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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Love and Self-Awareness Heal

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Dr. Luke Adler

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication and ways to use intuition for achieving your highest potential. Today Sheryl welcomes Dr. Luke Adler author of Born to Heal who shares his belief that physical and emotional dysfunction originate from disconnection from our spiritual essence.

Luke Adler, is a Board Certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, who has the highest level of national certification for Chinese Medicine has worked in India with allopathic doctors and Ayurvedic and homeopathic physicians. Luke will address how a diverse spiritual background and his training impact his healing work and a greater view of the human and soul condition.
Luke says, “When I was thirteen I discovered God inside my heart and inside everything that exists. Through meditation and the practice of eastern yoga I found a method to know God. I came to realize that enlightenment was not so far off in the distance but a natural evolution for doing one’s spiritual work. Every day the Universe gives us an opportunity to become feel and grow our Light. We each have a mystical core that connects us to God. I was born to heal and so were you.”

Born to Heal is a journey of self-exploration that we each make for the truth always exists and only awaits our realization.
Throughout the book Luke uses the word Universe or God Spirit Nature Divine Love and Grace interchangeably and expresses that the word Healing can be interchanged with Growth Maturation Enlightenment and Evolution. Nothing is ever broken..there is nothing wrong with you…there are only places you have yet to know.

Part of the intention for Born to Heal is to engage in a conversation about health happiness and fulfillment: to change culturally how we view disease and health: and to learn that under every complaint or negative behavior there is a desire for more love intimacy connection to yourself and others.

The right to know your true Nature is yours. Only you can find and know your divinity. Born to Heal can help you know the truth that can only be accessed by your own heart.

On a practical level people look for healing for the body through medical intervention: prescriptions, surgery, physical therapy, psychotherapy etc. for improving health. Health is really a practice of self-inquiry as a pathway to knowing yourself and the world in a more natural and connected energetic way. Healing happens within your heart.

Sheryl relates a story… “One day my two and a half year granddaughter, told me her head hurt so I asked if she wanted Reiki. I then put my hand near her head…I could feel the pain and thought she might be worried about something…I asked her where she felt the reiki energy…She answered, “In my heart..I feel it in my heart,” and that was where the hurt was really coming from…I was so touched I could actually feel my heart move…”

Sheryl says to Luke, “It seems your mother who was Christian and your Dad who was Jewish exposed you to a meditation teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and you were given a spiritual name as a baby while your parents waited on line to receive Darshan a prayer of gratitude and blessings from the teacher. Later at a center near Upland California you attended with your family… at a retreat in San Francisco where you saw a picture of a female guru whose energy washed over you and you had an opening of kundalini energy and a profound sense of home moved through you. It seemed that In a flash questions you had wondered about were answered…Why am I here? Who am I? I suddenly had the answer….I am Divine…I’m here to share Love and help others along the path. I was home inside connected to my Divine source.

Luke chose to study Chinese Medicine as it is the only one that acknowledges that the health of someone’s spirit is related and vital to the overall health of the body. Chinese Medicine has the means to heal the Spirit.

Giovanni Maciocia scholar of Chinese Medicine says this about emotion. “Emotions are a natural part of human existence and no human being escapes being sad angry or worried sometimes. The emotions only become causes of disease when they are particularly intense, and most of all when they are prolonged over a long period of time: especially when they are not expressed or acknowledged…The emotions cannot only cause a disharmony but they can also be caused by it.”

According to Chinese medicine different emotions reside in different organs. When a sequence of separation is activated that is whenever you suppress your emotions, the organs pick up the physiological slack and then the organs begin to stress one another. None is functioning optimally, and they compete for your reduced energy and vitality. This is a complex way of getting your attention trying to help the heart restore the receptivity to the Universe.

Emotion is a compass to your heart. Your heart connects you to the Universe or the source of all life. Suppressed emotions result in a feeling separate from Universal Love. Separation from your heart is perpetuated by suppression of emotions. Suppression of emotions perpetuate the myth that you are separate from the Universe or the source of creation and life. Hard to remember you are part of One when emotions like loneliness being sad or jealous afraid or overwhelmed take over. Suppression can impact your health and if left unchecked impact organ function.

People build their lives around avoiding three things: loss, anxiety, and death. But we all will experience this…and these 3 things can imprint a pattern of anxiety and distress upon your body if you have not cultivated the capacity to be present when these experiences arise.

