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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


January 22, 2018
Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Cate Montana
Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within” and author of Life Is No Coincidence and The Living Spirit a tale of people learning to recognize and use spiritual communication for healing, for miracles, and as a guide to soul awareness. Sheryl is delighted to have Cate Montana author of The E-Word:Ego Englightenment and Other Essentials join us today to help listeners discover that the ego we hear so much about is really a great friend and helper for living our best life and a guide for discovering the real “you “within.
Listeners of “Healing From Within” have found over the years that Sheryl’s guests and she explore physical qualities of life and spiritual attributes in hopes of discovering who we truly are and how we may through self-investigation and self-mastery of feelings and emotions improve the quality of life, personally and collectively. The world both “within and outside” are parts of the circle of eternal life. When they are seen not as separate but unified the oneness of being allow many possibilities for miracles, joy and love to manifest.
Cate Montana a top network TV Editor embarked on an intensive quest to find the answers to what was missing in her life and indeed what is missing in most people’s lives. Cate exposes the dysfunctional nature of the personal ego and shows how our sense of Self can be expanded into a more evolved level of functioning called Transpersonal Consciousness. We can discover what the ego really is and how to strip away ego perpetuated illusions about religion, spirituality, and enlightenment.
Cate shares with us that the passing of her dear friend Rhiannon from cancer and though materially she had everything, she was basically and profoundly unhappy and angry. Cate hoped to find a way to help others find more fulfillment and happiness in their lives. It is often a great love or loss that opens the soul to the mysteries of life and brings answers to our deepest held questions.
Of course understanding who we are and how we function in relationship to the world is the first step in a quest for personal growth. Cate describes the ego as a mental program and the vehicle of identity we use to operate in the world. We couldn’t function in a healthy way without it. Problems only arise when we’re ignorant of the nature and purpose of the ego and unaware of the fact that some inaccurate sensory perceptions we experience through the human body end up programming us to think and act in certain highly limited and destruction ways.
Sheryl shares with Cate that she is aware that perhaps as many as 80 percent of the population are functioning without a clear understanding of the programming/labeling nature of the ego. The ego keeps them in a state of fear limitation and suffering: making them believe it is the only way to survive or thrive in a physical world. Many are therefore unable to remember another part of their life force: their inner intuitive soul wisdom which could help them know themselves, others and humanity in an awe inspiring way. Many think of the ego as an enemy to be conquered, but Cate sees the ego as a necessary component for being able to function in the world, or the dream of the world to be more exact, without a coherent sense of self. The ego is a vehicle for consciousness. It is a tool that enables us to interact and have the human experience. It can however be evolved to become a vehicle for an ever-expanding consciousness of the I AM, for tremendous soul growth.
Cate shows us what human perceptions are inaccurate and problematic. “If we perceive the world as some “thing” outside of us; if we perceive other people as outside of us and disconnected from us, if we perceive ourselves as purely physical and mortal, then we can only expect a world filled with insecure, self-protective, competitive, materialistic ego’s and nuclear arms, hoarding, wall building, resource raping cultures, that reflect these perceptions.”
Sheryl thinks that may well be true, but knows until enough people are able and willing to embrace the truth of their eternal life force and rise above these limiting ego perceptions and conditions, we may be slow to understanding the personal power we each have for living more consciously. These limitations apply to most of our leaders, politicians and educators, and indeed so many people. People struggle with understanding their human and spiritual or energetic needs.
As many of us know lots people are functioning at a lower level of ego involvement rather than embracing and enhancing their inner intuitive or soul wisdom. In Sheryl’s book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love she addressed this failure to rise above the limitations of physical life this way, ”Through Reiki sessions I assist others to trust themselves enough to connect to their higher energy, and to let go of negativity that resides in their many thoughts and actions. Negativity in any form creates a lower vibration that hinders any chance of evolution. At the same time, it is understood that there will always be people who choose to hide from their problems whether out of fear, ignorance, or simply not knowing an alternative way. Perhaps they can feel the darkness around them because others have acted towards them inappropriately, or they simply do not realize their true inner soul wisdom. In actuality, only going towards the light and truth of “Self, can bring peace harmony balance and the end of suffering. As we cannot change the way anyone thinks or acts, even those we love the most, we must change our way of interacting with them. And this is an important discovery for each of us, regardless of race, religion or socio-economic status.”
