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Conversations About Alien Visits

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which relates stories miracles and a view of Universal Life Force Energy, the force which sustains our physical and spiritual realms, allowing us to remember connections to the multidimensional aspects of our being, welcomes Dr. Ardy Clarke author of Sky People- Untold Stories of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica and her newest book More Stories of Star People. In listening to many accounts of indigenous people Dr. Clarke shows us that just because we choose to see certain realities doesn’t mean that other realities and life forms don’t exist. Sometimes it is simply in knowing all is possible if we can conceive of it ..moving past fear to greater truths, realizing with courage and an open mind that we can enhance our possibilities for personal growth.

Dr. Ardy Clarke, Emeritus at Montana State University and former Director of the Center for Bilingual and Multicultural Education is well-known for her lifelong focus on Native American tribes and on the indigenous populations of Central America. In her book, she shares a journey through 12,000 miles and describes real-life accounts and ancient stories of UFO’s, sky gods, and other observations of beings from other planets which the villagers consider to be their ancestors.

Ardy wrote, “Since childhood, I have watched the sky. There is not a night when I stand under the Montana sky, that I do not “ask” myself: which of these stars above me serve as home to the Star People? It is not difficult for me to imagine that civilizations exist in the universe that are perhaps a million years old, and to think of what they may have accomplished when I consider what humans have accomplished in a few hundred years. We have visited the Moon and now have Mars in our sight. It is not hard to accept the fact that older civilizations are sufficiently advanced to have colonized other planets and sent spaceships to the far ends of the universe.”

Ardy became fascinated with the expeditions of John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood- two 19th century explorers who introduced the world to the incredible cities of the Maya people. In High School a teacher handed her their first book Incidents of Travels in Central America and Ardy vowed that one day she would follow in their footsteps…it took nearly 40 years to do it. Like them, she began in Belize which in 1839 was called British Honduras….in 2003 and in 2010.

Some say the Mayans came from the sky often on beams of light and there were also stories of giants, little people and spirits…different types of sky travelers yet were only given credence by a few pseudo scientists such as Vine Deloria a noted American Indian author who wrote that science assumed superiority of thought over the collective memory of humanity….in other words much of what was seen and known by communities were not accepted in the scientific communities and were relegated to myth, legend and tall tales. Mexico and Central America revealed a rich history of UFO sightings.

Dr. Clarke says in Guatemala there was fear of reprisal among the people if they talked with outsiders. This was perhaps a result of the endless violence carried out against the Maya people…In Honduras the fear of someone in the communities finding out about their experiences was an inhibitor and greatest fear….In Belize the only English speaking country the people were forthcoming and open about their experiences.

Ardy shares one of the stories that she finds unusual about the sightings of strange objects or people when she interviewed Mayan and Garifuna people in her first book and tells us of an encounter with Urban Americans that might be very similar or different. The story of backward-walking people from the stars told by Serena who heard the story from her grandfather….Her grandfather is a Red Caribb 102 years old and Serena said “Their bodies are tall and skinny but their legs are huge. Their knees allow them to walk backward…they have strange heads and when they walk their head tips backward so they can see where they are going. When asked if they had seen these creatures up close she said..NO not too close but they can also walk forward.”

When asked why they thought they came from the skies….they said, “Because we always see a UFO when we see them…” When asked how old Serena was when she first saw the people who walked backward, she said 6 years old. She described the spaceship as round and long like a cigar Huge but with no wings. She said their skin was scaly like a snake but their features were human-like except for their heads legs and skin. Serena said her father said that when he was a boy the men hid the women and children as there were stories they abducted the women.

Unlike Encounters with Star People: Untold Stories of American Indians that dealt with stories of American Indians on reservations, Dr. Clarke’s new book concentrates on stories of American Indians who live off reservations. There are five hundred and seventy-six federally recognized American Indian tribes living on three hundred and twenty-four Indian reservations in the United States. Of the five million full bloods or mixed race American Indians, seventy-eight percent live among the public. The majority of full blooded Indians live on their reservations. The term most often applied to those American Indians who live in small towns and cities throughout the United States is “Urban Indians.” The National Urban Indian Family Coalition applies the term Urban Indians to “individuals of American Indian and Alaska Native ancestry who may or may not have active ties with a particular tribe, but who identify with and are active in the Native community.” The number of Indians living in urban settings accelerated in the 1950s and 1960s because of the Indian termination policy of the United States government.

Ardy tells the story of Stephen who was the cousin of Serena and who had encountered many UFO events for over 40 years and was abducted himself….…He told about experiments while being aboard a ship and a twin or clone of himself that was introduced to him.

Stephen said the experiments weren’t negative but sometimes annoying and the space men did not consider the feelings of the humans they chose for their studies..perhaps they had no emotions. It may be they don’t understand the human spirit which can rebel or be cooperative …the Space men expected Obedience…But even if Stephen rebelled it was futile because they had great powers and with a look can paralyze you…they can make you forget things…. “They watched as I sorted puzzles and recorded every word I spoke. There were several types of beings…some looked human while others had wrinkled strange skin and weren’t tall seemed robotic and showed no emotions.. When I was nine years old, I was introduced to my double or clone…I taught him about life and when I was sixteen, I stayed on the ship and my clone went back to Earth where he stayed for several weeks impersonating me. The space men told me he was made to live on another planet that was being populated and that he would be a farmer on another planet. They never thanked me for my help. I think it is a concept they don’t understand as they are superior both physically and intellectually….”

Derrel Sims of the Discovery Channel’s TV series “Uncovering Aliens” believes that one in four people have been abducted by aliens and that alien abduction runs in families. He maintains that the first time he saw his wife was on a UFO, and at that moment he decided he would marry her. They were both children at the time.

