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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – How You Perceive the World Transforms Life

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Penney Peirce
In today’s episode of “Healing From Within”, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love and a intuitive empathic energy practitioner/ medium welcomes Penney Peirce an intuitive visionary and pioneer in the field of intuition development, conscious transformation, and author of her newest book Leap of Perception. Penney has been a former guest of the show and we are always delighted to have more time to talk about ways for transforming ourselves and our world.
Penney and Sheryl share their multidimensional views of life and energetic studies of Universal Laws to look at the reality of life as both an force for creation and continuous evolution. In awakening to the truth of our human and spiritual nature we are able to transcend the ordinary, transform the necessary, and transcend limited thinking that holds us back from reaching our potential to thrive and prosper.
Penney’s book Leap of Perception, which is the Winner of the 2014 Silver Nautilus Book Award for Science/Cosmology offers a comprehensive guide to developing the contemporary “attention skills” necessary to navigate your transformation process recognizing the radically different Intuition Age reality we are now part of and offers ways to live successfully by its new rules.
Leap of Perception is about learning how perception itself creates the world and our life expectancy…something like what you think is what you get. We are rapidly outgrowing old perceptions and are discovering a high-vibrational new perception that creates a high frequency world one in which oneness, compassion, service, joy, and mutually sourced co-creativity prevail. By developing contemporary attention skills we can move to a world of expanding possibilities…an exciting time to be alive.
Perception is a mechanism that reveals the territory you can explore in both physical and nonphysical life. What’s interesting is that your frequency—your level of consciousness and energy affects your perception and determines what you can know. We live in a time of transformation and that means perception is quickly leaping from the low road to the high road giving us an amazing new understanding of everything.
“We are perceivers. We are awareness, we are not objects, we have no solidity. We are boundless. The world of objects and solidity is….only a description that was created to help us. We, or rather our reason, forget that the description is only a description and thus we trap the totality of ourselves in a vicious circle from which we rarely emerge in our lifetime.”- Carlos Castaneda.
Penney’s book The Intuitive Way was written to demystify or help describe supposedly supernatural abilities and the superstitious beliefs that kept us locked in limited ways of thinking and knowing. It was an attempt to help make intuition normal. In Penney’s book Frequency-The Power of Personal Vibration she detailed the stages of transformation and the symptoms of each phase, then sketched what it was like when we live in a transformed reality… She addressed the new energy reality and how everything and everyone has a particular frequency of energy. How we change our vibration to produce varying experiences and how we can work with our vibration to improve life and smooth our transformation makes all the difference in levels of health prosperity and happiness. Penney says, she was able to keep her vibration at the level of her home frequency her soul, in the body state, and life effortlessly changed for the better.”
It became clear as I paid attention that I was not just helping people open intuition and improve their lives—we were all undergoing a profound transformation of consciousness whether we were aware of it or not. My intuition told me we were shifting into a whole new kind of reality, becoming a new kind of human being. Life would function according to new rules…
Sheryl says “It seems to be like what happened with the 2016 Presidential election and politics and the newly elected President Trump seemingly functioning in a way to bring about changes the country and world desperately need…President Trump wants people in his cabinet who want to be of service and work for the highest good of All…these are words from self-help books and intuitive people like you and I who have been part of this unfolding of higher consciousness and higher awareness are using the laws of energy to create or manifest a new reality.”
Penney writes, “Attention is intimately interwoven with the overall act of perception itself. It is the adjustable lens of perception the tool we use to make consciousness into knowledge to understand the many dimensions of ourselves and even to materialize our life. This is the key to transformation attention and perception…buried within ourselves we recognize a need for true reality and the unity that attention can bring.” Penney mentions David Whyte who wrote “Attention is a live connection to the world” It is this live connection that keeps intuition open and reveals unity and the flow —all important factors in the transformation of consciousness. As we merge with it we realize it merges with us as if we were each other which we are.”
