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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Harnessing My Creative Talents Moving Past Earlier Challenges

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Allen McNair

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within”, your host, Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit which shares stories or spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies, miracles, and life as seen through a multi-dimensional lens. Sheryl welcomes Allen McNair author of I Dream of A’maresh who shares his poetry and his journey from homelessness to a state of wellbeing and his use of transcendental meditation as a tool for harnessing his creative talents and balancing his physical life.
Allen will share his journey and family issues that led to his own health challenges and the way he was able to move past that to find a sense of peace in his life. This book is a fictional tale of a lovely soul A’maresh a visitor from a far away universe who through an accident comes into this world and uses her extraordinary powers to serve our race. It is the story of love and sacrifice and a tale of good and evil.

Allen shares his own health issues from childhood which included suffering from acute anxiety. The practice of Transcendental Meditation allowed for positive changes and helped him gained insight into the mechanics of his thinking, emotional process and personal awareness of his need for continued change and growth to encourage positive behavior.

November 1970 began Allen’s healing journey as he stumbled across “The Science of Being and Art of Living” by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Thus a year later, Allen’s life was greatly and effortlessly transformed during his first year of higher education at Coe College. “Starting out as a troubled 19 year old he gained much relief when he was taught the simple TM technique. In 1974 Allen was accepted to work at Maharishi International Press in Livingston Manor, N.Y. Later on he wrote vignettes for the stage with the Thresholds Theater Arts Project which provided people with mental health issues the opportunities to express their stories on stage…”
Allen wrote the following and Sheryl finds much to offer in terms of understanding the very challenging and difficult experience the nation underwent during the 2016 presidential election:
“In complete equality, each one treats the other fairly, happiness is found freely in peaceful community.
Acts of fairness, justice govern each other’s discourse.
Unity rings true as diversity is celebrated by all.
Quiet ships sail golden clouds from one tower grand to another.
Carriers of goods and people, ready to launch soon after arrival.
Mind’s intimate touch natural to all, mentality is greatest treasure.
Mere thought brings desired object within reach, fulfills slightest need.”

If we look at that last thought…. “Mere thought brings desired object within reach, fulfills slightest need we discover that our thoughts actually manifest our state of reality…negativity draws greater negativity and love or belief in the good of All brings harmony peace balance and greater compassion.” President-elect Trump during the campaign said he would teach the Republican party and nation how to win and through his sheer concentration on his hopes for Making America Great Again, he had a landslide electoral college vote.

In Sheryl’s book, The Living Spirit, she shares the following thought, “It would serve us well to understand how our positive thoughts can bring us more feelings of self-empowerment, self-esteem, self-love, and acceptance and contribute to how our lives unfold. We see that like begets like, positive action begets positive action, and that positive friends and behaviors can allow for more personal growth leading to more internal or soul growth and greatly enhance the way we handle all experiences…In other words, there are no experiences that should ever throw you completely off your game if you are aligned to the needs and values of your inner world.”

Transcendental meditation allowed Allen in his training to rewire certain synapses in the brain to restore a sense of peace and an understanding of our true state of being past the physical body and any dysfunction of the physical body or any illness or diagnosis…

Sheryl shares with Allen her knowing that as we are spiritual beings of energy that are connected to each other and the creative forces of All Life, by relaxing into our bodies we allow and accept any challenge and begin to know perfection or anything coming close to that is not what we should strive for…We should just do our best and try to find peace harmony and balance while enjoying ourselves and life thinking all is good and finding happiness not in the past but in the present moment. This approach allows for releasing paing and fear that inhibits our wellbeing and progresss.

Sheryl wonders what inspired Allen to write, I Dream of A’maresh. Allen says, “This is the story of the lovely A’maresh who comes to our world from the farthest shore of the celestial sea through an accident in space. She has extraordinary powers that she uses to serve our race as one of the village seers. She meets and falls in love with a man from our planet and they share many adventures. They marry and have a daughter As”gareth and through a great sacrifice A’maresh saves her daughter from the harm of an evil village seer. There are people of wisdom who masquerade as good but actually harbor thoughts to rule rather than serve others who do not have their mental powers. We can learn to cheer the good people and pity the evil ones and know that while this is a book of science fiction written as an epic poem, it is also the story of how we as humans choose to move towards the light or good within us, while also acknowledging that each of us has a shadow side.”

This epic poem is the product of a dream that Allen had in High School over forty years ago. He is grateful for the inspiration that his reading of science fiction, fantasy and comic books has brought him. The evolution of his writing and illustration come from these highly creative sources of literature. These sources introduced Allen to other fascinating worlds beyond his my own mundane existence.

Sheryl says, “As a medium and energy practitioner, I have had clients who have said they have never felt they belonged here in this world and were from other dimensions of life…In Arizona years ago I met a woman named Victoria who told me she had been guided during her childhood by light beings and that she was here on this planet to raise the vibration and help others through her vibrational music tapes. Perhaps in Allen’s dreams he was visited by such a being of the Universe to help him write his story.”

Allen says he would like his readers to be open to the possibilities that out in the Universe exist pristine worlds of peace and justice as he wrote in describing Amaresh’s world in the following passage:
“He looks into her mind as A’maresh sleeps, beckoned
By her thoughts, invited to learn of her old world.
Man Do Lin, Village Seer, rides the mental zephyrs of
A’maresh to a graceful world of spun metal towers.
These towers float in gold and purple skies, metal drops
Never falling, always singing of the fair A’maresh.
Her people are the brave, happy and wise Andra.
Her pristine world is one of peace and justice.
Wars do not come to a diverse people united.
The centuries of peace has healed their world.
Her planet a beautiful carpet of woods and flowers
Is untouched by the hands of cities and men.
Many other worlds come together in space- faring community.
Connected by a mental net of like-minded races thus joined.
One language, launched by the mind keeps different peoples
Together in common bonds of camaraderie and solidarity.”

Sheryl says, “Reminds me of what I would like to happen in our world and now with new leadership and President Trump hopefully we can heal the divisiveness and build a new America modeled on the vision of seers of peace and our science fiction writers inspired by events and life beyond this three dimensional view of life…past time and space past present and future into the Oneness of all Life united in health and prosperity…For me it is not a dream, but a reality yet to be won in this place we call our Home…. Earth.”

Allen McNair has shared his very intimate sharing of truly challenging times as a child with a diagnosis that was overwhelming for his parents and him and had the support of what he describes as parents who honored his unique quest for individuality and his sense of fairness in the world.

As I always, say it is not only in the doing but in the illumination of our being that life offers us many opportunities to move past victimhood and to being the stars or heroes of our own life..I Dream of A’Maresh is a science fiction approach to our most natural state of love and goodness invigorating the mind and heart to remember, “We are indeed masters of our own fate and part of a Universal Energy that resonates here and beyond in the Spirit of love.”

Allen and Sheryl would have you know that whatever challenge you are experiencing at the moment… with a little luck, and a lot of hope and good intentions for success the thoughts encouraging your future life will eventually manifest. You can create the best version of yourself no matter what others think, say, or do. Go within to the truth of your soul or self awareness and Smile.