and out any time she wants and she does”.

Linda chose Angela to communicate with her because Linda knew Angela would be most receptive and as mediums are the instruments of service and cooperation Angela would love learning that energy is the consciousness of humanity, and that we can communicate with the spirit world through our thoughts, our consciousness. Consciousness is energy; everything is energy and never dies. Angela discovered that when we pass over into the afterlife our consciousness, our soul, is woken up and we become conscious beings in the spirit world. We do retain our personalities, which is why mediums can sense the essence or personality of the spirit and know they were either happy, jolly, loving, kind or sad and miserable.

Linda told Angela “You are the only one that can communicate with us. Scott tries he talks to us but it is not the same as you…Scott often talks to us when he is out walking or alone in the house but it is a one way conversation because we can see and hear Scott but he cannot see or hear us”. Perhaps Angela had the greatest interest and need to communicate with her loved ones and expanded her awareness of the spirit world through meditation, through prayers and through dreams.

Angela was anxious to find out more about how Spirit communication worked so she continued on her quest and ended up visiting Lily Dale, the world’s largest center for spiritual development and for the practice of the Spiritualist religion, which is located in Lily Dale, New York. It was established in 1879 and is the center of Modern Day Spiritualism.

Sheryl tells Angela that when she was in Pebble Beach California at about the time her awakening process was beginning, she met a woman named Mary, and shared with Mary some of her amazing coincidences and synchronicities. Mary told her she must go to Lily Dale and soon after Sheryl tried to go to Lily Dale but it didn’t happen. Months later a member of Sheryl’s meditation group told her a group of mediums from Lily Dale were coming to New York for a workshop. Sheryl thought “I didn’t get to Lily Dale but Lily Dale came to me”. While at that presentation by mediums from Lily Dale, Sheryl was fortunate to be selected for a reading with Rev. John White who told her she would write three books and her guides and Reiki students would help her. She was also told she would teach Reiki healing techniques. This was at the beginning of Sheryl’s search for the truth of Spiritual Communication and three years later Sheryl finally made it to Lily Dale and proudly handed Rev. White a copy of her first book Life Is No Coincidence The Life and Afterlife Connection. Angela tells Sheryl she also had a reading from John White.

Sheryl usually has fun-filled coincidences with her guests and her first book Life Is No Coincidence shares her awakening process and discovering the dual nature of life. Now Sheryl knows there are not coincidences at all, simply messages from Spirit to remember the unity and connection of souls and to help us remember that there is indeed a creative force of life that is eternal and expansive. Sheryl asks Angela if she is a twin and Sheryl relates that she has twin granddaughters. Angela also described that her family believed in God though they weren’t particularly religious and sent Angela to Sunday school. Like Angela Sheryl took a natural likening to Sunday school while her siblings abandoned it quite easily. Angela lived in San Francisco with her husband and Sheryl’s son lives there now. That same son had his first internship in England and Sheryl’s daughter went to a summer program at Oxford. One of Sheryl’s mentors International Medium Robert Brown who studied at Arthur Findlay College is English and Sheryl lives in an English Tudor house in New York. Angela lives in an English Tudor house in America. Seems to be many connection to English preferences. Sheryl is sure Angela has always noticed synchronicity as a form of communication from Spirit. Angela mentions taking her Mum for her 60th birthday to the Windows of the World a restaurant at the top of Twin Towers and Sheryl and her husband fondly remember taking their daughter there for a special birthday.

Sheryl shares another meaningful coincidence with Angela when her Mother from Spirit told her, “You are not the second eldest child by accident. You are the family’s guardian angel. You don’t have to be on this side of the world to be an angel. Sheryl also is the second eldest child and was told by a medium, “You are the light for the whole family.” Angela tells us that her mother said, “I get tired just like I did on earth and have to take my naps. Sheryl’s mother Ceil always loved to take her naps.” Special moms special spirits!

