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Rock Splitting Politics – Why Congress Should Protect the 10 Commandments

After the Parkland, Florida, tragedy when 17 students and teachers were murdered without mercy, now is the time to once again place the de facto American moral codes back into our classrooms and courthouses.  How many deaths will it take for America to understand that our children need to hear that you should not lie, you should not steal, and you should not murder?  if children only get their moral values from video games, television shows, and movies then we will have a society where some people do not respect the value of human life.  We now live in such a society.  Listen to this week’s show to learn what Doc Holliday has to say about protecting the placement of the 10 Commandments into our public schools and public places.  Doc also tells about a disagreement that he has with President Trump.  So kick off the month of March with this week’s Rock Splitting Politics!