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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age – Would You Take a Moment to Positively Transform Your Life?

Episode Title: “Would You Take a Moment to Positively Transform Your Life?”

Have you ever overheard someone describe “a moment in time that absolutely changed my life!” Fashion executive Ulrich Kellerer proclaims that such a moment of inspiration is possible and describes one that led to his discovery of a deeper calling as storyteller and writer. Tune in for suggestions on opening yourself to positive life transformation at any age. Be inspired to go beneath the surface of your present occupation, lifestyle and material possessions to discover the person you really are in order to bring purpose and unrestrained joy into your life in service to others. North America’s Legacy Coach Robb Lucy suggests how to turn holiday dinner conversation from bickering to bonding. Uncover why building a lasting legacy involves far more than distributing to heirs your money and assets. Discover its true meaning and learn the four key’raw materials’ needed to create a lasting legacy–while you are still alive.