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Thriving Entrepreneur

Steve Kidd

Thriving Entrepreneur – Success is Planned!

If you talk to enough successful business people most will agree that one
of the key reasons many people fail isŠthey do not have a plan to succeed!

Some people don’t know how to plan, and some are just waiting for success
to come get them.  They wake up in the morning and just expect that
success will have miraculously shown up overnight.  That couldn¹t be
further from the truth.  Success is not a gamble. It is not an accident;
it is not fate, it is something that happens as a result of specific
things that successful people do.

It has been said, ³Successful people do every day what other people aren¹t
willing to do.²  We are going to share some amazing insights from
phenomenal successful business women that you WANT to know – SANDRA
YANCEY.  But I will warn you –   The truth is success takes work!

From performers to business people the ones who succeed are the ones who
work at it ­ diligently  – every day.  Success in business isn’t something
they wish for wait for or hope for; it is something they make happen, and
they do it starting off by having a plan for success.  And now you can too!

There are some very solid things you can DO to succeed.  These are the
kinds of things we can¹t do by accident these are things we need to have
planned out (and then follow them).

To give us insight in succeeding on purpose, host Steve Kidd is delighted
to be joined by a phenomenally successful woman – Sandra Yancey!  Sandra
has built the largest women’s networking organization in the world and has
surrounded herself with powerhouse friends, mentors and talent like Mark
Cuban, Ken Rutkowski, Lisa Nichols, Matthew Knowles and so many others.
Sandra is one of THE go to people for business advice.  Listen in as Steve
talks with the one, the only, the amazing ­ SANDRA YANCEY!