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Philip Comella

Paul Selig: The Reluctant Medium

 In the field of the unbelievable, channeling — the ability to transmit the wisdom of unseen spiritual guides — ranks high on the list.  Modern science not only does not believe in a spiritual realm, but requires some sort of physical, verifiable connection (i.e., particles) between the higher-dimension spirits and the channeler.  Yes, all of this seems incredible, until you encounter someone like Paul Selig, author of a series of channeled texts, including his new transmission, The Book of Truth.  Paul is humble, normal, and incredulous at his ability to recite entire texts, memorialized — unedited — into best-selling books.  He is not the source of the wisdom, but only the transmitter.  His low-key and reluctant demeanor, together with the probing wisdom of the channeled messages, strongly suggest he is on to something.  Judge for yourself.  Listen in as Philip and Paul discuss what it’s like to be a channel for these guides who perhaps reside in some far-off spiritual realm, or even right beside us.