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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – A Timeless Path for All Spiritual Warriors

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings spiritual communication Universal healing energies miracles and ways to go within to discover your human and divine potential, welcomes William Von Holst who will discuss Imre Vallyon’s newest book The Way of the Spiritual Warrior which may help readers to tap into a Universal life force, the limitless energy of spirit, and assist in managing health, negative emotions, and the realities of today’s world.
We will discover the Buddha was a Spiritual Warrior as was the Christ, Moses Muhammad, Krisna , Lao Tzu and all the great spiritual reformers—they all belonged to the Spiritual Warrior School. Spiritual teacher Imre Vallyon focuses on multidimensional development of personality, Soul, and spirit/divinity through self-assessment, understanding the warrior path and techniques, and a study of sacred language and planetary transformation. We will move from Separated Consciousness to Unity Consciousness while learning how the Warrior transmits the Energy of the Universe into our physical world.
Although the way of the Spiritual Warrior is ancient, it may be misunderstood in today’s world. In the process of attaining Nirvana, it was believed in the past that we escape the world. But the Spiritual Warrior works on their own liberation, and awareness of Bliss consciousness, and still perceives the world condition. The Spiritual Warrior is able to put the light of Nirvana or Divine Consciousness into the world to change the planetary structure, the very atomic vibration of the planet, and use the physical body and world as a base to slowly expand outwardly and inwardly, a circle of awareness of the inner dimensions, and ever larger realities helping actively to liberate Humanity from its worldly condition. Remember that this is a non Selfish path and as you attain Enlightenment, you can help the world and the evolution of human consciousness.
The way of the Spiritual Warrior is an individual attainment. At the same time you know others in the Spiritual School and path are doing the same things for themselves. Together you form one Hierarchy of evolving Sentient Beings, One Hierarchy, One School, One Reality. Remember in the Inner Worlds there is only one spiritual school and it is in the unveiling of this reality for Enlightenment that we can help the world. In reality, spiritual development is multidimensional—it embraces your personality, your Soul and the Spirit or Divinity within you and you cannot measure your own status…only people with spiritual vision can see your true status in life. The way of the Spiritual Warrior is an individual development within the whole. Each tree in the forest grows by itself, and each tree is part of the forest. And remember even the littlest is beautiful in the Kingdom of God, even the least of the least is perfect in the kingdom of God. Without comparing yourself to anybody else…you awaken to the Divine Warrior by focusing the energy inside and developing yourself to reveal more of the Reality from within. You develop your own dharma or destiny not isolated or separated from society but still attaining your own spiritual horizons. The school of the Inner Worlds is only one Spiritual School of enlightened Adepts or Warriors..nothing to do with religion or culture..only the unveiling of the Divinity within each single person who enters the school, unveiling their light because the Light shines uniquely within each person.
Most people do not understand that Buddha the Christ Moses, Muhammad, Krisna, Arjuna, Lao Tzu, all great spiritual reformers belonged to the Spiritual Warrior School without exception They put the energy of Enlightenment into the world to transform the world with the Understanding and Inner Wisdom they had gained..However under the influence of the New Aquarius, the age we have recently entered, science will continue to evolve and material goods will increase, and so will the mind to understand. to reason, do research, and other scientific work but, the Aquarian energy has 2 vibrations: the vibration of matter and the vibration of Mind… but it has no vibration of the Soul or Spirit. So this age of Aquarius will satisfy everyone’s immediate mental and physical needs but will not provide a spiritual understanding of life- the sense of devotion to the Divine: the sense that there is another invisible reality: the sense that there is a larger destiny for Mankind. If the Spiritual Warrior Path is not taught to people it will be forgotten If Materialism wins in a hundred years spirituality will just become a mythology and the only reality will be science and the accumulation of wealth. Not a good thought.
The Buddha said, “Be a light unto yourself”, and Christ said, “I am the Light of the World.” An invisible Light shines out of you that stimulates other people’s minds and understanding improving their way of living.
Sheryl Says, “ In a meditation I wrote for my new book The Living Spirit I express this eternal soul essence this way….