We are realizing as Teilhard de Chardin said “We have a sensual longing for spiritual friendship—and spiritual family—and this experience is indeed showing up now as our collective consciousness expands. The deep familiarity this new state of interconnection brings is just one byproduct of the astonishing reality that’s coming, as we make the perceptual leap into the “Intuition Age.”
So you are accelerating as is the world and it means the increasing vibration is giving you the ability to perceive much more of the way life really works.
You are becoming a new kind of human being moving past the remnants of that old self-protective, dominating isolated ego-self, that small identity we’ve always assumed is part of being human, and much greater self rises from the ashes, like the golden phoenix from the fire.. What was fear based becomes love-based.
Expanded perception takes you straight into the nonphysical world so you’re able to see people as more than just physical beings—you now realize there is a powerful inner spiritual component. And you know this is true for objects and space as well—everything is made of higher –vibrational consciousness and—energy.
Sheryl says in The Living Spirit, she addresses the awe felt by finally awakening to the reality that we are not just physical beings and wrote… “Coincidentally spiritual transformation also allows us to find our higher selves and our connection to Universal energy. By seeking deeper knowledge of your soul, your heart energy and your life’s purpose you automatically begin to remember that you are more than your body: more than the material or physical world: you are part of a higher life force that is eternal and divine.”
Transformation then is the beginning of knowing yourself fully and loving what your are: you have a real felt sense of your soul in your body, as your personality, all the time. Consciousness and energy increase. You can access information from dimensions of frequencies of consciousness you didn’t realize existed..then you are leapfrogging over the past …what used to be separate left-right brain, head heart body-mind, inside outside world, move you into territory where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Compassion becomes the main evolutionary force, a crucial part of the new consciousness that ensures success and planetary survival.
We will first feel it as an energetic process. Your body is disturbed, there are stresses and time pressures— upsetting emotions affect you. The intensity may affect your health. As time continues you experience, the rising frequency is changing consciousness or how you perceive things. You perceive more, learn more, and understand how your thoughts affect or create your reality.
Penney says, “As you successfully navigate the stages of opening and your body adapts to the higher energy you feel better. Your emotions stabilize and you feel happier more harmonious enthusiastic and positive. You stop complaining and criticizing, are receptive to new ideas and are more curious. Positive imagination reemerges serving a renewed desire to create things that resonate with your destiny. You realize you were previously using your imagination unconsciously to create negative situations….what a waste of energy you begin to realize.”
Penney uses terms like direct knowing, undivided attention, flow attention, unified field attentions, collective attention, and working purposefully with the imaginable realm.
Penney talks about the problems we face today concerning fragmented, shallow attention distraction and attention deficit. Penney discusses the Informational and Technological Age suggesting no technology is good or bad merely necessary experiences for our personal and collective human development and evolution.… In the Industrial Age we handled fear by strengthening materialism and patriarchy: In the information Age we distract ourselves with a glut of media, data, and electronic devices that splits our attention into seemingly irreparable fragments, like Humpty Dumpty after his fall. As we enter the Intuition Age, these tactics and their resulting worldviews feel antiquated, and the realities they precipitate are malfunctioning and failing. What worked to cope with fear in earlier lower frequency times now limits our potential.
Sheryl says… “There are many children and adults who are experiencing these changes and may not be aware of how to help themselves feel comfortable in their bodies as their soul energy is so active and they are trying to learn to find places and people who support their soul journey and growth…Penney gives a great description of heaven and hell using as an example how more people who reside in a city area where there may be more struggle and separation from higher awareness, perception and flow are perhaps in a lower vibration setting more like hell while people in more scenic or country living situations where peace and calm reside are able to make the leap of perception without as much distraction…more like a concept of heaven.”
Penney shares her thoughts on left vs right brain functioning. All habits are the result of a small part of your brain dominating the totality of who you are and they are usually unconscious and automatic. These habits can be cleared and you can then understand your reptile brain processes and instinct required for survival leading to fight or flight modes depending on the situation. Reptilian reactions might seem normal to the personality or ego, but they aren’t normal to the soul.