In her quest for the truth and having been to spiritualist churches where mediums were able to access communication with souls Angela began to wonder how they did it: What is the secret or is it a gift? She was fortunate to study at The Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences in England. She was interested in knowing if mediums are born with an ability to connect to spirit or if anyone learn how to do it. The local Spiritual churches have 7 main principles and they do believe in God. Most of the churches belong to the Spiritualists National Union which is affiliated with Arthur Findlay College at Stansted near London. The College is described as a residential center where students study Spiritualist philosophy, religious practice, healing and awareness, spiritual and psychic unfoldment and kindred disciplines. Courses lectures and demonstrations are offered by leading exponents and additional features of a library museum magnificent grounds recreational facilities and full board accommodations. Angela had to attend. She was searching for her soul. The tutors explained the different types and levels of mediumship and the importance of commitment and responsibility to the religion and the importance of respect when communicating with spirit each of who are highly intelligent beings. “Each day began and ended with a meditation. I learned about attunement and how we can attune our minds to the spirit world. Then we relaxed into a visualization of a candle flame and began to sense a presence…Although I knew mediums could connect with the spirit worlds until I began to do that I couldn’t know for certain if it was real. After communicating with Spirit I knew for certain it was REAL. I learned Spirits are intelligent beings and only want to communicate for the good of mankind. They want humans to live a fulfilled life while on earth with the knowledge that the soul continues after death and we are all part of the Great Spirit, one God. Angela only spent a week at Findlay College but left knowing her mother and sister lived on in the spirit world, in heaven.

Angela shared her communication with guides: a monk, a Native American Indian and other spirits she referred to as the group and even Jesus. In a guided meditation she saw a Monk and learned about The Essence of Man. The monk told her, ”Giving a drink of water to anyone can be the most important gift you give. I am giving you one now out of the bowl. You may think it is just water, but see how wonderful it tastes when someone else gives you water and you taste it for the first time in a different light, because it is given to you full of love and again this is free.”Sheryl says that it reminds her when she was doing hospice volunteer work and visited a woman who had MS and was totally paralyzed. Each time I visited she was watching television and Sheryl asked if she needed anything. She always said, “No.” The last time Sheryl saw her, the woman asked for water. The nurse told Sheryl she could only water if a special package of gel was put in so she wouldn’t choke. The nurse didn’t have any so Sheryl went quickly to the kitchen and was handed the very last packet. The nurse prepared the mixture and Sheryl brought it in to the patient. She drank all of it and it was the last time Sheryl saw her. Today Sheryl believes it was a miracle that everything transpired so she had her final wish answered.

Sheryl tells Angela that in her new book New Life Awaits she shares her reading with George Washington that she had before the 2016 Presidential Election as a result of her concern for the state of our nation. That reading is the Epilogue of the book and can be found on Sheryl’s website on the home page by clicking on Sheryl’s books. Sheryl also has a reading that she did with her sister who passed last year where she describes her adjustment to Heaven or Upstairs as Sheryl calls it.

Angela Dawn has shared a remarkable downloading of soul filled truths from her Mum and sister Linda and others in Spirit who journey by our side sharing the miracles of life love and the great wonderment of knowing that life and love are eternal.

Angela and Sheryl have shared their aligned attuned journey for a life-long search of finding the truth of spiritual communication in order to share the joy they have experienced as mediums who work with Spirit whose messages brim with positivity, love, hope, and the truth of our Universal Source of Creation: the Oneness of being. Everyone has the opportunities to begin a meditation prayer or yoga practice where they may align their own soul energies to that of our loved ones in Spirit to know whoever and whatever you wish to know is possible and probable. Just trust yourself and begin to follow the clues, coincidences and synchronicities, that Spirit sends to all of us. If you already believe, you are fortunate: for those who question and want to believe, you will find a way to knowingness. For those who have not yet moved out of the restrictions and fears of their minds, we know that one day or one lifetime in the future, you also will know the truth.

Angela wrote, “If you have a memory of your loved one as you see something that reminds you of them, you think how your loved one would have liked this. At that time your loved ones are really with you because the same energy, the same love is with you. Your loved ones are always there with you. They wait for you to contact them and their energy draws closer so that you can feel them. Sometimes when you start to cry for no reason, their energy is so close and you instantly think of them. This is when the energy is strongest because love is there. Love is the emotion that makes you cry and the deeper the love the more you cry.”

Angela and I would like you to remember that though we may cry and feel quite deeply any loss, it is in returning to a state of happiness and love of life, whether here or in heaven, that we find our natural state of Soul being and truly are One with the Universe. Fear cannot reside where there is love.