“Once filled with this love your heart opened to a selfless way of love and being. Once filled with this love see yourself within the cool splashes of a magnificent full flowing waterfall at a fantastic place you have visited or seen in a picture. The water flows over you and through you. The cooling effects make you feel fresh renewed and in alignment to beauty peace and purity.”
Think of loved ones in Spirit: a relative, a religious figure, a higher vibrational being who joins you. Ask this soul to show you the beauty of fire, water, air, and earth as these elements are the forces of your eternal life flow. Ask to be guided to what is needed for your expansion health, prosperity, and greater sense of love and compassion.”
We all I think hope that there is more to us and to life and One day driving in my car I clearly experienced knowing this is true…I had a moment of sensing a being of light within, shining out to meet the sun above and I felt such incredible joy…… it was my soul shedding its love into the world. So I fully understand Imre expressing his full feeling of the Spiritual Warrior as he stands true to his life’s journey.
The Problem with this materialist age and approach to life presents only a 1% vision of life…the physical world is all there is for many people. So the whole medical system relies on what can be objectively seen touched and heard in the objective physical world. We know there are some doctors who are different and are aware of spiritual dimensions and energies, but the vast majority are materialistic. Relying on the solid physical body and world, and what we can produce from it, is why the medical profession relies on drugs. If the physical world was all there is, then what they are doing would be correct, but the problem is that is not all there is, and not how reality works… The other 99 percent, healing and health have all to do with the Invisible worlds, the greater part of your life force. Materialists do not even believe in the mind…they think the mind is the brain and nervous system…which is the physical reality, but the MIND is a separate living reality from that.
A human being is not just a physical body brain and nervous system. The medical system says the physical is the only concern and does not allude to the Four  Wheels of Personality…which is your physical body, an aesthetic-physical body, which is your vital body, an astral body, a feeling nature, and a mental body or your mind….So if you want to keep the car or body healthy you have to maintain all 4 components of life….Remember this is not you, only your earthly persona or personality. The real you, the Soul within, the Spiritual entity, you are the Divine Spark. This Spiritual Source are not even considered. Spiritual Warriors use the vital invisible force from the environment, or a plant, or from within themselves with laying hands on the sick or troubled. They are aware of these connections and in alignment to Universal Source. Therefore, even if you have good genes, if you have negative emotions, are angry or depressed or feel sorry for yourself, if you overwork your mind, it will affect your emotions physical body and your vitality…Super active people who do extreme sports overuse their etheric vital body. If you exhaust your vital body you will exhaust your physical body. Moderation and balance are always in order. In trying to relate to the factors that affect health and wellness we discussed Karma a concept often misunderstood by many. Karma is seen as a cycle of action or reaction in regard to behavior and the handling of all experiences. It is thought that life is about recognizing our abilities and actions and always improving our decisions and choices through greater awareness of our inner soul being.
Karma is only addressed and acknowledged in the alternative medical field where healers who believe that a human being is more than the physical body work in a multi-dimensional fashion, and they need to treat the whole person: the mental nature, the emotional nature, the vitality nature, and of course the physical body.
Healing people can be affected by many techniques and by providing proper breathing and grounding exercises so the vital body will be healthy and also by eliminating negative emotions and developing right thinking and a greater vision of life. Knowing that a human being is also a Soul s Reincarnating Ego and has a causal body having all the past life impressions within it is another necessary element to true healing or awareness. And these impressions express themselves in the present incarnation according to the Law of Karma.
The Law of Karma is simple: in every lifetime you bring something to work out from past lifetimes. You are a living Soul in your causal body and before you incarnate you consider or decide what you need to work out and how to make better choices in this lifetime. Of course it is clear in your Causal or Soul body, but is all forgotten at the time you are born.
You may be born with good genes, do all the right things according to alternative health practices, and still get sick or have something bad happen to you…THIS MEANS YOUR SOUL DECIDED TO PAY OFF A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF BAD KARMA AND REBALANCE YOUR KARMIC RECORD.
