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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – A Year of Alien Encounters

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Nick Redfern

Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within and author of Life Is No Coincidence The Life and Afterlife Connection and The Living Spirit a tale of healing energies, spiritual communication, miracles and of course a guide to soul awareness is delighted to welcome, once again, a favorite guest Nick Redfern, author of his newest book 365 Days of UFO’s

Nick and Sheryl will share insights into the world beyond worlds, as well as life within, that guides us to appreciate open-minded approaches to all new information and experiences. As listeners of “Healing From Within” are well aware there is more to be seen beyond the focus of our physical senses and more to be known energetically. As we continue to evolve and use technology as well as our inner intuitiveness we can discover we are much more than our physical bodies. Then we can reevaluate what is thought to be true by our mind or ego, possibly finding what may be quite a different reality beyond our three dimensional physical life and this world.

In this episode of “Healing From Within” Nick Redfern author of 40 books including Women in Black Men in Black and the Weapons of the Gods and Bloodlines of the Gods which we have discussed on previous shows is dedicated to sharing stories including the Roswell UFO crash, face to face encounters with extraterrestrials, military pilots and UFO’s, crashed flying saucers and cosmic cover-ups.

The theme of this book is to present a whole year of UFO stories spanning decades and continents which shows the enormous amount of documentation and similarities in the many stories shared no matter on which continent they have happened. This consistency and large body of evidence makes it clear that this phenomenon is real and worth talking about. Many people believe that nothing in life is random and there is purpose and meaning to all experiences for us to learn more about our human condition and the whole gamut of possibilities for change and for solutions to problems that affect us all.

Redfern as one of the foremost experts on government conspiracies, UFO’s aliens and ancient civilizations tries to answer the question, “Did previous cultures blossom develop and thrive only to destroy themselves tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years ago, with the same atomic technology as the bombs that decimated Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Nick reveals evidence of Armageddon level events in the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, the ancient Pakistani culture of Mohenjo-daro, and the Lonar Crater in India. In The Sankrit texts of Ramayana and Mahbharata there are descriptions of nuclear warfare and physical evidence of crystallization of minerals left in certain areas. It is possible that previous civilizations cracked the secrets of the atom while others may have been destroyed by hostile aliens.

Nick shares stories of people who had interactions with elusive alien creatures and tells us about the Mothman who was seen at the sites of accidents and tragedies where many individuals lost their lives in a singular event. Sheryl says she saw the movie the Mothman years ago describing that mysterious and frightening phenomenon. Thinking about it now Sheryl who knows that as souls having a physical life and that souls survive physical death, each person has a life plan and a time to be born and to depart. Since there is no death, only eternal life force that is unbroken and continuous, perhaps Mothman, like an angel, is a messenger to prepare people for the pain of a difficult tragedy. Since certain events cannot be stopped or changed but must be accepted as part of a bigger divine plan, it is necessary to accept allow and surrender to life.

Sheryl says to Nick that she found the story of small fairies coming out of tiny UFO’s which took place in Marlborough Wiltshire England when Janice Bakewell was walking through the woods with her dog. Out of nowhere a small flying saucer appeared, circular in shape, silver in color, with a red band around it’s middle and a small door opened and out flew three, three to four inch long, small humanoid figures, clearly feminine and glowing brightly. Janice said, “If I didn’t know better, I would think it was Tinkerbelle, but, perhaps the stories of fairies written in children’s books actually come from encounters in the past of people with such unique foreign entities.

Those were lovely creatures we just talked about but others have been more ominous. Nick tells us about the Chupacabra a monster in Puerto Rico. Some think this beast to be an extraterrestrial. Long before the Chupacabra, there was another vampire-like monster known as the Moca Vampire roaming around. Farm animals were being violently slaughtered under cover of darkness..and drained of their blood. Maria Acevedo caught sight of a monstrous screeching winged beast…no normal bird, more like a flying reptile. Other tales relating to such unsightly creatures may be the basis for many horror movies…Yet most stories about alien interactions are not of a scary or dangerous nature.

Stories researched and related by Nick come from countries all over the world as related in 365 Days of UFO’s. Many sightings are in England and the United well as all over Europe Canada Puerto Rico South and Central America and Russia.

Nick talks of people actually seeing corpses of aliens but not being allowed to discuss this. He tells the story of Harry Palmer at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio which has the reputation for being the home of a number of well-preserved and not so well-preserved corpses of dead aliens recovered from more than a few UFO crashes. Palmer in 1988 reported to one particular building on the base and was taken to a large elevator and descended to a fairly deep level..and saw a vault like door at the end…he was asked to open a large container about nine feet in length and five feet wide and inside saw the badly damaged body of what he believed was an extraterrestrial…The head was large the eyes were huge and black and the severed torso was skinny. He was asked to sign a document that ordered him never to talk about this again.. Nick feels that some people have been selected to see these aliens as perhaps the government hopes that eventually the news will come out and people will have gradually been prepared for this knowledge.

