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Thriving Entrepreneur – How to Assign Tasks, Ask for Help & Manage People with Grace with Michael James

Managing people can be a difficult task. Doing it gracefully can seem nearly impossible some days. Surprising though, even worse than the difficulty of managing people is the trap of doing it all ourselves.

We need to remember the importance of letting go. As an entrepreneur, it is so easy to always see every task as being something we have to do. The truth though is much different. All distractions are equal, and in your business, the distraction of busyness can be the worst. We need to learn how to identify not only our strengths but also our weaknesses. Then as we have said many times, we need to STOP DOING WHAT YOU SUCK AT! Let your brilliance shine and allow others a place where their brilliance can shine as well.

We need to discover how to assign people where they will shine and then lead them with grace. It is our job as the owner of our company and the CEO of our business to create an environment of empowerment. By allowing our people to shine and creating a graceful place for accomplishment we receive a business that is not only successful but is more importantly THRIVING!

Michael spent years as a general contractor, so he knows how to manage people and projects. Michael also went on an incredible journey of self-discovery that has changed his life. Michael shares with what he learned about himself and how that can help you and your business to:

* Be open to asking for help
* Giving Grace as we Manage people
* Assigning tasks to the right people and empowering their success

Join host Steve Kidd and his special guest Michael James on Thriving Entrepreneur