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Thriving Entrepreneur – Rebuilding Your Relationship With Food with Angela Johnson

Today, we are joined by Angela Johnson, and our topic is all about something that all of us love — FOOD.
In every accomplishment that we make, we must reward ourselves. We need to reward ourselves with good things that make us better and feel better. And I know all of us will agree that food is one of the things in this world that makes us feel good. But we need to remember that using food as a reward should be done in the right way, and as much as possible, we must try to break the cycle of using food as a reward.
In Angela’s book, “Diabolically Delicious” Angela shares her story about the toxic relationship she used to have with food. She shares her journey to realizing her vulnerability and the things she did to gain control over the one thing that she relied upon in times of strife — food. This book will encourage you to reflect, recognize, and gain control over the struggles you face and gives you enlightenment on how you can cure and rebuild your relationship with food.
Join Steve Kidd in this amazing interview with Angela Johnson on Thriving Entrepreneur.