Nick tells of a story about spying on aliens on the moon and mentions Ingo Swann who was considered to be one of the US governments leading remote- viewers, those near-unique individuals whose psychic powers and extra-sensory perceptions ESP were used from the 1970’s to spy on the former Soviet Union. Sheryl shares with Nick that as a medium who downloads information from a Unified Field of Energy, she was curious about remote- viewing and attended a conference years ago in Arizona. She was in a class and everyone was given an exercise where they would use remote-viewing to find where 2 people in the group took an item. They left and went in a car and we had to get information on where they were. It was much like receiving information about a client which I do before a Reiki session, but with remote-viewing you are only focusing on one specific event or physical location. I meditated and asked to see where the people had taken their item. In the end I did see the place they went which was a religious center and described the circular driveway..the stone bench at the double doorway, and a plaque above the bench and inside the building a large round rotunda type seating area. I felt it to be a place where people congregated to sing or perhaps pray. All that was correct…so I discovered remote- viewing was like doing a reading.

Nick goes on to tell us that Ingo Swann proved to be a highly skilled remote-viewer, one whose talents were employed on a number of espionage themed operations focusing on overseas targets that might prove hostile to the United States. As a result Swann came into contact with a variety of shadowy figures within the realm of government secrecy, and the world of intelligence gathering, including a truly Machiavellian character known by the name of Mr. Axelrod seemingly a leading figure in this hidden group. Axelrod asked Swan what he knew of our Moon and Swan using remote- viewing skills was able to perceive on the surface of the Moon a wealth of doomed structures, advanced machinery, additional tall towers, large cross-like structures, curious tubular constructions across the landscape, and even evidence of what looked like extensive mining operations. Someone or something had secretly constructed nothing less than a Moon-base. Swann was also able to focus his mind on what appeared to be a group of people—that appeared very human—housed in some sort of enclosure on the Moon that was busily burrowing into the side of a cliff. The experiment stopped when Axelrod became aware that the moon entities might be aware of being observed and that Swann might be placed in danger.

Sheryl says that talking about the hidden aspects of governments both here and foreign seems to be what we are hearing in the news about a hidden group of bureaucrats unhappy about the loss of power due to the election and party members sabotaging and leaking information from the Trump administration.

Nick tells us something about Crop Circles that were recorded in the National Archive Kew England and what they might have or really do represent. A look at records in early 1941 of Sir David Petire, Director General of the UK’s domestic Security Service M15, deals with markings on the ground which may have been Crop Circles. it may have been that Nazi spies were communicating with German Luftwaffe pilots by beating out signs twenty meters in diameter on harrowed fields, or mowing such signs on meadows or cornfields. Crop circles as they are known today. Such markings were also found in Poland Holland France and Belgium and the theory that they were created by the Nazis was simply a theory. They might be linked to a paranormal phenomena and alien messaging but the M15 didn’t go in that direction.

The Cold War with the Soviet Union was long thought to have been gone, but with this continuing dialogue of the media trying to make us think they had more to do with the 2016 election it seems like the world which is already a dangerous place is being fueled by fake news and political insurgents to make matters worse rather than calmly to work towards the common good of all. What are decent people supposed to think and how can we teach our children to value honesty truth and justice when there is so much negativity surrounding all these issues.

Nick and Sheryl talk about world issues and our hopes for society to have an awakening and work cooperatively to heal many national and worldwide divisions…Separation only creates less unity and unity is the best and most natural state of being. As a result of all these combined and worrying issues dark murmurings suggest that the threat of all out, worldwide atomic war which subsided in the 1980’s and 1990’s is about to rise again…religious discrimination like in pre WW11 is also surging and with economic conditions unstable worldwide and resources water food overpopulation climate change and downright violence and hatred rising we’re talking about WW111…We like to think China Russia and the US and Europe Israel Japan and other free nations will be sane enough to stop the violence in the Middle East and Africa and develop reasons for nations to provide their citizens with the means to live with decency….
Nick Redfern in his continued search for understanding the past present and future needs of alien life, indeed of all life, searches for truth and wisdom in how to discover the many similarities between the stories related from people of all cultures and nations across our planet. In summarizing today’s episode of Healing from Within we have spanned decades and continents covering numerous subjects relating to UFO sightings, crashes face to face encounters with extraterrestrials and learned more about the importance of using this information to make our planet a safer and better place for humanity to evolve and to understand that though worlds may exist unlike ours and life forms may exist that are physically different all life is valuable and matters. On our own planet life takes many shapes forms textures and sizes…but, perhaps all serve a purpose in the Universe and none are more worthy than another to live a good life…

Nick and I would have you explore this world with its many imperfections and challenges in hopes of allowing, accepting, and surrendering to all that happens, in a good way without fear and judgment violence or negativity…for experiences are necessary to broaden our awareness of energy and life both here and beyond…when we act with hope in discovering how to live in harmony and peace we will insure that the future will be a wonderful place for all people from whatever nation race religion gender or sexual persuasion…. or planet other than this one… to engage with thoughtfulness courage and cooperation advancing all without harming any…Perhaps the extraterrestrials who observe this time and place are looking for signs that we can make it all work.