Karma in Sanskrit translates as action and may refer either to a cosmic principle, action and reaction , cause and effect, or to one’s accumulated karma’s or actions. Healing from the ancient Warrior point of view has to do with the conditions of the 4 bodies of personality, and how the bodies relate to the Soul, because the Soul determines the personalities, KARMA and then how the Soul relates to the Spirit within. This is an even deeper layer of understanding because you have to understand the relationship between Heaven and Earth or the relationship between the outer world and the Inner worlds. They also have to understand the Inner Worlds relate to the unknowable Absolute the final point of reference of Reality…
Understanding how the Soul relates to the divinity within and how it is constantly changing as you evolve and get closer to Reality as your Soul nature contains more Light more Purity, more Harmony, more Grace and becomes in tune with the INFINITE
The true Warrior Life is the ultimate preventative medicine. Spiritual practices like meditation, breathing techniques, chanting and intonation prevent psychological illnesses because they put you in the right emotional state, the right vibration. Warriors of the past were shining positive and purposeful, not sickly lying in hospital beds taking pills. The Whole spiritual path or Way of the Warrior is preventative medicine teaching how to attain harmony and how to maintain harmony. Part of the defense mechanism of the Spiritual Warrior is to be positive all the time radiating rays of positivity from your aura so that it is difficult for the normal negativity from others to enter your sphere. All psychological diseases would disappear if humans could relate to the astral realm correctly…if the astral body vibrates with the right moods desires feeling and emotions you produce the right energy, which connects you to energies in accordance with the positive nature of your emotions. This is a natural law, a cosmic law.
The Ancients knew there is more to your breathing and meditation than just relaxation and health on the physical was a way to attain higher states of consciousness, evolution, and to be in harmony with ourselves and the Cosmos.
If you are a Spiritual Warrior you cannot have an unintegrated mind, you cannot have an unintergrated breathing practice, because your life will be unintegrated. In ancient warrior schools when the young boys became angry, they were sent to the desert or mountains or forest to calm themselves down by tuning into nature. The Whole Universe opens up towards you, and you will do the right thing when the mind is steady calm, simply observing, and the right energies will be flowing to you. Then you will make choices not with your mind, but with an inner alignment with the Life Force flowing in and around you.
“If your breathing is chaotic your life is chaotic . If your breathing is even, your life is even.”
Whether you are a Yogi or a Warrior or a Kabbalist, a Tibetan Lama makes no difference: it makes no difference to the Universal Life Force which is the same for everyone, although it may be used differently. You can use it for enlightenment, or for becoming a Warrior or to get profound wisdom. By human potential development we mean the development of the total reality that you are—Spirit Soul mind emotions body and the total reality that you are can be further developed by increasingly absorbing the Life Force and becoming more like the Life force. This is the secret science known to ancient Chinese, Kabbalists Sufi Masters, and the Ancient Jewish Prophets. They all achieved success by right understanding and right practice of this Universal Life Force. First, we must recognized that there is this Life Power within us, around us, and secondly, we have to be able to use it.
Sheryl tells us her Reiki Master training and channeling energy to help others access, understand, and utilize this life force is both a great responsibility and joy. We are living in an ocean of energy or in the Prana, Chi or Qi . Warriors try to develop an extended life force, a larger life wave and have to sense all directions simultaneously where energy is coming from. A spiritual Warrior knows that you and the Cosmos are one. You and nature are one. The Holy Spirit is inside and outside you is one. You are breathing it in, the trees are breathing it, the sky is breathing it…IT IS AN ALL PERVADING ENERGY FIELD.
We go on to a discussion of the chakra or energy vortex system that channels Universal Energy and feeds our physical body. The Foundation of the World is Muladhara, the root source, the base chakra. The crown chakra and the base Chakra and everything in between or the seven chakras is the correct functioning of your whole energy field. Too much base Chakra, you are material and too dense in vibration, and too much crown chakra you are spaced out and not grounded, so a Warrior is balanced like a cross, feet on the ground and head in the clouds. A Warrior embraces the physical astral mental causal and Buddhist worlds in one massive Sea of Consciousness.