Though the Universe uses emotions to physically grab your attention, emotions are not the root of disease. The root of illness is the way you suppress them.

When Luke is asked, What is his relationship to a client? he responds, “When you begin to see that your healing is interlinked with their healing you will notice that if you feel resistance to a patient or client there is something in your own unconscious that needs to heal and hold a loving space. When I heal you heal, As you grow you pave a path to follow. We help our clients merge living in the physical world with their inner world needs and help offer good intentions and authentic wishes for their healing. Most patients have families, bills, and were giving life a serious effort but this balance of personal well being family, work, spirituality and fun, is a complex workload that requires SUPPORT.”

As a healer, until you discover the wellspring of love within, you will endlessly seek love from the outside world…Deep inside most people not all, experience a degree of feeling empty and not good enough. But at some point when you experience your Divine Essence deeply, you will relinquish your search for fulfillment externally.

In regard to this thought, Sheryl says, “In my book, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, as I searched for the meaning of where soul divinity, love, and home really resided, I expressed it this way….”We are each an independent but interconnected life form, and our choices are our responsibility, either nourishing our own growth, or making us needlessly and unproductively ponder the judgments and actions of others. Anything that is less than accepting of others, whatever their condition, allows for separation from our normal state of love. The goal in the search for enlightenment may be in recognizing that while not liking the behavior of bad people the Dali Lama and other highly empowered spiritual leaders have reached a level of detachment allowing them to remain in a love-based energy finding deeper compassion for the flawed human condition.

Luke says when he was a kid hid dad told him, “God is so intelligent. When he created humans, He gave them breath—such a simple way back: The way to God is right under your nose.” The breathe is so simple, yet so profound in its capacity to regulate consciousness.

A simple start to Meditation…Breathe deeply with the strong intention to heal forgive open and connect with Spirit. With a clear and pure feeling in your heart say, “I ask for healing,” Now breathe and let it in. The breathe can help us experience the power of the heart and heal pieces of the past that keep people from fully living in the present. Mouth breathing connects you with the energetic body, the chakra and meridian systems. Nose breathing connects you with the thinking part of the brain…As the energetic system begins to vibrate people often feel their hands tingling along with other parts of their body. People are able to let go of old sometimes ancient thoughts feelings beliefs and memories…the physical body relaxes and opens to a greater flow of energy. Now as the energy begins to culminate, a choice point arises….You can choose to let go of them and open to a deeper sense of peace and love connected to your Divine Essence…

Sheryl believes that anyone interested in understanding how to interact with the world and develop more intimate loving relationships, bring abundance and greater happiness and health into their lives, improve an understanding of how their childhood and interactions with parents may have created stumbling blocks or perceptions that many not work for them as adults, and anyone who has ever asked the question Is this all there is?…must be more to life and to me than can be known with our five senses?…for healers, teachers, parents, and those who are learning about metaphysics energy and the world of possibilities they will all benefit from this book.

Suppression like suppressed intuition which is the heart and soul of your knowingness can sometimes feed unworthiness. When you suppress yourself at the heart level the feeling that you are unworthy of Universal Love arises..As you suppress yourself through the sequence of organ systems, unworthiness creates a feeling of separation from the Universe. In response to a reaction of past hurt people keep the heart habitually closed to avoid pain and display behaviors of control domination and delusion. The individual separated from his heart clings to desires of imagined self seeking prolonged pleasure to avoid pain…All illness is a sign of losing touch with one’s heart because they are unable to withstand their confrontation with suffering. The end result is disease…

We have truly explored ancient techniques exercises and meditations that inspire the development of intuition or inner guidance while allowing us to find within the deep recesses of our heart the love or Divine within: heal the body and emotions, and provide us the tools, the will, and the energy and desire to fulfill our life plan and destiny.

Luke wrote…. “Spiritual practices are not an escape from the stresses of life. They fuel and fortify Universal Love and keep the mind and body laser sharp. They transform life’s lessons into healing frequencies. Meditation fosters freedom and leaves you at peace wherever you go. Regular meditation transforms you into a person who radiates Love, goodwill and healing.”

Luke and Sheryl would have you find the beauty within yourself and the love, and once you do, to express your own imagination and creation into everything you put your attention on: you will manifest and create much happiness for yourself and others, and will flow with all circumstances allowing none to affect you or distract you from the magnificent soul being you already are.Life will become easier and love will be everywhere in the appreciation of “life” itself.