Cate goes on to take a look at most of the ancient religious belief systems which may actually hinder a clearer understanding of ego. or evolution to a higher soul state. She tells us that fundamentalism, Islamic Judaic and Christian thinking is making a global comeback, but perhaps it has never released its hold on the majority of people. Cate takes a look at how she feels women’s rights might be impinged on and how a new understanding of the ego could change this. She suggests that when the ego views the world through the lens of separation rather than unification, it dwells in a chronic state of suspicion and fear. Maintaining control over the environment and others is paramount. Control is maintained through inflexible rules and beliefs about how life is or should be. In this world there is no more basic expression of “otherness” than male and female. Taken all together…the need for control, the need for absolute answers, the need for structure, the traditional need to control the other women, what do we have? We have religions and often limiting ideas. While religion seeks to be a source for enlightenment often it creates doubt restrictions and fears that slow or distort progress.” This may be the thinking of progressive liberals who wish to modernize ancient thinking but Sheryl says that the path to knowing oneself and their inner soul essence is a personal journey and cannot be completely found in religion or political ideology. It is an individual journey embarked on when the soul is ready.
Sheryl shares that even as a child being quite sensitive and aware of inner feelings she found it hard to believe the way people treated each other in the name of God. God to her or Universal Source was loving kind and open-minded energy. In meditation and silence as a medium, Sheryl helps people remember their internal or soul life, leaving behind many of the ego illusions that try to hold them chained to false realities. Cate like Sheryl has studied philosophy religion education and science in the hopes of realizing the truth of our human and energetic nature, but still each person must find this in their own time . Many may not find it in this lifetime. Still, we must respect each as a human/ spiritual being of consciousness and allow them to walk their path trying always to be slow to judgment, worry, anger, and blame and to appreciate human and soul distinctions.
Cate went on to describe the Living Universe as she perceives it and wrote, “Infinite intelligence is constantly creating fathomless intertwining multidimensional dimensions—infinite fractal realities, “wheels within wheels,” mazes of consciousness and information that goes on and on, spinning the drama of universes and galaxies and demons and aliens and heavens and hells and purgatories and rooms filled with breathlessly waiting virgins and a gazillion other stories we can’t even imagine—all are as real as consciousness can make them Cate expands on that thought and says, “Not only is creation far vaster and more intricate and multilayered than anything we’ve previously imagined, not only is everything interconnected as one thing at the most fundamental quantum levels, everything in Creation is alive—event the universe itself.
Cate goes on to say that many people are examples of a less-evolved ego and gives us the symptoms or behaviors that would be evident in less evolved people. Several schools of psychology hold that ego consciousness or self-awareness evolves over time both individually and collectively expressing through six levels of ego function. The bottom five levels focus on securing and controlling access to food, water, shelter, sex, wealth, relationship, self-esteem and self-expression. The sixth and highest level of ego functioning is called the transpersonal state where the ego expands beyond the narrow self-identification process and begins to perceive others and life itself as part of the “Self.” This is the realm where love takes over and sister/brotherhood reigns supreme. Cate says that the progressive political movement best represented by Bernie Sanders is most in alignment with the sixth level of transpersonal ego consciousness and Sheryl might hesitantly agree yet, knows that there are too many others and nations not functioning at that level yet, and his policies therefore would not work for many groups of people. Until we work cooperatively and provide all people with a good quality of life socialism or Marxism will not offer the advantages of our democratic capitalist way of life.
Cate further thinks Donald Trump is stuck at the fourth level….but since nearly 80 percent of people are below the sixth level, mired in fear, and unable to see the bigger picture, it might not matter because he is speaking for the needs of the majority of people who are also at that level.