Imre tells us that, “ Many years ago when I was a teenager I woke up and sensed a tremendous Majesty inside me. It was like being in the presence of a King, not a worldly King, but an awesome spiritual power, an awesome perfection that contained irresistible power, all knowledge and all possibilities. Once you have a vision of that Divine Being inside you and sense that it is somehow you, then at that moment your life forever changes. And you realize that there is only one thing you can do in your life: become a Spiritual Warrior, a Warrior for that Divine Being inside you.”
Imre in the book also mentions a movie that made a big impression to Sheryl and she really loved it… It was “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” about an Asian hero facing war and destruction who comes back into the heroines life. But the ending was not in accordance with societies standards and worldly consciousness where the young couple married and lived happily ever after…Instead when the young hero asks the girl to come with him she jumps off a bridge and floats away into Eternity…the way of the Spiritual Warrior which is nothing like what society expects you to do..She realized the real flow of life is Eternity which is on a different dimensional level and was no longer bound by societies customs and rules. ONLY WHEN YOU BEGIN TO DISCOVER WHO YOU ARE AND NOT WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT DO YOU BECOME ONE FLOWING WITH THE ETERNAL LAW OF YOUR BEING.
Imre says “On the Spiritual Warrior Path you do not quit the world: you meet the world head on. And in that meeting, moment by moment, there is Enlightenment. The Art of the Warrior is to be enlightened every second of every day.” The Warrior path is always in the immediate moment, at this second of time, in your total relationship with the outer world and the world within you, with the Divine Presence within you and the Divine Presence outside you…It is the connection between the God Within, the God Without and the Cosmos in between. This is the Spiritual Warrior, the Spiritual Path for today.
Imre’s expanded knowledge of human spirituality is derived not from scholarly research, but issues forth from his own Interior Realization. He spans the spectrum of human experience, reaching through time, illuminating great Spiritual Teachings always pointing the way forward. His writing and truths are Universal not biased towards any particular religion or tradition for all cultures and societies search for a way to understand the human and divine essence of life and in search of All that is…. lies true wisdom…..
Sheryl Says, “Many times in dreams and challenging situations I sense myself to be a Warrior in Roman times seated on a bold powerful fighting horse and as the horse and I strain to remain still and grounded with the tensions of battle raging all around wait for the right moment to move forward triumphantly …in dreams and waking moments I have felt that image deeply embedded in my Spirit and am so grateful to feel the beauty of that connection to our soul and Universal energy.”
William von Holst has shared his interpretation and explanation of Imre Vallon’s continuing search encompassing a wide range of beliefs demonstrating higher consciousness, expanded awareness and enlightenment and a greater view of the Path of the Spiritual Warrior in modern times as individuals and The world are always in the process of growth transformation and the development of our human potential
In The Way of the Spiritual Warrior, we find that he has brilliantly and succinctly infused this text with a new way to perceive the Ancient ways and many complete ways to understand meditation the breath and Nature to guide you to follow your own individualized way to access the life force of the Universe and use energy in ways to sustain your personal growth and well being while you discover perhaps a most important aspect of life which is to live in alignment with Universal Energy or Source to tap into your own spiritual gifts and to bring to the world the Conscious living cosmos through your own practice as a Spiritual Warrior.
Imre wrote, “That training in the art of tuning in and harmonizing yourself is vital not just for your sake but for the sake of society also. The ancient Warriors had to make choices that affected thousands of people, sometimes whole tribes or nations. They could not make correct choices if they were frustrated and angry and their minds were working overtime. A Warrior’s mind is like a lake, steady and clear and in that steadiness and clear sightedness the Warrior can see and make the right movement. This applies to the battlefield as well as one’s whole life.’
Imre and Sheryl would have you know that we are all Spiritual Warriors in search of truth about our Internal and Universal Life Force. A life affords us the opportunity to discover and develop our personal inner power and our connection to this Energetic Pulse of the Cosmos. Life becomes easier, more fulfilling, and everyone and everything vibrates in perfect harmony and balance as they seek the answers for becoming a well functioning Spiritual Warrior which were within them all along.”