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Thriving Entrepreneur – Are You Missing Buying Signals? with Nikki Rausch

We have all said it so many times things like:
I don’t know why they didn’t buy?
Or how about, “I really thought they were going to buy”?
Think about the last time you said that?
Why didn’t they buy?  Why didn’t we know? What could we do differently?
We all ask these questions whenever we think we should have had a sale.  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who wanted our product just had a sign saying, “I want to buy”!
Here is shocking news!! THEY DO!  The problem is that we miss it?
Customers give us signals.  Sadly they are very unlikely to say, “Hey!  Let me buy your stuff!”  But in many ways, the things they do and say are saying exactly that.
When a customer tells us they want to buy sometimes even unconsciously, these are called “Buying Signals.”
We know how to build the like, admire and trust with a person. We know we have a product they want and need.  Maybe we even thought they were going to get it, and then…they didn’t.
Today we are going to learn how not to miss it anymore.  How to recognize buying signals our customers are giving them and then just simply invite them to do business with us.
Host Steve Kidd is joined by Award-winning Sales executive and founder of Sales Maven Nikki Rausch.  They will teach us today what we need to learn simple and powerful skills to increase your sales. Learn today how to get your customer to say yes without being pushy AND learn how to hear when a person is really telling you they want to buy.  Learn how not to miss BUYING SIGNALS!