Too much left brain perception results in greater anger, rage responses to fear, and other lower vibrational emotions leading to bullying blame criticism belittling guilt or punishment. We see it often in the controlling husband who grew up feeling abandoned and who flies into a rage when he doesn’t get what he wants from his partner, and women respond the same way. Other modes of behavior that create problems such as The Security Habit where we might feel secure by controlling others or making ourselves indispensible…The Helplessness Habit ( depressed out of control, but It’s always someone else’s fault)…..The Avoidance Habit… Avoid situations that threaten us… Dissociate or feign ignorance….The Submission Habit..become a master at charming, serving, helping and finding ways to be needed and accepted. Great if it comes from joy and love and the natural flow of the soul. But acceptance is not love.
When you are in the flow there is a expansion that promotes expansion and it is about creativity growth and release and a move away from left brain perception to right brain focus. When you begin to notice old patterns you can reshape your brain and your reality. Unhealthy habits are overdependence defensive behavior security helplessness avoidance submission logic isolation ego-narcissism will power and distraction.
Linear Perception an old perception affects our growth and progress. Linear perception makes us experience ourselves as solid bodies separated by empty space and creates cause and effect thinking, which leads us to believe that creating anything in our reality must be a gradual logical relatively slow process. Linear perception gives us the illusion of gaps between things and between people. With linear perception everything is fragmented and seeing separation leads to feelings of isolation. As you learn to recognize the signs of old linear perception and disengage from it you feed your transformation instead.
Higher consciousness happens after transformation occurs…we make a profound shift in the way we know things. We can’t keep processing data the way we are doing it now…with a desperate need for speed. Transformation is a process of a series of sifts to see through the surface physical reality into the nonphysical consciousness and energy reality. Entering the nonphysical world is one of the first big steps in the transformation process. There is an inner reality you begin to focus on beyond the normal daily reality of doing…brushing teeth making breakfast for kids etc and you remember to meditate, pray bless others or revere nature…you deepen yourself, you activate a mystical connection to the ineffable.(deep, indescribable)
When you enter the inner world and transform yourself many awareness’s become available to you…You begin to become comfortable living in both worlds the physical and non-physical. Intuition becomes important because it is the means by which we navigate the nonphysical world. In the conscious and energy reality you don’t think logically, you sense, feel and know directly. With intuition you discover principles of oneness and learn to function in the unified field, or infinite sea of consciousness and energy. No longer able to live with suppressed fear in denial as a sort of make-do comfort level, No longer able to use strong fixed beliefs opinions and habits as cover-ups so we never have to feel our core rage, panic and pain. The transformation process evolves your consciousness from fear to love.
Penney Peirce has shared a deeper view of the visible and invisible domains inspiring us by providing a practical handbook for cultivating what she calls “new Human abilities.”
We have taken an in-depth look at the way humanity has moved through the varying stages of development….The Industrial Age, The Information Age, moving now into the Intuition Age each stage offering us new ways to perceive our talents or limitations helping us remember the energetic or spiritual aspects of life, helping us integrate all knowledge and talents for improving ourselves and the world…In understanding the left and right side of the brain and our subconscious reptilian influences we move past limited ego based thinking to create a more stable and loving Self.
As Penney Peirce noticed through advanced attention skills and practice in shaping the Imaginable realm of our life… “Your needs are changing and your soul and the collective consciousness are revealing glimpses of new ideas—though it may at first seem incongruous…. you must soften the gaze to “see” them.”
Penney and Sheryl would have you know the many changes you are seeing in yourself and others is this shift and leap of perception allowing for transformation of life as we have known it, offering us the possibility to realize our full potential as both spiritual and human beings. The time is now and the need for change is great so rather than resonate in fear embrace the unity of your conscious and unconscious worlds and abilities and vibrate at this higher frequency…it is the change we have all dreamed of.