Cate writes, “That the primary psychological mindset of people in the United States and other first world nations are clearly dug into level four individually striving to attain greater self-esteem, personal accomplishment, and the respect and acclaim of others. It’s just where mainstream society is on the evolutionary scale of consciousness and also says at the fourth level, one seeks to bolster the ego’s need for self-esteem perhaps due to harmful experiences from childhood that shut down feelings of safety and well-being.
Sheryl suggests that there is no one on the planet who is not working on moving past their earlier programming and overcoming the needs of the ego mind structure.
Sheryl also senses that the ego can operate across several levels of consciousness at the same time so even someone functioning at the 4th level of ego development might have glimpses of the 6th or higher level. She thinks that every person is functioning according to the needs of their own soul development and that is the main reason for having a physical life. Choices made from a more refined ego and soul connection can improve a person’s life and that of those around them. As an intuitive energy practitioner Sheryl senses that President Trump truly loves this nation and sees him as a lighthouse shedding light on the many issues that face our nation and our world. In that sense he is more evolved than some people may imagine and while his personality is the product of his early training and an ego still changing, his soul has a greater truth and purpose, and he may tap into that source for policy making and to bring improved conditions for the common man at a higher level of ego and soul transpersonal consciousness.
Cate goes on to explain that ego analysis can explain corporate greed and political corruption. The foundation of the ego is the unconscious sense-based assumption that “I” am separate from everything and everybody else in the world. My senses give me the common-sense truth of this condition every waking second of my life. And yet, quantum physics shows that we live in a world without boundaries and boarders—that everything in creation is comprised of energy/information and connected to every other thing in existence.
Sheryl says that is absolutely True. We are energy connected to the Universal or creative force that is eternally evolving as are we and our planet.
Cate says while Jesus explained this scientific fact by saying such things as “My Father and I are one” and mystics shamans healers and mediums have been pointing out the essential unity of all life for thousands of years, the untrained unmanaged un-evolved ego can’t see the deeper truth of its condition. Thus its primary mandate is to protect and serve its isolated self. “Survival at all costs” is the ego’s primary motto. And because it feels isolated it is deeply insecure. Thus it chronically seeks to” look good” and prove itself better by having control over other people and resources.
Of course, as a leader of a nation, one must have concern and wisely use the resources so all may benefit…Bringing our national debt up 10 trillion dollars in the last administration more than all other Presidents before, was not attentive to these concerns of using resources wisely and ensuring future generations are left in a better situation. Sheryl thinks that an evolved ego and soul together in concert with good will, good heart, and good sense are necessary in the physical world.
The second motto of the unaware ego is, “He Who Dies with the Most Toys Wins,” Hence corporate greed and political corruption. The world and our nation will only thrive and enjoy true wellbeing when ideas like this are underscored by a greater view of humanity and human goodness. Cate reminds us, “That the ego is founded in duality not the Unity “I Am,” and this conflict is it’s nature.” Therefore finding your true nature as an eternal source of witnessing life through an eternal soul will be a key to eliminating unconscious thinking of the unaware ego.
Cate reports the climate is changing faster than the news can report. Oceans are dying while the fight over fossil fuel and everything else escalates and wonders how it is possible for people to ignore the signs. The answer is that the separated ego does it easily. Again, it all comes down to control. The fear based ego has to keep its worldview intact at all costs or it risks falling apart, so it unconsciously FEARS! Denial, obstruction, outright lies, a loud voice, a pounding fist, a closed mind…these are the segregated ego’s defenses against anything that doesn’t match its position. Anything to avoid change. And, it feels incredibly self-righteous implementing these defenses.
Cate goes on to suggest that all of humanity’s problems flow from our lack of self-understanding. If our underlying perceptions about ourselves and the nature of the world are false, it stands to reason that everything that flows from those invalid assessments will also be false and thus prove highly problematic. Looking at it from the practical point of view we hear people say, “I just want to be happy,” We might assume that everybody wants that…Yet the likelihood of someone being happy when they don’t know who or what “I’ means is unlikely. It is not a particularly happy world…Is it?
