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Suzanne Harris

Books On Air – Thirty Day Journey Toward Transformation by Villa Powell




The book was a featured selection at the Frankfurt International Book Fair 2017 held in Frankfurt, Germany.

The song lyrics say, “What a difference a day makes…” If one day makes a difference, what a difference thirty days can make!

You may have heard that it takes twenty-one days to establish a new habit. Thirty days cements the habit. Invest thirty days in filling you heart, mind, and soul with the inspirational messages within this book. Let this book be a resource in cementing your intentions and actions for creating the life you desire.

Each day, we have the choice to live our best life. As you travel along your personal journey, bring these inspirational messages along with you. Enhance your life with these simple yet powerful messages: gratitude, hugs, and laughter. As you make your way on your journey, you will notice your best life manifesting long before day thirty!

An audio book is also available.


Gratitude                              Friends

Solitude                                Love Your Enemies

Meditation                           Take A Risk

Be You                                  Hug

Prayer                                   Face Your Fear

Love                                      Commit A Random Act of Kindness

Forgive                                 Know The Truth

Fellowship                           You Are What You Speak

Affirmation                         Silence

Faith                                     Service

Create The Vision              Action & Inaction

Have Fun                             Do What You Love

Dance                                   Surrender

Laugh                                   Step Of Faith

Family                                 Gratitude