In this book, you will meet individuals who have had encounters. All are stories collected from American Indians or Alaskan Natives. Dr. Clarke has presented their stories as they were told to her. For the nonbelievers, they await the discovery of those planets or for some kind of proof that aliens exist, but for those of us who are believers or experiences, we already know they exist. We know there are many galaxies far beyond the reach of telescopes. We know that extraterrestrial life is real. We know that these entities travel to Earth. These beliefs are not confined to the indigenous people of the Americas, but are commonly held among all people of planet Earth. It is only that we forget “to ask.”

Dr. Clarke shows us that in many stories it is related that the aliens looked like you and me. They are us. They come to Earth and mingle with the people. In one of the stories an Iraqi soldier Tom tells how he traveled one year after he returned from Iraq with one of them. Tom told us after this interaction, “I think the Star people do not believe in war and have no diseases where they come from and maybe someday it will be like that on Earth. “The alien you met in Iraq, what did he look like?” I asked. “He looked like you and me. They are us. ” We hitchhiked all over Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas. We were taken in by brothers on several reservations and participated in ceremonies. Everyone understood he was a Star Traveler, but he knew his identity was safe with us.” “Why do they come here?” I asked. “At one time, the Earth was their home, but they moved onto other places. Sometimes they come just to visit. They tell me there are hundreds of living stars. Those who went in search of another home are those who travel the universal highway and return to visit us. They walk among us all the time. No one can detect the difference.”

“Can you detect any difference?” I asked. “Let me ask you a question. Have you ever met someone who was calm in the face of adversity; someone who was always kind and looked for good in all situations?” “Of course, I have met a few.” “Then you’ve probably met a star traveler.”

“Of course, I have met a few.” “Then you’ve probably met a star traveler.” “What about those who are alleged to have abducted humans and conducted experiments on them? Are they us too?” “There are many species in this great universe, Dr. Clarke. They, too, travel the universal highway. There is no control over that. Some of the species who visit earth have other agendas.” “So humans are not the only species in the universe capable of horrible deeds.” “According to the Star travelers I have met, that is true.” “Did your grandfather know of this highway?” I asked. “Yes. He traveled it many times. When I was about eight years old, he took me with him. Tom says if it had not been for my grandfather, I probably would never have understood what happened to me in Iraq.”

Missing Time is a phenomenon that refers to a gap in conscious memory and that lasts for several hours with no recall of what occurred during that time period. The memory of what happened during that missing time is often recovered through hypnosis. Enrique, a hotel worker told the story of a UFO encounter and arriving four hours late to his work and not knowing he had lost time. He said he saw something about to land… large and gray and it made no noise as it flew by… He hide behind the van, then thought they left so he got into the van … “I sensed two creatures who walked out of this ball of light shorter than me and with funny ash gray skin..their heads were pointed at the chin and arms and legs very thin…sort of insect like…”

The Mayans seem to own the mysteries of the Universe but they are too dangerous to reveal.. Ardy wrote… “People today live in their own world. Even though they profess to believe that alien life exists, if and when they discover that it does, they will not react calmly. First there will be curiosity, then fear and then aggression. We always try to destroy what we do not understand. Mateo wrote…I do believe the most indigenous people of the Earth whether they are in the Americas Australia or some remote Pacific Island came from the stars…Our belief system and worldview is so different from others and yet we are all connected. WRITERS SUCH AS ERICH VON DANIKEN promote the idea that an alien race came to Earth and built these great cities. Perhaps the Sky people and the Maya are the same descendants from space travelers with great scientific and engineering knowledge and the ancestors of our human population.”

Dr. Clarke goes on to share information of the alien races known as The Shining ones who are also known as the Space People, the Sky Gods, The Star People, the extraterrestrials or aliens and there are different kinds of star people…Some of the Star people are from this solar system but not all. The Shining People tell us there are 67 solar systems in a confederation and that thousands of spacecraft visit Earth on any given day. Our governments don’t have the technology to see them. They tell us that their people live all over the Earth watching and helping man. The Star people who live among us have specific tasks…they do not live here permanently…they help scientists to improve the life of people…they never reveal themselves to their human friends…they come in 16 year cycles…they left in 2000 and will return in 2016. The Shining people in their true state are balls of light and only when they assume a human form can you see them…they can look like you or the dominant species of another place they visit. Their life span is long…800 years and they tell us we are the only warring planet in this solar system. There are other planet that war but not in this system.

In summarizing today’s episode of Healing From Within we have attempted to reveal and remember that it is through the professional efforts of those who seek to combine science and spirituality with an open mind search for hidden or past events for proof that there is always more to learn about ourselves, the human condition and Universe which in its endless state of evolution and change has left the mark of ancient foreign alien civilizations on our modern day earth. Dr. Clarke wrote as a result of her time spent in documenting so many accounts of UFO experiences with Sky people what may offer other views of Reality beyond these boarders and what it means to the future of humanity.

Ardy wrote, “ Regardless of our position about the UFO phenomenon, I believe our interest in UFO encounters lies in our desire to recover the vital information and wisdom lost through turning away from traditional ways of knowing. The premise that science in general assumed superiority of thought over the collective memory of humans and this authority of truth once given to traditional wisdom was cast aside by the scientific community and regarded as myths and legends. Today if we listen to the stories of the indigenous people and others in all parts of the world we may find an ancient framework for those experiences that make them neither bizarre nor shocking. There may be many wonderful discoveries we have yet to witness.

Ardy and Sheryl would hope you are able to reach up to the Universe in hopes of finding we are more than our physical bodies and actually born of the energy of Universal source and that there are worlds of knowledge and awareness for us to realize life in all its magnificent potential and where ever our origins begin we are indeed part of the stars and energy of creation and the common denominator for us all is love compassion and Unity.

Guest:  Dr. Ardy Clark