In order to get a handle on understanding the inner and outer workings of our world and physical connection to it through the ego, Cate recommends to begin a meditation practice, turning within, and asking yourself the question Who Am I? Begin to not take your name, gender, sexual preference, career choice, or ethnic persuasion as the answer. Study quantum physics and perhaps mysticism or energy healing techniques or perhaps study it all. Find out what science has to say about the nature of reality and the world we apparently live in: then think of ways to connect to music nature and people without much more than simple observation, being quieter and sensing how your body feels when you let go of so many conceived beliefs..Perhaps, just begin to be comfortable in your body and grateful for your soul presence..
Cate and Sheryl do believe we are at a tipping point in human evolution. Cate mentions many movies that show us the need to awaken to knowing ourselves such as The Day the Earth Stood Still, Mad Max, Soylent Green, The Terminator, World War Z, Armageddon and gritty versions of corporate owned futures like Total Recall, District Nine, and Avatar, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element and so on. The ego sees the future as death believing the ego is born with the body and dies with the body, but for those who know their soul is energy and can never die, they have moved past the fears of ego.
Cate writes, “A lot of times in life we experience a defining moment. Depending on our choices in that moment from that point on everything changes for good or ill. That’s where our species is now…In a world of nuclear warheads and rapidly shrinking global resources we can no longer afford to live as frightened unaware egos believing that He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins is a viable or sustainable philosophy. It is paramount for human wellbeing and sheer survival that we understand what the ego is, what fosters its crippling insecurities and insane agendas, and finally learn to manage it. Time my dear children to grow up and the blessing of growing up or having soul maturity is that life gets ever so much happier and satisfying and fun.”
Sheryl always says to people, “It is easier to allow and accept life as it unfolds, rather than allow your mind and ego to dictate false and fearful scenarios that only bring suffering. It is also easier to share positive loving energy that enhances all people and make choices that benefit others as well as your goals…for it is in the giving that you receive, and in the Being that you ultimately know and accept yourself with love.”
Cate told of The Buddha “Knowing as Buddha advised and becoming self-aware, not listening to the voices of emotions and habits that comprise our personality, but finding the presence behind all that—the observant self, or silent witness, the inner observer your soul..the I AM is the difference between modern psychology and the mystical traditions in terms of consciousness.”
We have seen how our physical ego-driven mind often undermines our more humanistic loving heart based and soul thinking by tricking us into relying on the outside world as a panacea of truth making us believe that what we see with our physical senses is a true gauge for knowing Who we are, and What is real in our lives. Cate shows us how decades of progressive thinking and legislation are going up in smoke. Donald Trump’s election and the UK”s exit from the European Union are being heralded as the dawn of a new world order. And people want to know, “ Why is this Happening.” It is happening because as a nation—as an entire species—we’ve neglected to understand our true nature as spiritual beings having a physical life. We’ve failed to grasp the nature of the human ego and the root program running our lives which encourages many people to engage life with fear and negativity rather than with love and compassion….The unconscious belief in separation from life and others that fuels the ego’s insecurity and creates conflict, competition, judgment, war, and exploitation is what needs to be fully understood and reframed, helping us to live from within our natural divine source of Being as souls who can learn to love ourselves and life”
Cate writes several poems that express the truth and depth of who we are…
Who Am I?
Who am I?
What a mystery!
I AM is who I am.
Pure existence.
Pure awareness
Pure consciousness
Pure boundless intelligence.
I AM life
Rolling like thunder
Gathering experiences
How to explain something so empty and yet so full?
It’s far easier to explain what I am not!
I AM not my body.
I AM not my mind.
I AM not my emotions.
I AM not my ego. And yet…..
In my fullness
These expression become part of all that I Am
Cate and I would have you know at this tipping point in time the way forward is being orchestrated by a higher loving intelligence… affecting so many of us now as we grow quiet… and in the stillness of our thoughts realize that the world and its challenges are offering us the opportunity to know ourselves as interconnected souls: indeed bringing our healed ego’s and hearts into harmony and balance. The time is now and we are ready for change so we must benefit from working cooperatively for the good of All….