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Philip Comella

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – Dream-Weaving While Young

Over 200,000 books on Amazon have “dream” in the title.  And there is something about dreams that have always captivated the mind.  How many times do we read about athletes, artists, lovers, and the person on street talk about how their dreams have come true?  We “live the dream;” and at times, it all feels like a dream.  The dream permeates culture from music (e.g., the Dream Weaver, Dream On) and movies (e.g., Inception), to car commercials (Honda Civic) and virtually everything else.  Unfortunately, most of our lives are spent in a culture that marginalizes the dream; we are limited mortal creatures; machines destined to rust away and die.  Dreams are fantasies.  Do not bother.  But this week’s guest, Brent Feinberg, has an idea.  In this new book, Freeing Freddie – The Dream Weaver, he weaves a simple tale for kids of all ages. The story is simple: start believing in the dream when young, and never give up the quest.